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  2. PeteB

    Bulk proofing vs. Proofing in bottle

    I occasionally proof (cut down with water) in the bottle but it is just one or 2 bottles. Add the calculated weight of water then the weight of spirit. Works OK but is quite time consuming. If you are paying yourself a wage then you would soon lose the cost of a bigger proofing tank.
  3. Pearl_of_the_Orient

    Bulk proofing vs. Proofing in bottle

    Hey guys, new member here, what a great resource. My partners and I are in the final planning stages of building a small microdistillery - please note that this facility will NOT be in the United States and thus (obviously) not subject to TTB regs ... the regulatory agencies in the country I'm in are somewhat more (ahem) lax than what some of you guys are forced to deal with (my condolences, btw). As such, I'm wondering about the possibility of proofing in bottle vs. bulk proofing. Our primary initial product will be a gin, and obviously being able to proof the product down in bottle will allow us to have a spirit storage tank that's ~50% smaller than we would need if we were bulk proofing and then bottling from that tank. Is this something that is being done currently? If not, is the sole reason it's not being done because of the difficulties in fill tolerances (nailing the right ratio of water to spirit), or are there other obvious unforeseen difficulties that my novice brain isn't considering? Looking forward to your feedback - cheers!
  4. whiskeytango


    What is everyone using for a hose to run their CIP system? Would need to be able to handle suction as well as a base and acid solution commonly used in cleaning.
  5. maddog

    architect dilemma.. your recs?

    Thatch, Totally agree and this part is somewhat in place. We have buy-in from the city because they actually "chose" our proposal (request for proposal to buy city properties; ours was the one selected by city council vote); we had a pre-pre-application meeting prior to submission of the RFP and had already gone through the zoning "directors determination" to add micro-distilling to downtown zoning. HOWEVER...The fire safety folks and the downtown historical commission must "bless off" as well, and they are not the same people. It would look bad for the city to pick our proposal and not be able to get it moved through the minutia of the other roadblocks, but as this board has taught me, having the answers before the questions are asked makes the road a lot easier to navigate. I feel like the architect with those answers will inspire more warm fuzzies with the fire safety people; although the local guy will likely do so with the historical commission folks. I guess I'm asking who I should be more afraid of.. my gut tells me it's the fire guy.
  6. Thatch

    architect dilemma.. your recs?

    We did a "none of the above" We contracted with a local good name general contractor that had a good engineering staff. They came up with all the right questions and were able to satisfy the fire marshal as well as the building inspector and the building code review inspector. Before you hire anyone you need to make sure that your difficult to deal with local government wants a distillery in their town. If they don't want you, they will always find a way to keep you out. I first went to the city, talked to the head of Community & Economic Development who took the idea to city council, then zoning and then planning to see if anyone had objections to a distillery. Getting the fire marshal involved early is quite important so the he can review the fire codes and look smart if the other folks ask his opinion on the dangers of a distillery. I actually called him and told him what we wanted to do so he would be prepared for any questions. I wanted his opinion on whether or not he thought a distillery in our proposed location would be okay.
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  8. flip2spin23

    Anton-Paar DMA35

    pm me please

    Hi there

    Just joined the forums after some lurking. My friend and I are in the early stages of research and planning to start a whiskey distillery in St. Louis, MO. The information on these boards is so helpful! Looking forward to being part of the community here. -JD
  10. maddog

    architect dilemma.. your recs?

    thanks for helping me!
  11. EZdrinking

    Forum malware?

    @Silk City Distillers I was able to turn this feature back on. They show up below all of the forum topics.
  12. Hi All! We have a 550 gallon still custom built by Custom Metalcraft (all stainless work/kettle) and Mountain Man Welding (all copper work/column/condenser) for sale immediately. After automating our 250 gallon still (pictured on right of photo), we were able to double the production from that one still and no longer need the 550 gallon still (but need the space it occupies more), pictured on left of photo. This is fully jacketed (all four sides and bottom), has large manhole opening and cover on top. Manhole opening on bottom for spent grains. Drain valve on bottom. 12 inch copper column and 12 inch copper shotgun dephlag on top of column. Not shown in image is the seriously awesome shotgun condenser, which was just finished last week. Photo available of condenser upon request. Condenser IS included in sale. We have it hooked up to our steam boiler now, so you can come and see for yourself that it works great, though we have never ran spirit through it. Just heat and leak tested it. We highly encourage attaching a pressure relief valve to the top of the kettle, which we will happily purchase and install on one of the 4 available 2" tri clamp openings on top. Asking only $60k. We spent much more than this building it, including many hours of our time, so a steal for someone who wants a fully functional 550 gallon new still to connect to a boiler and run some great spirit. You can also use this still as a 550 gallon mash tun! Still on the left of below image is one for sale. PDF is Custom Metalcraft engineering documents for kettle portion of still. Contact Sean: sean@state-38.com Serious inquiries only please. 518814A.PDF
  13. twalshact

