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  2. Welp, I wish I knew this before it happened to me. Did pH adjustment (I assume with Calcium Carbonate) and re-pitching yeast work to get them started again? First time post for me. Appreciate all the valuable help by all you out there.
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  4. Thanks for the reply Bluestar. Much appreciated !!! I was hoping to get a few responses and see what the general consensus was. Maybe some more folks might respond. But from other inquiries Ive had your info pretty much mirrors what others are telling me too. Cheers Sim
  5. Sounds like anything 8 to 16 gallon boiler size wise would work. Since you'd be mashing at hobby size levels just use what many of them do any use anything from a Brute 20/32/44 gallon trash cans to a 55 gallon plastic barrels depending on the amount you need. You likely have plenty of things you could use to ferment small amounts in including 5 or 6 gallon buckets with lids. Buckets or Brute 20s are a cool way to make a mash then split it up 4 or 5 ways to try different yeasts at the same time from the same mash.
  6. I've been talking to a customer that's using the Mori to fill small short-necked bottles like the attached and it works for them. BUT it's definitely not what it's designed for, and they are making some modifications to achieve greater spring tension against the mouth of the bottle. When the fill level is near the opening of the bottle—as is the case with short-necked bottles—there is very little spring tension. As a result, the seal against the bottle's mouth is not wonderful, and there's a greater chance of overfilling unless you remove the bottle quickly. You can increase the spring tension by preloading to the spring on the spout with additional tension. This can be achieved by stacking washers underneath the spring. We could also probably machine some spacers out of brass or aluminum that would do the same thing. On another note, with the hand sanitizer boom, we've sold a lot more Mori Fillers than normal. We're down to just three 6-Spout Mori Fillers in stock as of today. Not sure when I'll be getting more in, as Mori is completely shut down through the middle of the month. They're in Northern Italy, unfortunately.
  7. correct, PET just tends to be clearer
  8. Great Job Dr D. This makes me breath easier. We're all just trying to help out and dissecting specs is not my long suit.
  9. An AlcoDens user recently informed me that he found an even better way to run AlcoDens on a Mac. He is using CrossOver from CodeWeavers. This software costs about US$ 50.00 but it makes the installation of AlcoDens so much easier. It isn't free like the Wine option, but it's a whole lot cheaper and more convenient than having to run a separate Windows machine just for AlcoDens. I have updated the AlcoDens for Mac page with the links to CrossOver and some more details on how to do the installation. CrossOver is also available for Chromebook and for Linux, but I haven't tested those.
  10. JakeH

    Pilot production

    Thanks for the reply. My plan for any of this was to just mess around with different mash bills, yeast strains and develop some botanical formulas for Gin. For anything aged, its less useful to actually try out aging as you say, I know roughly what I want the white dog to be like, but that's a whole different bit of R&D really. This is just mainly to be something where I just try out a grain bill at 1/10th scale or something and allow me to not waste too much raw materials in the process. Could also be used perhaps to finish out small runs of gin, etc. Was thinking about just getting a hillbilly still type setup with the milk can and toss the column on there. can find a good enough way to mash and ferment at that scale easily enough as well, just wondering if there have been any suppliers or solutions others have found that worked alright for this.
  11. Im not sure PET makes a difference between HDPE, but we're using the latter currently in 8oz capacity and with 24-210 neck/fine most sprayer cap Thanks much for checking
  12. I'd personally have no issue using H2O2 regardless of supplier if I could get it. It should be cheaper to transport as well. I see it available still from many suppliers. It would be almost impossible for H2O2 not to fall into footnote 7 on the FDA document. https://www.fda.gov/media/136118/download "Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrate USP or Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution USP. Technical grade hydrogen peroxide falls within this policy if the concentration is within that of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrate USP or Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution USP." It surely is when you dilute it! Take for example: https://growershouse.com/h2o2-hydrogen-peroxide-34-5-gallon?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplp9483&sc_intid=9483&gsacid=952889933&keyword=&gclid=CjwKCAjwvZv0BRA8EiwAD9T2VTKMenEZtMtMdSoKvt2TjwtITTZKmBe87MovWnhsak5GK16-Hb8YJxoCq2gQAvD_BwE It's 34% not 3% or 12% as you typically purchase Hydrogen Peroxide. It's a much purer form. 1 Gallon of 34% when diluted would be the same concentration as 11.33 gallons of 3% or enough to make approximately 1030 liters or 272 gallons of sanitizer per FDA recipe.
