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  2. I would take $650 for both with you picking them up. That’s half what I paid and both are brand new never been used still in the boxes.
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  4. 80 barrels of Jimmy Red Corn bourbon for sale. Barreled in November 2019 in 53 gal ZAK Cooperage barrels. Entry proof of 110. Mash bill is 85% jimmy red corn, 12.5% rye, and 2.5% malt. Distilled in IL. $1,800 per barrel for purchases of 5 barrels or less. Price negotiable on larger purchases. FOB Columbia, IL 62236. Contact adam dot stumpf at stumpysspirits dot com or call 618-281-7733 for more info. Cheers!
  5. Hello, I'm interested in both vessels. Do you have a price in mind? I'm in the Asheville area. I could come and pick up. Thanks a bunch, Rett
  6. Award winning NYS distillery that has been in operation for 4.5 years up for sale or seeking partners. Nationwide distribution.
  7. I don't know how many times I was stopped in the street in Hamburg by someone looking for a way to E'ville in the winter season- if it was snowing in Hamburg, I told them "Good Luck". Many were from "neighbors" across the Niagara. Then again, I used to get stopped by football fans looking for Rich Stadium on Saturdays looking for motels. Good luck on your business and call me if you need anything on the equipment end.
  8. I’m in Ellicottville NY which is an hour and 20 south south west of Buffalo. Basically I was hired as an assistant, but within 2 months of me being here the head guy went off the rails and got fired. So I was handed the job. I have about 3+ years of home experience. I am able to do the “ physical” part of the job, make product. My only concern is that I want to make sure I’m doing everything I need to be doing when it concerns the law, both federally and NYS. We use DX5 so keeping records is somewhat easier. I can file monthly reports and just learned how to pay using pay .gov.. I’m doing the physical inventory but not 100% what info I need so I’m writing down everything.stuff like that
  9. Where are you in NY? I know a consultant up the Hudson that sets up breweries and distilleries- depends on what you need, timewise as he is setting up a chain of breweries right now. Mike G 678-773-2794
  10. Thanks @SlickFloss good to know that in theory it is possible. I still haven't tried it, but I'm still thinking about it. Did you end up running about twice the heat to the pot?
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  12. Great share! I sent in one in paper form. When I questioned how long it took the TTB agent told me I should have submitted online, but since they did not have instructions, the only way I would have known is if I did it before. Huh? I could be incorrect, but your serial number may need to be 3 digits after the year. Don't quote me on that, but for some reasonI remember needing to submit it as 2020-001 as an example.
  13. Daniel- Greetings! A past Hamburger (Hamburgite?) here! I've supplied a couple distilleries cooling systems in Buffalo and throughout the USA many more. Give me a call anytime anytime and we can commiserate over the state if the Bills and Sabres and your plans as well. Mike G 678-773-2794
  14. I have done this almost exactly on a fuel rectifier for shits and giggles. The main issue we had was stabilizing both columns. We held them both in 100% reflux until we had reached equilibrium between the 2 in terms of temperatures. We had to run depghs at different rates to keep Flow consistent but it did work. Was tricky. Didn't save us much time given the problems we had with equalizing proof and flow rates.
  15. We saw the specific mechanical design at ADI one year and came home and welded our own up. The exact one in the picture above was made by MAC mfg and is much larger and more substantial than the one specific made. Mac mfg specialize in barrel handling equipment. We have a matching dumper and auto filler coming from them in October. Is not cheap but filling a barrel in 2 minutes vs 7 minutes is going to really change my overhead around here. Same thing with 1 man dumping 7 barrels at a time vs 2 men dumping 2, also frees up our forklift so its not tied to barrel dumping. Cheers. Slick Floss
  16. I opened on a 240 Gallon system. I am looking to sell a 240 gallon skid mounted still with cooker, 4 x 240 gallon fermenters, 3 x additional combination 240 gallon cooker/fermenters. The cooker fermenters stack on top of each other and I have a platform built around them. All available. DM me for my contact info for pics and specs.
  17. Awesome thanks. That worked for the "Application for Distilled Spirit Plant (Beverage and Industrial)" Answer Yes to the question above and No to the rest. It will take you to the next screen. It will have a TON of options. Chose this one: Then the next screen will be the current details of your operation. I didn't change anything and only hit "Continue" The next screen will have the TIB. Serial Number - Looking at the original PDF I see serial number is YYYY-X where X is the number of TIBs you've submitted. So your first TIB is 1, etc etc. So I'm filling out my serial number as 2020-1. I'm not 100% sure on this so if this is wrong let other people know. I added the info and clicked "Submit". Then clicked "Continue" at the bottom of this page. It went to the "Attachments" screen. There's none required that I saw. I clicked "Continue". It went to the "Declarations" screen. I clicked the box, it added the date by itself. I clicked "Continue". It went to the "Review" screen. I looked at it quickly and then clicked "Continue". It went to the "Application package" screen. I clicked "Submit Application Package". Since I didn't have any bond required it went to the "Submission Confirmation" Hopefully this will help other people that are in my position. This is why we should share info even on the "simple stuff".
  18. Hey, look! A Kothe CIP support group! We should start a club. In the past I have used the ol' rinse, caustic, rinse, citric, rinse routine. However, there are so many nooks and crannies in this system that I really don't feel comfortable using a caustic in it, in fear that it may find a little pocket somewhere to stay behind. Doing all grain in stuff, the stripping runs leave a mess in the pot. I have resorted to a dinky pressure washer to blast off the crud so I can skip the caustic step. Also, after testing the pH of the water after a citric rinse, it was still very acidic. I now do two rinses after each citric cycle. I disassemble and drain all CIP lines after the citric cycle as well. You have to be very cognizant about all the potential places in the CIP path that stuff may be left behind, turning what you thought was a rinse into a kind of diluted second chemical cycle.
  19. Yes. It is the final question. It will take you to the 5100.16 form.
  20. The other one says this: Is it the last one here?
  21. How does one submit a Transfer in Bond online? I thought I did it but now I can't see it. I go to PONL: I see two records : "Application for Original Entity" and "Application for Distilled Spirit Plant (Beverage and Industrial)" I click "Create Amendment" None of these look right to me. Is there something I'm missing?
  22. Thanks. My OCD appreciates it... ha
  23. What's direct infuse? I have corriander and juniper in the boiler - everything else in the gin basket. Also i have moved the gin basket to the bottom of the column inline now as I did't like the taste with it in carter head config..
  24. 3pg/bu is 223 LA/metric tonne, and should be read readily achievable w/ malt, conventional beer-brewery & non-enzymatic conversions.
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