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  2. I use two of these devices. I do make vodka with them and it is an excellent product. I do a stripping run and then a spirit run. I push these stills to the bitter edge on a daily basis and they have held up OK. They are however, like European sport cars when the run they run great, when they fail, you're dead in the water.
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  4. Who is making vodka in the US with this still? Is it being accomplished in one run, or stripped once before the spirit run? At what ABV?
  5. Hello, I am going to be building a distillery hopefully in the next year of so. I am interested in perhaps getting continuous still which I have just heard of, but my knowledge is very limited. I am looking for information about a continuous still as per the following: What are the advantages/disadvantages? Who builds these and can I get a costing? Why is there no cooling required? Does anyone have an engineering drawing example of one? Or know where I can find? Maybe a video showing how one works? I see there are industrial ones (oil refineries) on YouTube but looking for a distillery specific. It should be noted that these are my parameters: Will be making vodka and gin. Hopefully will get into whiskey two or three years later. Fermented medium does not contain solid particles. Hoping to complete 2000 liters (528 gallons) per 6-8 hours cycle. Space is no problem, (I know that the columns are tall). I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks
  6. Looking for a semi-automatic, pneumatic, t-corker. CCR or similar. My hand is killing me.
  7. I still enjoy making beer from the hobbyist level. I make 10 gallon batches. When i chill after boil i use a blichmann plate chiller (no grain in mashes with beer) i pump to the chiller and back in to the wort in a loop until the entire batch is at pitching temperature. This being a 60plate chiller it will bring my wort from boil to ground water temp + - 2°F. I dont have to recirculate it back in to the hot wort but it does help reduce cold break plus aerates the wort prior to pitching. Problem for me is ground water temperature in texas is about 90°F just about year round. Yeah for about 2 weeks of winter i may get ground water down in the 70's and man i brew a lot of beer then. This technique is the same as the local brewery i use to volunteer at did theirs and it worked well for them.
  8. Yup! But, what I love most about the liquor business is that it's all cash all the time, not like TV where they will gladly pay you Tuesday... Next year.
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  10. Just ran a complete yield analysis for the past 5 months. We are averaging $1.35 in propane usage per barrel put way.
  11. If you purchased the column with it then the SN would be on the column. It is on a silver sticker that gives the name of our business contact info and your stills SN. The stickers are permanent. If somehow yours is not there on the column, let me know and I will have Susan look up your serial number and send you a sticker. If you bought the pot without a column and condenser no SN is required because it is just a jacketed pot.
  12. On lawyers - Some deal with production and distribution, most focus on state retail licensing, law and regulation. . Most state license applications for producers are straightforward. They ask questions like, "Do you have an interest in a retailer, etc." I tell clients that in most instances, if I submit an application for a state license for them, I'm just transcribing info they give me to a state form. I don't add much value to that. Make sure the attorney is adding value if you hire one. If your are looking to the attorney for contract advice, make sure that the attorney is familiar with the matters that concern you. For example, if you are dealing with appointing a distributor, make sure the attorney understands the franchise law in the state where the distributor is located. This is not an advertisement; I don't understand anything but the questions that you should most obviously ask about such things 🙂. Nor do I know most states licensing requirements. State agents are a good source of info on what you can do in regards to distribution, sales, tax payment, etc.. Again, this is not an advertisement because I have had clients in 40 or more states and I will not pretend to known what each of those states requires, prohibits, or allows.
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    Odin on Gin

    Had a newb question on Gin, and this looks like the place to ask! (If not, apologies, I can start a separate thread). We do everything from grain, so will not be using GNS. My gin basket is located right after the pot, before the columns (separate 4 plate and 16 plate columns). So the idea was to take our filtered vodka, diluted down to 30%, and redistill this for our Gin. The question I have is how many plates should I run this through after the gin basket? Straight to the condenser? Through 4 plates? Any help or pointers would be appreciated!
  14. Busy but a quick response without time for citations. I assume you are talking about bulk. 1. The person who makes the importation must have an importer's permit. 2. Your DSP permit does not cover that. 3. A person who doesn't have a DSP can import for you, but cannot take possession. 4. The spirits move from customs bond to your DSP bond. You pay duties, but not excise tax. 5. You become liable for the tax. 5. You receive the spirits into either the storage or processing account. 6. You receive them based on the last official customs gauge. Remember to check for losses. I would gauge them. 7. You may keep them in the containers in which you received them or you may physically dump them . 8. Marking requirements apply to the containers in which you hold them, whether or original or dumped.. 9. Once you have them, you treat them in the same way you would domestic spirits, but in some cases you have to keep a separate record. Puerto Rico and the VI for example, because of carry over provisions of the tax laws. 10. When you remove the spirits, you must label them under part 5 regulations. Make sure you can document class and type. 11. You pay the excise tax when you remove them. I've probably forgotten at least one thing, but that is it in a nutshell. Hire a customs broker to deal with the customs paperwork.
  15. Thanks, another phishy one I'm getting hit with is event hosting reservations. They insisted on needing my mobile phone to text me their CC info. Told them to call the shop, still waiting on that call so it must be a scam of some kind.
  16. 4 tubes would not be considered sanitary. Can anyone guess why? Tricky, but once you see it, it’s obvious. The dairy guys know exactly what they are doing.
  17. that definately makes alot more sense, as that would have more cooling to heat exchange. where did you get yours Tom?
  18. The three distillers in the area where I live, including myself have all moved over from the TV biz! Welcome to the club. What is it about TV that drives us to drink?!
  19. That’s Great! Glad to here you got it sorted out. Try to keep a weekly log of gas consumption just to get some base lines. Then look for seasonal changes and after a while you’ll see a pattern. Then look at it now and then and you will see when the efficiency falls off and when things need a good old tuneup. The other thing don’t be surprised, you may need to replace the burner motor every year. May has been our month to swap it out for the past 4 years. You’ll notice it going out on reset (the little read button) that’s a sign it’s almost spent.
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  21. Had my visit and learned that the problem was bad controller settings and also learned that I needed a big lesson on steam boiler control settings. This is a 1.2MBTU (30 HP) Aldrich boiler with a Riello burner. The burner has a 1-5 turndown capability that works off a pressure sensor. My problem was that the process value and the high mark were both set at 12 PSI... thus hitting and alarming the max setting at the same time, and stopping the system. Then at the bottom it was set to zero which meant it fell all the way down before it reset and started back up again. This controller has a self-learning mode, so we tried that while going through a run and it set a number of control parameters that we saved. The last run was very smooth. The steam boiler did stop at one point during the run, but kept in the 25%-50% modulation for most of it. Went out to time the gas meter and the consumption was much, much less than I had seen the prior days. So feeling good at this point that the steam boiler is dialed in. Next up... insulating all my steam and condensate return plumbing. That will likely require some more tweaking of control parameters once done. Related to high pressure, 15 PSI steam is 250 degrees. 100 PSI steam is 340 degrees. Hi pressure steam is scary stuff IMO.
  22. I'm a two time Emmy Award winning filmmaker that is building out a distillery. While waiting for our building to become available in July, !'m offering my services for hire or trade (yeah, need pretty much everything). Need a product or distillery video produced? Training video for staff? Reach out and let's talk. Here is my filmography for reference - imdb.me/kriskoenig You can watch three of my films on Amazon Prime. Search Kris Koenig Thanks for looking and good luck to all!
  23. Would you consider selling to rotary table separately? What are the specs on the labeler?
  24. We are using the jacketed still for whiskey. It makes a great spirit. Here is a photo of my setup. 500 liter stills.
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