  13. Folks, My day job is supplying packaging materials to manufacturers all over the place. I have access to a few manufacturers that I work with regularly that have availability of various sized containers and closures that will work for hand sanitizer. What sizes are you guys seeking? I assume an 8 oz clear PET with white or black sprayer and perhaps a 16 oz as well? Are most of you guys producing liquid or gel sanitizers? I am working on a list of sizes that I have immediate access to, but in the meantime if there is anything specific you are seeking, send me an email and I will respond ASAP. matt.sehenuk@unitedpkg.com
  14. This type of things works great for certain spirits. A simple milk can 16 to 26 gallon or 1/2 keg and 2" to 3" column/riser works well for R&D. The problem I've always seen is for spirits that need aging on wood. You can't produce enough to put away in a 53 gallon barrel with these stills. Even if you could one barrel is meaningless as you want a handful to be able to sample after a couple of years to get an idea. Trying to use 5 or 10 gallon barrels is different than a 53 gallon. So "flavorful" spirits that need aging can be tricky. If you are experienced and know how the white dog will age from experience then maybe less a problem. Even producing just a white dog can be quite useful if playing with different yeast or recipes to try to get more spicy, more fruity flavors, more mouthfeel, etc. To me where small stills are great is playing with recipes, ferments and yeasts and botanicals. Hey what happens if we use 20% oats in our mash for our vodka/gin for mouthfeel. For doing small batches to test botanicals for Gin, Geneva, Aqua Vitae type spirits. Certainly could be used for Rums as well. Whiskey not so much due to aging and oaking. unless you "know" your white dog.
  15. Called several, this is what they used in the 1980's but not now. Called tattoo supply houses - they use something else as a sanitizer. Apparently not USP from what I could find. I'm posting the above for other folks. We lucked out and scored several cases with a local Drug Mart. The initial response I got was one per customer. But, when I talked to the manager and told him what we're doing he was more that happy to turn loose of most of what he had.
  16. My day job is supplying packaging materials to manufacturers all over the place. I have access to a few suppliers that have availability of various sized containers and closures that will work. What sizes are you guys seaking? I assume an 8 oz clear PET with white or black sprayer and perhaps a 16 oz as well? Are most of you guys producing liquid or gel sanitizers?
  17. We're out of bottles and ethanol. We're going to make ethanol, but it costs twice as much to make it as it does to buy it. When we can get it.
  18. A note of caution for those of us looking for containers. Make sure you call a real human being and confirm they have inventory before you pay (if it's possible). I nearly got stung by a website that said they had inventory of something I needed, only to call and talk to someone who said they were backordered till May and didn't know why the website said they had stock.
  19. These may be useful. 100% recyclable, lightweight, come fully sanitized, holds 20L. My company sells them for: beer, wine-on-tap, cider, kombucha, cold-brew coffee. Let me know if you'd like further info.
  20. JakeH

    Pilot production

    Wondering if any of you have done anything at smaller scale in your plants for R&D and pilot production? I’m thinking of putting together that capability at something like 20-30 gallon scale so we can test out small mash bills without using the bigger equipment. Are any of you doing this? Any recommendations of affordable and capable equipment at that smaller scale. Thinking the still part will be easy enough, but mash tun? Could use the still for mashing perhaps. Any thoughts?
  21. Sorry, for some reason I never received an email about this. Please reach out to me at alex@findlow-filters.com and I will send you the info. Thanks!
