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  2. Southernhighlander

    What still should I purchase? I need your help. lol

    We have small baine marie stills that can also serve as mash cookers and you can even ferment in them if you like. We have them in 6 gallon, 10 gallon, 20 gallon. 45 gallon, 100 gallon and 150 gallon operating capacities. With these stills you can make bourbon from corn based mashes or whiskeys etc. from other grain in mashes as well as vodka. Most importantly you can cook your bourban mashes without the chance of scorching. Also we actually build around 40% of these stills here in the US. We also also have electric direct fired stills in the same basic sizes listed above. They are great for making single malts and other whiskeys from Barley based washes and rums as well as brandies from wine. They are also a great deal less expensive than the baine marie stills. We also supply complete electric heating systems for the stills above. Our heating systems are built from all UL listed parts in the USA. Our heating system controllers are built from all UL listed parts in the USA and are UL listed NEMA4. Email paul@distillery-equipment.com http://distillery-equipment.com
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  4. Southernhighlander

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    In those areas like West Virginia where many farmers once grew Sugar Cane (sweet sorghum), most rural people had sorghum Molasses in their cupboards, but you rarely see it today. Sugar is cheap, so few people have sorghum in their kitchen today. For the reasons I just outlined, you don't see it being grown very often in WV, but 50 years ago you would have probably seen it here and there and 100 years ago you would have seen more of it being grown in a great many areas of the US. Most people grew it for use by themselves and their neighbors. When no money was available people worked together to produce things like sorghum and everyone that took part would get a share. Others could trade for it or may pay a few pennies for it. I googled WV sugarcane and got somegood results. Click on this link to see more pics of sorghum in West VA. Note that just like my people in The Great Smokey Mountains, they call it sugar cane. https://www.loc.gov/item/2017799495/
  5. jeffw

    What still should I purchase? I need your help. lol

    still dragon and distillery-equipment.com are too good choices.
  6. After about 3000 distillations, the DN100 gasket on the sight glass of our still has developed a crack and needs to be replaced. The gasket sees a lot of contact with high-temp alcohol steam and also torque from removing the sight glass for cleaning. I would normally get EPDM but wanted to see if anyone had a different suggestion / experience?
  7. Allan

    International Shipping

    Thanks for your feedback. We ended up having the client research domestic import/exporters to Japan. They found much more reasonable options via their own research. Places I'd probably never have found, even with my Ph.D in "googling #@&% up" .....obscure locations that were legit. Place in L.A. shipped a case for $350 (2day air) but we had to ship FedEx from VA to them to get it there, which added to the cost. Place in Northern VA shipped 3 cases for $550 all inclusive (also 2 day air). Long story short, the answer I think is in having the destination recipient research export shippers for themselves. When I called the shipper (located about 30 miles from me) to clarify details, they answered the phone in Japanese - so clearly not targeting locals as their primary client base, and as such, it explains why they weren't popping up front-and-center on my google results.
  8. bluestar

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Sorghum whiskey is made from the seed/grain/kernel, and can be called whiskey. Sorghum rum is made from the cane, and once was called sorghum rum, until the feds decided rum can only refer to a product from sugar cane, so now must be a specialty. Some of the spirits that Paul identified are made from the grain. If someone submits a label for sorghum whiskey, with no formula tied to it, it can be approved by the feds, since it is an allowed label. But if they are actually making a sorghum "rum" from the cane, and labeling as sorghum whiskey, that is illegal, and they might eventually get caught, but not until the feds audit or check the paperwork: like noticing that they are producing all this whiskey, but bringing in lots of sorghum syrup but no sorghum grain.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, so I apologise in advance for making any faux pas. I was wondering if anybody could give me any advice on buying a bigger still? I'm currently using a 10 litre alembic copper still but would like to scale up. I'm in the process of starting a small business so I can purchase NGS in decent quantities. I'm only looking to sell to a few shops and bars, very small scale. I would love a still that's at least 100l litres. Any ideas? Thanks everyone.
  10. Kate

    Organic Bitter Almond

    Hi Has anyone managed to source Organic Bitter Almond? I'm based in the UK but any supplier or source suggestions are welcome! Thanks
  11. RBDistiller

    work boots that hold up

    I am going on 4 years on the same pair of Red Wing heritage boots and they have held up very well. Although, it is about time to have them resoled, I dont ever see them completely wearing out from the work done or the chemicals that come in contact working in the cellar every day. I try to clean and oil them 2-3 times a hear to make sure they dont dry out. They were pricey up front but Im hoping it to get 10+ more years out of them.
  12. LaChascona

