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  3. InstaForex Company News

    Winners of four InstaForex contests determined We have determined four winners of the recent rounds in the following InstaForex contests: One Million Option, FX-1 Rally and Great Race. InstaForex congratulates the victors on great results and wishes other contestants to keep trying! One Million Option Being one of the most beloved InstaForex contests, One Million Option attracts lots of participants who compete for the title of the best option trader fiercely. According to the results of the recent step, Vladimir Kurilenko from Ukraine had the highest score. The next round of the InstaForex One Million Option contest will kick off very soon on October 23, 2017 and run until October 27, 2017. InstaForex Sniper To hit the bull's-eye is the key to success in InstaForex Sniper, which is probably one of the most popular and easy-to-understand InstaForex contests. The trading competition gathers more and more participants every week. This time, Dmitriy Koksharov managed to notch up victory. We sincerely congratulate the winner and wish other contestants luck. The next step of the InstaForex Sniper contest will be held from October 23, 2017 to October 27, 2017. Challenge your accuracy right now! FX-1 Rally Aleksandr Grigoriev employed all his racing and trading skills and showed the best performance in the last round of the FX-1 InstaForex Rally. We congratulate the victor on his brilliant result and wish him to keep winning. If you want to experience a thrilling fight for leadership, join the upcoming step of FX-1 Rally! You can register for the next race that will take place from 00:00, October 20, 2017 to 23:59 October 20, 2017. Great Race 2017 Guissepe Francisco Cordano Cajas from Peru won the recent round of the Great Race 2017 contest. We congratulate the winner and other traders who took prize places in the latest step of the Great Race annual marathon. Learn more about contests Photos and comments of the finalists
  4. Fruit flavoured Gin

    Thanks Mr_Whiskey, how am I best to stabilize the color? I have the ability to protect from oxidation during storage and bottling but not sure if there is any other options.
  5. USDA Grants

    These grants are available with the use of a contract agreement with them, so contact them and ask them what needs to be done in what order. There are many of these available. I spoke to the NRCS about some other stuff and they want to help you line up a contract and then you get paid after you pay for it then complete your project as agreed, then when the quarterly payment comes up, they offer you the payment. Sounds less strings attached that in most cases. Certainly worth the time and paperwork at face value.
  6. I hope you all get the idea?

    Your critical reading skills are worrying.
  7. Malting Equipment

    I have a Malting System that is currently being prototyped. until it is proven out, wont quite be ready for prime time.
  8. Motors for agitators and pumps

    I had an electrician tell me that they can only hard wire things that are UL listed, but he can wire an outlet to plug a non-UL listed device into. I don’t know if this is true at a NEC level, or if it was his policy. Check with AHJ and your electrician, you want both of them to say yes.
  9. Malting Equipment

    You are probably in the wrong place. Craft Maltsters Guild is where you would want to ask this question. http://craftmalting.com/ There is a "contact us" towards the bottom of the page. If no one responds in a day or two let me know and I'll try to get you an invite. But, I would need your name, company name, location and what you are trying to accomplish to put this out as a general mailing to the Guild.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    Not at all guys. I interviewed for this company. Fantastic company ran by top of the line professionals. The Master Distiller is expert level. The facility is a marvel. Really good benefits and compensation . I really can't say enough good things about Bently. If you do a simple google search for Bently Enterprise, you will quickly realize they don't do things halfway. Not just the run of the mill start up.They are looking for high level candidates. In my opinion you need to have 4 years working experience and knowledge of a distillery to move from Assistant Distiller to Distiller. No elevator to the top!
  12. Bourbon Mash and Malt (DP)

    Good point, i was thinking about dough in for 100% malt, but at this point its a small %, so temp needs to be lower. Are you using distillers malt or a standard 2 row like pale ale?
  13. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    Surely this was written by committee. Am the only one that thinks Is unrealistic for an "assistant"?
  14. Motors for agitators and pumps

    Or just ask for forgiveness and not permission....
  15. Motors for agitators and pumps

    You need to discuss this with your Chief Building Inspector. He is the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). If he says it's okay to install non-UL equipment that is his call or the call of someone that reports to him. Many large pieces of equipment that are being used in factories in the US but are imported and not UL or CSA are installed and used every day. Keep in mind, he does not have to say yes.
  16. Apple Brandy Cuts

    Make sure you compress the foreshots and heads. And actually, much of the flavor that you need for apple brandy comes from late heads.
  17. Apple Brandy Cuts

    I’m distilling some cider as I write. I always found the heads to be tiny compared to the other products I make, however the foreshots are extremely nasty. I ferment everything myself.
  18. Apple Brandy Cuts

    I'm actually running a very small test batch of apple brandy off of cider at the moment. First time here also. There's a much larger heads cut than I've had to make before, which is exactly what I've heard. The volume of heads may depend on a lot of variables such as varietal of apple, yeast used, ferment temp or phase of the moon for all I know. But it's easily twice as much heads as I'm used to accounting for. I'll be interested in hearing thoughts on the subject myself.
  19. I know that a lot of equipment comes from china, hard to get around their prices. Question is, if you buy equipment made in china is there anything you need to have to get them installed in the USA? meaning do they have to be UL certified? if that or CE or whatever else. Last thing I want is due break the bank on Chinese equipment and find out I cant even connect it when it gets here Any advice or experiences will be well received Cheers/
  20. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    This job description seems to be in excess of what is normally expected of an assistant distiller in my honest opinion.
  21. Totes for grain disposal

    Same here. You'll go crazy dealing with that little 8" opening.
  22. Leaking still agitator shaft seal

    Do you have any pics?
  23. Apple Brandy Cuts

    Good thought. No sulfites though.
  24. Totes for grain disposal

    Caveat, this assumes you have some way to separate liquid from solid.
  25. Totes for grain disposal

    Depending on your volume, Rubbermaid Brute trash cans work well. The nice thing is they stack up well, so they don't take up a ton of space. Lots of our local breweries are using these. Two people can comfortably lift them into and out of a pickup. Good for smaller farmers who don't necessarily have forklifts, or reconfigure their bucket loaders to take off totes. They have lids, which is nice, but they tend to go flying off the back of a pickup. The handles are sturdy and they seem to hold up to pretty rough abuse. We also use smaller poly barrels with locking rings, these were used food grade drums that we procured pretty cheap. This is really useful during the warmer months, as you can lock them down air-tight. If you need to store your spent grain indoors, it helps to have a way to not have to deal with the issues of open tops (stink and fruit flies). Our farmer loves these in the summer - since with the lock rings they tend to stay a little fresher longer, but hates these in the winter, since when it starts to freeze, it's impossible to get out (the barrels taper to the top).
  26. 1000 L Kothe Still for Sale

    Could you provide more information on this still? What's included etc and timing of when you are looking at getting rid of it?
  27. Leaking still agitator shaft seal

    Hi all, I am running a Kothe Standard 400L still. The agitator shaft seal, just before the gear reducer is leaking distillate out of the "weep holes" just after the oil seal located in the stainless collar. I have replaced the seal several times as well as well as the motor and shaft. Leak remains. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  28. Apple Brandy Cuts

    Was there any sulfites added? If the cider had high sulfites what you are describing could be from that.
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