  22. 26 U.S. Code § 5214 (a)Purposes Distilled spirits on which the internal revenue tax has not been paid or determined may, subject to such regulations as the Secretary shall prescribe, be withdrawn from the bonded premises of any distilled spirits plant in approved containers— (1)free of tax after denaturation of such spirits in the manner prescribed by law for— (A) exportation; (B) use in the manufacture of ether, chloroform, or other definite chemical substance where such distilled spirits are changed into some other chemical substance and do not appear in the finished product; or (C) any other use in the arts and industries (except for uses prohibited by section 5273(b) or (d)) and for fuel, light, and power; or (2) free of tax by, and for the use of, the United States or any governmental agency thereof, any State, any political subdivision of a State, or the District of Columbia, for nonbeverage purposes; or (3)free of tax for nonbeverage purposes and not for resale or use in the manufacture of any product for sale— (A) for the use of any educational organization described in section 170(b)(1)(A)(ii) which is exempt from income tax under section 501(a), or for the use of any scientific university or college of learning; (B) for any laboratory for use exclusively in scientific research; (C) for use at any hospital, blood bank, or sanitarium), (including use in making any analysis or test at such hospital, blood bank, or sanitarium), or at any pathological laboratory exclusively engaged in making analyses, or tests, for hospitals or sanitariums; or (D) for the use of any clinic operated for charity and not for profit (including use in the compounding of bona fide medicines for treatment outside of such clinics of patients thereof); or (4) without payment of tax for exportation, after making such application and entries, filing such bonds as are required by section 5175, and complying with such other requirements as may by regulations be prescribed; or (5) without payment of tax for use in wine production, as authorized by section 5373; or (6) without payment of tax for transfer to manufacturing bonded warehouses for manufacturing in such warehouses for export, as authorized by law; or (7) without payment of tax for use of certain vessels and aircraft, as authorized by law; or (8) without payment of tax for transfer to foreign-trade zones, as authorized by law; or (9) without payment of tax, for transfer (for the purpose of storage pending exportation) to any customs bonded warehouse from which distilled spirits may be exported, and distilled spirits transferred to a customs bonded warehouse under this paragraph shall be entered, stored, and accounted for under such regulations and bonds as the Secretary may prescribe; or (10) without payment of tax by a proprietor of bonded premises for use in research, development, or testing (other than consumer testing or other market analysis) of processes, systems, materials, or equipment, relating to distilled spirits or distilled spirits operations, under such limitations and conditions as to quantities, use, and accountability as the Secretary may by regulations require for the protection of the revenue; or (11) free of tax when contained in an article (within the meaning of section 5002(a)(14)); or (12) free of tax in the case of distilled spirits produced under section 5181; or (13) without payment of tax for use on bonded wine cellar premises in the production of wine or wine products which will be rendered unfit for beverage use and removed pursuant to section 5362(d). (b)Cross references (1) For provisions relating to denaturation, see sections 5241 and 5242. (2) For provisions requiring permit for users of distilled spirits withdrawn free of tax and for users of specially denatured distilled spirits, see section 5271. (3) For provisions relating to withdrawal of distilled spirits without payment of tax for use of certain vessels and aircraft, as authorized by law, see 19 U.S.C. 1309. (4) For provisions relating to withdrawal of distilled spirits without payment of tax for manufacture in manufacturing bonded warehouse, see 19 U.S.C. 1311. (5) For provisions relating to foreign-trade zones, see 19 U.S.C. 81c. (6) For provisions authorizing regulations for withdrawal of distilled spirits free of tax for use of the United States, see section 7510. (7) For provisions authorizing removal of distillates to bonded wine cellars for use in the production of distilling material, see section 5373(c). (8) For provisions relating to distilled spirits for use of foreign embassies, legations, etc., see section 5066.
  23. Super-fast delivery to North America! Yes we can! https://istillblog.com/2020/04/03/super-fast-production-delivery-istill-style/ Regards, Odin.
  24. No where does it say you can! Other than this waiver you can only remove spirits for use in what you are bonded to normally do! Well it states you can remove it tax free for use to make santizer but NOT for any product for sale. So you can't remove it for use in a sold product under this TTB waiver to DSPs the way I read it. If you are making a new product for sale at your DSP you better make sure you are bonded to do so. If you see any wording that says you can optionally remove the Ethanol to use in a for paid for product and pay tax on it let us know. Keep in mind without a specific waiver you need to abide by what your bond(s) covers.
  25. They are not technically selling, but requesting donations
  26. I may have some available, I will report back asap!
  27. "Alcohol, whether or not denatured, may be delivered tax-free to state and local governments for non-beverage purposes. The same is true for hospitals, blood banks, sanitariums, certain pathological laboratories, non-profit clinics, and qualifying educational institutions, if not for resale or use in the manufacture of any product for sale." and "In addition, any existing DSP may remove undenatured or denatured ethanol from bonded premises free of tax for use by hospitals, blood banks, sanitariums, certain pathological laboratories, non-profit clinics, and qualifying educational institutions seeking to use it to manufacture hand sanitizer, and not for resale or use in the manufacture of any product for sale." These statement refer to tax free ethanol, no where does it state that you cannot remove tax accrued or tax paid alcohol for the production of hand sanitizer for sale.
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