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  2. jbdavenport1

    What part of the Business Plan did you struggle with?

    Realistic sales numbers. Thats the hardest part.
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  4. indyspirits

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    I saw 150 gram bags (I feel like Im back in college) but nothing larger. Also that looks like grand but it's difficult to tell from the photo
  5. DonMateo

    Aging Options.

    Pop Larkin, I am just at the point of starting up and I am doing some production in my garage. One thing that I read about and tried was I got 50l beer barrels put on a 4" triclamp exit and I put the whiskey in that and then I add lingots of wood. Now I am not using oak but I have read on a couple of other webboards that there are some guys that do it and it gives a pretty decent product. The other thing that I do is put these barrels in the sun with the seals clamped on. Alcohol is very expansive when it heats up and so it creates a positive pressure inside the barrels. I wait for the barrel to get to about 60 deg c and then I put it in the shade. Its winter in Argentina where I am setting up so in winter I put these barrels in a place that only gets a couple of hours sun a day and so there you have your heat cycling. Once a week I put oxygen into the whiskey as some of the reactions between whiskey and wood need oxygen. Anyway my first couple of runs using these techniques were pretty successful and everyone who has drank it likes it. And I have given a couple of bottles to a couple of my mates who have a wide selection of Single malt scotches. I havent tried this with Oak as I am using alternative south American woods, which is permissable where I live. I came to this method because I cant get barrels made from the woods that I want where I live. The nearest barrel maker who makes barrels with the woods I want is in the South of Brazil and importing anything into Argentina is a pain. Anyway just an alternative. The issue you might have in old blighty is not enough sun to heat them up. Plenty of cold and rain to cool them down.
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  7. kleclerc77

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    There are one pound bags for sale on eBay, not sure how many they have available though.
  8. nabtastic

    Head Distiller Wanted - Boston, MA

    Is this related to Two Lanterns Whiskey?
  9. Anyone have a source for artemisia pontica they'd be willing to share? We've recently used the last of ours and I'm unable to find a vendor who has it in stock to tide us over until our harvest is ready in late June.
  10. jessicajlemmon

    Doing Bitters In House

    I've scanned the threads about doing bitters. I get on the basic level that you have to release the spirits from bond. We would be making our own spirits for use, not buying NGS. I guess my first question is, if I do the right paperwork dance, can I do the bitters physically in the same location, or do I need to find another place? (Aka, rent out a commercial kitchen or something like that). We have our bonded production area, the tasting room/bar, and our dish wash room. Could I carve out a nook of non bonded space? On a more local level, our production side is managed by the Department of Agriculture, and the tasting room by the health department. Would the bitters area need a health department certification? Could you technically call them something more like an Amaro instead of bitters to keep it under the DSP? I can see the FDA herbal concentrations being an issue on that one. I know other distilleries are doing this, I just don't know how. And we're operating on our own modest pocket money and a small space, so creative problem solving is a must. (Worst case I'm thinking remote concession trailer?!) (I often get myself in more trouble by actually trying to do things the proper way....)
  11. @dhdunbar thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate all you do for this forum!!
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  13. Good Spirits Consulting

    Distillery Assistance

    Hey Everyone, I recently started Good Spirits Consulting LLC in order to help distilleries nationwide. Specializing in just about anything under a distillery's roof, we're eager to help. Check out our website for more info (web address below). Get in touch with us and tell us how we can help. Cheers! Jordan Stielow www.GoodSpirits.rocks
  14. nabtastic

    Filtering color out of a compound gin

    That’s interesting. I’ve only had limited experience with carbon filtering. It sounds like I should give it another go.
  15. dhdunbar

    3 Tier and owning real estate not allowed?!?

    Texas is a bitch on this. Most states are not as strict in their interpretations. My general advice is that if Warren Buffet can't grind them down, there is not much chance that you can. That said, I have had some discussion with the ABC about it in a particular circumstance. I'd have to go back and look at what they said - I don't recall - and the issue was not husband-wife related. I'm not sure how wide a family net they cast. I'm sure it would not reach to 4th cousins twice removed, or everyone would be tied up by tied house restrictions. Texas probably has some specific rules/precedents on husband-wife situations. In most state where family restrictions exist, husband-wife arrangements jump to the fore. That said, don't rely on any advice you receive from anyone, attorney or some consultant giving random answers on a forum, that does not come with a citation of a source you can use to verify the advise you are receiving. Some attorneys know the law well; others not so well. Make them cite the source.
  16. nabtastic

    2 Used Chillers

    We don’t currently have a chiller. We’ve been using tap water but an upgrade is in good order.
  17. PM me and we can discuss this - no charge for the first talk. You are right to be concerned, but it is certainly doable. That said, every situation is different and I don't like to offer specific comments in the forum, because I am pretty sure that at least some people would misunderstand how they might apply to their different situation. That said, all situations are similar in that, in all cases, the principal issue is curtilage, a term that TB does not employ, but it is nevertheless at the heart of the matter. You can look it up in a legal dictionary. I've helped maybe ten persons through the process. That includes mixed use buildings and DSP's in a separate building on the same tract of land as a residence. I've also posted about this on other threads in this forum, but have no idea how to find them. I will say that safety is not a TTB concern. Safety is a state and local issue. State and local come first. Then TTB.
  18. MG Thermal Consulting