    EPK? electronic press kit

    Does anyone have any examples of experience with making an Electronic Press Kit for a new release? I have done them for films and TV series in my past life and I know that they are used more extensively with new musicians but has anyone ever done one for the opening of a new distillery or the launch of a new product? Thanks
  13. LaChascona

    International Shipping

    Sounds about right. For me that ships between New York And Santiago, Chile the cheapest option is to "slow boat", sea freight. 2 months, $25 per square foot, but this company only ships between New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Miami and Santiago Chile. You could ask around locally to where you are shipping if they know of similar services. Also, some airlines will ship packages on regular passenger flights. Good luck
  14. Yesterday
  15. I've received a number of spam emails from buyers wanting to purchase our excess/damaged/closeout inventory, which I usually deleted without giving any thought. Now I've got some inventory I'd like to liquidate and can't find any of those emails. Anyone here have suggestions on closeout buyers or brokers?
  16. Thatch

    Mason jar pour top

  17. Neutral 500L Puncheon Barrels Country Connection, Inc. is currently receiving neutral red puncheon barrels. These French Oak 2014 & 2015 barrels are $425 each. - Price Price - $425 (Discounts are available on orders of 4 or more.) Refurbished Puncheon Barrels Country Connection, Inc. is currently refurbishing 500L French Oak Puncheon Barrels. These 2014 and 2015 barrels can shaved and toasted to customer specifications. - Price $525 (Discounts are available on orders of 4 or more) 2 & 4 Barrel Racks Used 2-Barrel Puncheon Racks for $135/ea Used 4- barrel wine barrel racks available for $65/ea. Used 2- barrel wine barrel racks available for $55/ea. All of our used racks are in great working condition with no bending or metal fatigue and minimal surface rust Once Used Bourbon Barrels Country Connection is receiving truck load quantities of Once Used Bourbon Barrels straight from the distillery. - Price - $120/ea - Minimum order is 4 barrels. For a complete quote, please provide a delivery zip code when emailing. Jessica Holliday Country Connection 530.589.1507 Jessica@countryconnection.biz
  18. I have over 10,000 new Mahogany T-tops with synthetic corks from Tapi USA lying around from a past project that I won’t be needing anymore. They are factory sealed in in unopened bags of 1000 that weigh about 30 pounds each. -They are 19.5mm stopper, fitting most wine and standard spirit bottles, the wood top is 36.5mm wide and 14mm thick total height is 33.5mm. (pictured) I’d like to get $.25 each or $250 per bag because I paid twice that for them but honestly, they are just taking up space and I’d be open to any and all offers. If you think these closures may be suitable for you, I would be happy to send some samples out of already opened bags to make sure they are a good fit for you. I have packaged up bags of 100 that I can send out for $20 to cover the shipping. One or 2 full bags of 1000 may be worthwhile to ship UPS etc.. but much more than that may be better off LTL. Buyer pays freight. I can arrange shipping FOB 19460 Phoenixville PA, or you can pick up. I'll consider paying shipping with your deposit on any reasonable offers PM or Email Chris. Thank you. Ezcyser@gmaildotcom
  19. RBDistiller

    Bulk Cabernet Franc Port Style wine for sale

    It was Grape brandy that was added.
  20. captnKB

    Dickel Rye Question

    I sourced some Dickel bourbon Back in 2014. I know at that time it was being completely produced by MGP. Mashed, distilled, filtered and barreled. The source of the barrels themselves was unknown but they sure looked like ISC barrels, new american oak, char level unknown
  21. Lord of Barbès

    Hello from Paris !

    Hi everyone ! Thanks for accepting me on the forum. I live in Paris, and work with my associate Hervé on an organic craft gin that we called Lord of Barbès (referring to the Barbès neighborhood in Paris, in which our shop is located), and that we launched from scratch 2 years ago. As Barbès is the African neighborhood of Paris, we crafted the gin with African inspired ingredients : baobab fruit, grains of paraside, dried mango, etc. We bottle it in a blue cobalt apothecary flask which is tinted in the mass. Before joining this adventure, I used to work for one of France's main spirit distributor, and even before, I used to be a financial analyst in renewable energies and large infrastructures ! I joined the forum to try to better understand the market in the US and common industry practises in craft spirits distribution. See you around ! Aloïs
  22. Foreshot

    Botanical storage best practice?

