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  2. silvery stuff after on-grain distillation

    The silvery film is the result of fatty acids and other large compounds forming complex larger molecules. Think of tannins in wine precipitating as the bottle ages. They are harmless and will not make it into your final product.
  3. We recently converted our process from off-grain to on-grain for all our products. (yes, we've been one of the nuts out there doing bourbon with a beer process!) We've noticed the appearance of a silvery film in the first column element when doing the on-grain stripping runs. (we use a 4" column on a 100 gallon still, using two copper perforated-plate bubblers). We used to see a little of this when using the beer process, but it seems much more present now. We've also noticed the presence of some black oily flakes in the low wines, more noticeably at the tail end of the run. None of this stuff seems to show up in the spirit runs, so I'm not too worried about it. But, anyone know what this stuff is?
  4. Eye Wash Stations

    We are in the design phase and out architect brought up the the question or installing a plumbed eye wash station. Is this a code requirement in some locations for a DSP? Just wondering what everyone else has done here.
  5. Hillbilly Still 5500 Controller + Element

    5500w/240 V = 22.9 amps max. If you can only get up to 18.5 amps then 18.5a x 208V = 3848w. You will need a stepup transformer to get anywhere near 5500w unless you can find an element rated 5500w @ 208v . This might get you close https://www.heritageparts.com/Manufacturers/Hubbell-Electric-Heater/HUBBELL-ELEMENT,-5000W,-208V/p/HBLC1315-4?gclid=CjwKCAjw4sLVBRAlEiwASblR-wA_VV59-EktAPSeGs_vM2jS5x4Ph3gMgI2nWH0cpqCo3ixS97CphxoCwNoQAvD_BwE
  6. Hillbilly Still 5500 Controller + Element

    Is it a 5500w element for 240 running on 208? If so, you will only get about 4000w on the 208 and 19 ish amps is correct. I have a be the same issue. 5500w elements run at about 19a. The easy fix is add more elements.
  7. I stumbled across an interesting old patent for a still improvement. Can't quite figure is this thing out but I have reason to believe the inventor had a lot of distillery experience. The PDF has the description. Thoughts? JC.Cookson.1868.Still-Patent.US81605.pdf
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  9. I am trying to get my 26 Gallon Hillbilly Still going for some test batches while I wait for my boiler gets fired up and I am having a huge issue with my controller only able to function at 18.5 AMPs. It should be able to pull at least 24-26 amps. Currently when testing with water its taking me 2 hours at full throttle to bring up my mash to full temp. I am using water to test and it took 2 hours to not even boil water. Back story! I am in Ontario, Canada and am in an industrial building. I have 3 phase 200 amp service with 208 voltage. The controller calls for a 30 amp breaker and a dryer plug. I have a licensed electrician install it and he even double checked it was wired using 2 hot wires etc. I called around and everyone says I need to purchase a 30 amp step up transformer which is isolated to my 30 amp breaker to run my element at the correct amperage. I was also told that if i keep running my element on my current voltage i am starving the element and it will burn out fast. When quoted a step transformer CSA approved is upwards of 1000$. This is only for a test still which we planned on testing small batches with before going to the large productions. Any help quickly would be greatly appreciated! I have Rum fermenting and nothing to still it with =/
  10. What ever happened to iStill?

    Guess what country iStill is in? Regards, Odin.
  11. Odin on Gin

    How about ... how about we do a 4-day gin workshop in the USA? You come in with ideas, we train you, we make extracts, concentrates and then translate your ideas to an actual recipe? Next step is that we run that recipe, all the students taste it and give feedback ... and we run it again maybe with a few last tweaks to make it gin perfect? You basically walk in with the wish to make a great gin. Four days later you walk out with the actual recipe, herbs bill, and distilling procedure to make that gin in your own craft distillery? Let me know if that would be of interest to you! Sales@iStillmail.com. If this is helping you, we'll organize it! Regards, Odin.
  12. Barrel Filling Cane

    Have you looked into a portable gantry crane? You could use it to lift barrels off the floor scale after weighing and then onto your racks? A quick Google turned this up: https://www.globalindustrial.com/p/material-handling/hoists-cranes/cranes-portable-trailer/folding-floor-crane-with-telescopic-boom-4000-lb-capacity?infoParam.campaignId=T9F&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjsmqhOL72QIVAVgNCh3vbQQhEAQYASABEgLiHfD_BwE
  13. West Virginia Distillers Guild?