    2 Used Chillers

    Nab, How big is your chiller? 20 HP?
  19. Sudzie

    T top corks

    The Paulson gang has some of the best customer service in this industry. I've experienced Dave helping us out sourcing a product that they don't even offer. That's what above and beyond looks like to me.
  20. Silk City Distillers

    Filtering color out of a compound gin

    I mean a carbon that's ideal for decolorization will provide an end result with a flavor more "true" to the starting point than redistilling, especially if we're talking about non-volatile flavor components that will be lost in distillation, or destroyed by the heat of distillation. This was based on some work I did to make a white/clear barrel aged corn whiskey. The thought was to decolorize barrel aged corn whiskey to make a more palatable white spirit. Redistilling the aged whiskey turned it in to something that was closer to new make whiskey. At that point, what's the point of aging it? But a good decolorization protocol, it worked like magic. I even tried it on a bottle of bourbon. You want to talk about screwing with someone's head, give them a glass of clear spirit that tastes like bourbon. I think the same would apply to redistillation of a maceration of fruit or botanicals. If there are non-volatile flavor components that you like in the spirit, you are going to lose them in distillation. Did some work with a blackberry maceration a year or so ago, tasted great. I hated the color. Redistilling it gave me a spirit that tasted very vegetal and green, and nothing at all like blackberry (lacking the distinctive acids, flavonoids, tannins, etc). I'm not talking about a heavy handed approach of using a large amount of some random activated carbon, use enough and the end result approaches vodka.
  21. DonMateo

    Spiced Rum

    One thing that I have heard that works is you use a carter head ( Gin basket) put in your spices in that and then do your spirit run of your rum through the carter head. I havent tried it yet but I have heard from a couple of people that it works. Where i am setting up I cant get flavours and extracts but I can get the spices. The only thing I could see that would be a must is if you run Gin through your carter head its going to have to be very thoroughly cleaned otherwise you will end up with rum with a slight taste of Gin. Not very inspiring. In about 4 months I am going to make some rum and do the spirit run through my spare carter head.
  22. CountySeat

    Spirit Tank - wtb

    We use smaller than that but we like our Letina Tanks. It looks like St. Pats have 4000L ones in stock.
  23. nabtastic

    Spirit Tank - wtb

    Hi All, I'm searching for spirit holding tanks in the 1000 gallon range. These will be holding 70%ABV spirits (possibly higher). Any suggestions for high quality, meets all IFC/TTB/etc etc regulations would be greatly appreciated. New or used doesn't matter but we'll end up purchasing 3-4 tanks and they'll all need to match (preference is for new tanks). Cheers, Noah
  24. nabtastic

    2 Used Chillers

    Hey MGT - What about a 500 gallon hybrid pot, (5) 500 gallon ferms, with a 500 gallon reservoir? (no mash tun for us)
  25. nabtastic

    Filtering color out of a compound gin

    SCD - Would you mind ot elaborate on the comment "carbon is more effective at preserving flavors"? Is that saying that carbon is more effective at removing color than flavor, or more effective at removing flavor vs color, or..?
  26. Elixir Distilling Company

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Gelatin? Scott
  27. Uncle Rob

    Hillbilly Still 5500 Controller + Element

    you need to make sure your running 220 volts. I have had a few customers call about this lately. I am having my manufacturer of these to check and see if anything has changed. These are all bench tested at the facility to make sure they pull 22 amps.. Please let us know if you continue to have problems.
  28. miles

    Filtering color out of a compound gin

    Thank you both for the info. I will try re-distilling and see what we end up with as well as a different carbon. Do you have an example of the carbon we should try or a place/vendor to buy from?
  29. Three Lanterns

    Head Distiller Wanted - Boston, MA

    Three Lanterns Distillery is welcoming applications for an experienced Head Distiller for a start-up distillery in Boston, MA. Our ideal candidate will have extensive experience in distillation and brewing as well as all phases of production, sourcing, operations and compliance. The ideal person has a history of success as a skilled distiller and brewer with the experience to deliver world-class spirits and the creativity to experiment with new ideas and products. This position requires an individual that can work independently at times and manage significant responsibility. This position is a salaried career opportunity with competitive compensation that will be commensurate with experience, work-ethic, knowledge and passion. Must be able to work in a collaborative, team environment and possess strong attention to detail. The position requires the ability to oversee and manage daily production activities and ensure safe, clean and efficient distillery operations. Responsibilities and supervisory role will increase as the business expands. Must possess the ability to conduct and manage sourcing, mashing, fermentation, distillation, processing, bottling, barreling, and reporting processes and procedures. Must also be able to represent the business well at local events and stay current on industry standards. Requirements: 5 years experience in distillery operations College degree with education in scientific, technical, fermentation or brewing disciplines preferred, but not required Candidate must be able to lift 50-75 lbs. Operate (noisy) mechanical equipment Operate forklift Ability to stand on feet for long periods of time Strong verbal and written communication skills Strong organizational skills with constant attention to detail Ability to perform wide range of duties Trustworthy and loyal Self-starter with strong initiative Understands importance of safety and cleanliness Must be at least 21 years of age with clean, valid driver’s license Applicant subject to background check If interested, please send resume and contact information to info@threelanternsdistillery.com
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