    Thanks, I'll check him out.
  23. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    We are currently helping one of our Japanese customers with designing their gin. It will be a totally amazing London Dry Style. Very happy with the results! Regards, Odin. 02f8f4f2-6594-4b6a-b3fd-a34238f337ed.MP4
  24. Whiskey distillery in Southern Texas is seeking a superstar Head of Distillery/Plant Manager. We are currently in production and selling our products nationally and internationally. If you are a self-starter, detail-oriented, passionate about craft spirits, then we are the company for you! This is a fantastic opportunity for someone interested in showing their creative skills in developing premium whiskey. We need an energetic and focused individual who knows their way around fermentation and distillation; someone who can see a quality product through from sourcing all the way to bottling. Seeking someone with a clear understanding of brown spirits maturation quality. At minimum, we need a person with an intuitive understanding of the processes involved in and the basic chemistry behind distilling and science of making distilled spirits. An ideal candidate will have at least 5 years’ experience making great whiskeys. Essential Duties & Responsibilities Manage recipe development, spirit integrity and testing Evaluate and monitor spirits produced and raw materials involved in distilling Performs every aspect of production including, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, tasting, proofing, cellaring, bottling, blending, labeling procedures, and schedules Performing regular testing throughout fermentation and distilling process to determine necessary information in producing a quality product Complete lab testing and quality control procedures focusing on continuous improvement Control all ordering and materials inventory to produce and control cost of goods or COGS. Manage raw ingredients inventories, schedule deliveries, and forecast production needs Supervise cleanliness and sanitation procedures for all distillery operations and equipment including compliance with CIP (Clean-In-Place) standards. Provide oversight of all distillery personnel and operations. Create and manage all record keeping in spreadsheets or any other required spirits programs suited for distillery. You will get the chance to work for a company that will value not only your experience but your voice in shaping our award-winning authentic whiskey and bourbon. Our company has already made a name for itself as a producer of innovative and award-winning products. Now we are looking to expand current operations and that’s where you come in. This career opportunity will give you the chance to really make a name for yourself by putting your fingerprint on our Brand. We will consider a client candidate that is currently working as an assistant or second in command and wants to create a great experience with whiskey. We’d love to add you to our team! Apply using this link: https://www.bevnet.com/jobs/28223-Head-of-Distillery-Plant-Manager-Confidential-Wines--Spirits
  25. Last week
  26. I've got 17 used 15 gallon bourbon barrels that I'm looking to sell. They were just emptied last week, and aged for 15 months. 5 of them are Char # 3 and 12 are Char #4. Made by Barrel Mill. Looking to get 120 a barrel, price negotiable. Buyer pays for shipping, FOB Jackson MS. Contact Gabe@catheaddistillery.com with any questions
  27. In this week’s eNews: October 17, 2018 https://conta.cc/2EAXC0q Distillery profiles, such as Buffalo Distilling and five from NJ; Your New Favorite Brown Liquor: American brandy; Collaboration Over Competition: The Women's Distillery Guild joins Women of the Vine & Spirits; They Are Women, Hear Them Pour: 2018 "Siposium" Steers Even More Women to Bourbon; Supreme Court to Revisit Case of Interstate Wine and Spirits Shipping; Lyft announces Ride Smart Maryland Initiative; only 1 month left of the new Distilling Research Grant online Auction; new releases, events, and more: track Bill Owens’ trip around the world…
  28. Artisan Stills, Made in China. 5 electrical element ports with attached boxes and connection wires, all ferals are included. We run it on 5500 watt elements but can go higher. In great condition just dont need it anymore having switched to steam. Comes with all clamps, values, fitted dephlegmator, condenser unit, (2) 4" wide four plate column stacks, and all plumbing lines and connections. Shipping not included. Email for more details and questions. Asking 8,500.00 OBO
  29. MG Thermal Consulting

    Need Distillery Equipment Consultant

    I have supplied Cooling System consulting and equipment to quite a few Cali distillers, mostly in San Diego and N. CA. You can drop me a line and we can start a conversation. Regards, Mike G.
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