    Site appears down/never finished. Noticed here that WV is listed simply as "yes" for a state guild, does anyone have any contact info?
  14. Barrel Filling Cane

    Any other suggestions for gauging while barrel filling? I have a proofing tank on a floor scale but no way to lift full barrels onto the rack (no forklift) if I do it that way. I’m thinking I may have to bite the bullet on a suitable flow meter unless anyone has another suggestion. It’s still cheaper, and takes up far less floorspace, than a forklift.
  15. New York grains

    Have you talked with New York Craft Malt in Batavia www.newyorkcraftmalt.com , or 1886 Malt House in Fulton www.1886malt.com ? I have a very limited supply of NYS grown rye malt that I grew and had malted ny Farmhouse Malt in Owego if you are intested. PM me if you are.
  16. Sorry about placing this in the General discussion.The reason is no real good place to put it otherwise. I originally posted a 3000 square foot building 50 by 60. I'm wanting to learn from the mistakes and successes of the members here in the Forum. If you would not mind please sharing your floor plan drawings, in order that I may review the rearrangement of access Andy Griffith, along with the workflow in the building. I know many of you have through trial and error found the best route, and I'm hoping that you will help me to find this route without spending an extreme amount of money, since I don't have extra to spend on a mistake, it could be the end of the venture. Thanks so much in advance Wilder. Baby Beagle Distillery LLC
  17. Law changes in Ga 2018

    According to a representative from one Georgia Alcohol Tobacco and revenue office. How does the distillery license differ and the package for retail sales license. Does these license differentiate between the two businesses, does the distance between the distillery remain 1,000 yd. This is seeming to strup lawyers across several States. Can any of the experts sound off.
  18. New barrel providers?

    http://www.blackwaterbarrels.com/ These guys have been great to deal with, and the barrels have been as nice as the ISC ones we use.
  19. New barrel providers?

    At ZAK Cooperage we are always taking on new customers and we welcome additions. We offer standard 53 & 30 gallon barrels with craft options including 2 year air seasoned white oak, stave grooving, etc. Currently we can get most orders delivered within 2 weeks notice. Feel free to contact us at Zach.Zimlich@gmail.com or 502-475-1600 or come meet us at our ADI booth 1024.
  20. Waste Water -- Anyone use Septic Tanks?

    Excellent. Thank you Falling Rock!
  21. Waste Water -- Anyone use Septic Tanks?

    Thank you, Stumpy. This was helpful!
  22. Barrel Filling Cane

    For what purpose? For gauging, TTB would require an accurate mass flowmeter like a high-precision coriolis flow meter, which would be ballpark around $5-10k. Accurate mass flow meter. A mass flow meter for making volume determinations of bulk distilled spirits. A mass flow meter used for tax determination of bulk spirits must be certified by the manufacturer of the meter or other qualified person as accurate within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.1 percent. A mass flow meter used for all other required volume determinations of bulk spirits must be certified by the manufacturer of the meter or other qualified person as accurate within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.5 percent.
  23. Barrel Filling Cane

    Can you PM me what your solution is? I may be interested. I’m looking for a flow meter to use while barrel filling.
  24. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    Hey guys I am trying to sell some barrels here. Please start another thread about your topic on my listing. Thanks. I have 4 Bourbon and 8 rye, both over two years.
  25. Waste Water -- Anyone use Septic Tanks?

    You don't say where you are. They tried first to review us as a brewery/laughtering grain. But we don't. we distill on the grain, use backset and use wet stillage for cattle feed. All cooling water is closed loop and reused for mashing and further cooling. We were approved for septic, fairly easily. Although it took time, State Planning Engineer reviewed our process and determined that we would be pumping little to no solids into the septic. State EPA wanted no part of reviewing us as it was a closed system/process. Write your process. Make them look at YOUR PROCESS, not a brewery.
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