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  2. i'm about to open a distillery in southern california and wanted to know about sinks. i will not be serving to the public. i have a production facility only and wanted to know if anyone has experience with the health department on this. do they even inspect distilleries? ive been in the restaurant business forever and am used to the HD but only in food service establishments. any advice would be great.
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    are mop sinks required? i will not be serving the public....
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  5. Thanks Silk, how would you define purity assuming you are coming off the still @ 190+? Does your definition of purity vary depend on raw materials? Perhaps the best question is, how do I determine if I have pure vodka?
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  7. This is insane to me. For 200$ a month they should at least teach you how to use and navigate their software. As much as I dislike month end reports, I cant justify the cost as a small operation. I'm sure becomes helpful/necessary when you are coordinating the work of a bunch of different people.
  8. +1 for Hoochware. We've been with them for several years now and love it. Does absolutely everything we need it to and is intuitive to use.
  9. We just switched from DistillX5 to Whiskey Systems a month ago since DistillX5 raised their prices significantly. I was perfectly happy with DistillX5, but so far so good with Whiskey Systems. A few observations: DistillX5 is designed to model the activities in the distillery as you do them (charge the still, fire the still, collect distillate . . .) whereas Whiskey Systems is more of a recording tool after the fact. Whiskey Systems expresses things primarily in proof gallons (I.e., barrels contents are shown as proof gallons and starting proof, volume is not shown. Sure, it’s easy to figure out the volume, but when I’m wondering whether a barrel is full, I’d just as soon like to see the volume and not have to get out a calculator) DistillX5 is a bit more intuitive and has prettier graphics (which does help me have a sense of what is going on at any particular time). Whiskey Systems is more flexible (no training wheels). Given the big price difference, I’ll take whiskey systems in a heartbeat, but it helped to have years of experience with DistillX5 first. This has allowed us to switch over with no extra training,. That’s another difference...you have to pay for support with Whiskey Systems, so if you don’t know what you are doing you might rack up a bill.
  10. We specialized in Bank Guarantee {BG}, Standby Letter of Credit {SBLC}, Medium Term Notes {MTN}, Confirmable Bank Draft {CBD}, LOAN, as well as other financial instruments issued from AAA Rated bank such as HSBC Bank Hong Kong, HSBC Bank London, Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt, Barclays Bank , Standard Chartered Bank and others on lease at the lowest available rates depending on the face value of the instrument needed. We would be glad to share our working procedure upon your request. Contact Name: Kang Hee Contact Email: kangheeil64@gmail.com Skype: Kangheeil0319@gmail.com Regards Kang
  11. McFinn makes a few models of pump. Is it a US-FIP? No suction of liquid could indicate an air leak somewhere, which would typically be fixed by changing o-rings & seals until the culprit is found. If it is a flexible impeller pump I would try introducing some head pressure by partially closing a valve somewhere downstream. Try this in both directions if possible. This assumes you can get liquid to the pump inlet somehow. If it can pump at all and you introduce pressure downstream, any leaks may become visible. If possible, use different hoses, gaskets, valves, etc. so that the source of the issue can be narrowed down to just the pump head. We're not in NY, but let me know if we can help getting you a new pump. We sell a lot of pumps to distilleries. Good luck.
  12. I'd available if needed. I own Schenectady Distilling Co. in NY and I also teach Craft Distilling at SUNY. We have been licensed for almost 3 years now and have gone thru all the growing pains. I am also not that far from you. Give me a call or text. 518-225-3909 Thanks Ken Gibbons.
  13. I suppose it depends on how clean your vodka is. The higher your purity, the more irrelevant slow proofing is going to be.
  14. As a SUNY instructor in craft distilling I realized I have a lot to offer anyone interested in learning more about distilling and/or starting a distillery. If anyone is interested in learning how to distill or have interest in starting a distillery I would be happy to assist, educate, and consult. We have gone thru everything, purchasing the building, sourcing the equipment, equipment installation, distillery set up, product development, TTB issues, proofing, bottling and Insurance issues and continue to learn valuable lessons that new distillers need to know. Rates are dependent on your need and start at $75.00/hour . Feel free to reach out by text or phone if you have any questions. 518-225-3909
  15. My high proof pump stopped working out of nowhere. It’s a McFinn technologies. Trouble shot over the phone but still not working. Changed all O-rings even though they looked fine. No suction of liquid. Any suggestions? Anyone have one for sale in NY State? Thanks.
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  17. Based on what Ive read, I'm sure slow proofing vodka wouldn't hurt, but it's not as critical, because it has far fewer oils in suspention than something that is typically double pot distilled like a brandy, or has a lot of oils from botanicals like a gin.
  18. Hello everyone we still have this equiptment were open to consider any offers , need this stuff out of the warehouse , feel free to thro out a low ball offer
  19. It would seem that slow proofing would be beneficial even with Vodka to prevent saponification. Is this correct?
  20. Hi All Im looking for some sort of Study or paper that states that there is no real risk of biological contamination hazard in Alcohol beverages over 15% ABV. Also looking for the same "study / papers" that states there is no real risk of allergenic contamination in distilled spirits. Can anyone advise me or point me in the right direction please. Ive tried to google but apparently I really suck at googleing 😕 Thanks Sim
  21. Those are excellent links thanks for posting , we are in process of rebuilding our rick house , it has 2 foot thick stone walls wonderful old building that is perfectly suited for aging in our northern climate . Great info
  22. Was interested in buying agave from these folks, when asked for a shipping quote on a tote,. Dave DeSanto was short with me from the very first correspondence. I asked for samples of a couple different agaves and he asked for my fedex number. I responded saying we did not have one and asked what it was needed for. His response was simply "don't worry about get the agave from another supplier." So if you're interested in purchasing agave, I'd recommend spending your money elsewhere instead of dealing with this peach of a human. I have another source that is great, but any other leads are appreciated.
  23. The iStill Glossology is here! https://istillblog.com/2020/07/03/istill-glossology/ Regards, Odin.
  24. Do you still have these bottles and how many on a pallet ? Do you know how much shipping to 78624 would cost ? Thanks
  25. You're welcome. We are adding a float valve to our grant since we have to pump uphill.
  26. We had a hell of a time today getting our mash pumped over and I came here looking for ideas...and I see someone nearby in Brunswick is having some issues with pumps too...I have a feeling I know which distillery! Hi! Thanks for the malt for sanitizer!
  27. We are all in on Whiskey Systems. So many great resources if you use it correctly...if not, it's a real pain. Being able to access it on a laptop, phone, or iPad helps too
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