    Dephleg, column temp probe

    I make custom sensors and thermowells. You will have delayed temperature indication but in the Defl. the temperatures don't change faster than the sensor will react. Normally a thermowell is used when there is a lot of liquid volume or the system can't be shut down on sensor failure. The solution we recommend in critical applications is to have redundant RTD's in the sensor. Call www.actsensors.com 1-800-877-8820 ask for sales. You will need to verify the sensor is 100 ohms or other value.
  14. Southernhighlander

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    NYCVilla, Since you are producing rum we can give you a full set of equipment for between $60,000 and $100,000 Email me if you would like a quote: paul@distillery-equipment.com
  15. Blue Sky Distillery

    Looking for Used Bottle Filler

    Looking for a gravity bottle filler, 2 or 4 spout in good condition.
  16. Blue Sky Distillery

    Distillery for sale

    I am interested in the bottle filler. Willing to part out?
  17. jeffw

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Would love to get a sample of your bourbon for sale. jjwalsh01@gmail.com
  18. dhdunbar

    Hopped whiskey??

    Those who state it is not whiskey, but a specialty item, are correct. Speciality items are items for which no standard of identity exists. No standard of identity (27 CFR 5.22) exists for a product distilled from a grain mash to which hops have been added. Specialty items must be labeled with a fanciful name, which you invent, say Hoppy-wisk, and yes I know that is bad, "followed by" a truthful and adequate statement of composition (5.35). And what might a truthful and adequate statement of composition be for our mythical "Hoppy-wisk?" It can't be whiskey flavored with hops, but it gain be; Joe's Distillery (Brand Name) Hoppy-Wisk (Fanciful Name) Spirits Distilled from Malt Mash and Hops Finished in Oak Barrels (Statement of Composition) It must be finished, not aged, because you cannot make age statements on specialty items (5.40(d)) Peruse category 649 on the TTB's public COLA database for examples. Use %hops% in the brand/fanciful name field.
  19. Last week
  20. indyspirits

    oil in steam boiler

    Yup, regular ole Dawn dishwashing detergent. Obviously not full strength. Basically you're cleaning out any oils resulting from the piping work. Dawn is fantastic for that and lots of other things. I'm most interested in the grease/oil cutting attributes.
  21. PeteB

    Hopped whiskey??

    Thanks for the the information. In Australia our regulations are not very specific and I was hoping that your regulations allowed for a product "Hopped Whisky" then I could use that as an argument to use that name for my product. I think if I clearly note on the front label I should still be able to use the name.
  22. whiskeytango

    oil in steam boiler

    Just regular old liquid dish soap? I have also heard borax works well.
  23. waterpocket

    Louisiana molasses and sugar suppliers

    http://www.luwest.com/default.php Lula-Westfield has been a good partner for us.
  24. bluestar

    New DSP :) Software Recommendations?

    Of the ones we looked at, Hoochware looked the most promising and economical. But when we went to do a trial, we realized it did not track everything we were already tracking in our own house-developed Filemaker Database with Quickbooks used for accounting and inventory costing. But we did note that the developer seemed very open to adding features, and it might always be that it can do now some of things it was missing when we looked at it. Meanwhile, we keep building up our own.
  25. bluestar

    Hopped whiskey??

    @MikeR is correct, it will not be whiskey. It is a distilled spirits specialty, UNLESS you add enough of other ingredients to put it into another category. It is not hop flavored whiskey: you have to start with something that meets the whiskey category requirements then add flavor to be classified as a flavored whiskey.
  26. bluestar

    watering down low wines

    We usually dilute to between 70 and 80 proof for the same reason. Also, you should get better separation in the run for the cuts that way.
  27. Josh_KnoxTN

    Hello from Knoxville, TN

    Crickets~ Nice!
  28. starcat

    oil in steam boiler

    Boiler " Boil Out " is done with 2-1/2 lbs. each TSP and Caustic Soda for every 120 gal of water. This is added to cold boiler, its closed up and then fired OFF the steam main for 5-6 hrs. Then cool and rinse well. Then refill with your chemical feed set to run somewhere around the half full point. Its a mistake in steam fitting practice to put any black pipe together that has not been solvent cleaned, or otherwise properly degreased. Letting that oil get loose in the system will make it harder to fully get out, than if it was stopped beforehand.
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