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  2. indyspirits

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    Following up to my own post... I got my pontica at absintheherbs.com. Good people to work with. I just wish it weren't so damn expensive!
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  4. EZdrinking

    Rolling Out Vendor Ads

    Hello, I want to let users of our forum know that we are in the process of adding a more dynamic advertising system to our forum. If you encounter bugs that get of the way of using the forum please message me. eric@distilling.com Thank you.
  5. JGizinski_Atlas_StillCo.

    Distillery for sale

    would you be willing to split some of the items? Labeler, Rinser, lab equipment, anton par. Etc. Thanks
  6. JGizinski_Atlas_StillCo.

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Yes also having issues sending private message. Please get back to me at Gizinski31@gmail.com Thanks!
  7. Elixir Distilling Company

    New startup question about setting up

    What he said! -Scott
  8. Elixir Distilling Company

    New startup question about setting up

    You can also run the batch more then once through the still to concentrate it further I believe. Can anyone chime in on this. I have seen some very nice gin made using less then 20 plates. After the first bunch of plates you can make the spirit more pure with additional plates but the difference with each plate is significantly less. For example (and im making these numbers up so please anyone chime in) you might be at 80% or better at 6 plates and it will take 12 more plates to get to 90%. I run a test still now thats only a pot still and I can get 85% after 2 runs with no plates at all. And I make gin. just my much less experienced .02. Scott
  9. Southernhighlander

    New startup question about setting up

    Firefighter, Since the spirit still is direct fire electric I would never put low wines in it over 30%. If you put 85% low wines in the direct fire electric still the heating elements may ignite the low wines and you may die horribly in a distillery explosion. I suggest either our 300 gallon mash tun/stripping/Ultra Pro Vodka Still (not listed on the site but it is the same price as the Ultra Pro Vodka still) Our https://distillery-equipment.com/45 gallon Still.htm jacketed still with 6" 6 plate bubble plate column with our 6"x6' packed column section would be a much better option for your spirit still. This hybrid column set up costs a great deal less than a 20 plate and it will do vodka, but the 20 plate bubble plate column would give you more neutrality.
  10. Hey All, I'm sure many of you have already gotten this in email form, but for those who haven't I think it is important people know!! If you care and understand how important safety is in your distillery this is going to be one of the most valuable and comprehensive ways to make sure you, your employees (or employer), and customers are all safe!! Introducing ACSA's Safety Series , Sponsored byIndustrial Safety and Training Services Creating a Safety Culture is More Than a Good Idea. It is Paramount to Your Existence. Don't Delay in Registering to Attend ACSA's Inaugural Safety Series! Flammable organic compounds Vapors in enclosed spaces Dust from the milling process While fire or explosion are the most obvious hazards in distilleries, they aren't the only ones. Learn OSHA rules and regulations for distilleries, best safety practices, and how to create a workplace devoted to worker safety duringDistillery Safety Management 101 , presented by Industrial Safety and Training Services Join us for two days, June 27th and 28th , at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza for: Introduction to OSHA Record keeping (injury and illness) Differences between first aid/OSHA recordable Requirements of written policies (what OSHA expects) Hazard recognition Elements of a safety management program Regulatory training requirements Auditing and assessment skills General OSHA compliance This course is open to ACSA members and non-members alike REGISTER TODAY! PRICING ACSA MEMBER: $399 ADDITIONAL MEMBER PARTICIPANTS: $299 NON-MEMBER: $699 ADDITIONAL NON-MEMBER PARTICIPANTS: $529 Become a member today! ACCOMMODATIONS Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza 35 W 5th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 For your convenience, the American Craft Spirits Association has arranged a block of rooms at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. To reserve your space, please call Hilton reservations at 1.800.HILTONS or the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza directly at 513.421.9100, and mention ACSA (Group Code TAC) while making your reservation. You can also book online byclicking here . Please complete your reservation prior to June 5th as the discounted room rate of $157 will expire. Questions? Contact Kirstin Brooks at education@americancraftspirits.org or 616.745.6373 SIGN UP NOW! ‌ ‌ ‌
  11. nabtastic

    Canned Cocktails?

    spiritedPDX - You guys do the cutwater spirits vodka sodas?
  12. nabtastic

    Cold Water Bath

    Affordable is relative. We went with the one our Anton Paar rep suggested - it was around $3-4k (purchased a few years ago). Any water bath that can fit your flask will work. You won't need anything fancy as long as the liquid in the bath covers the liquid in your flask and the temperature is accurate. Our brand is PolyScience but it's definitely overkill for our purposes.
  13. Firefighter777

    New startup question about setting up

    Great thanks for the info, so this mean that either I run it through the smaller still more than once?
  14. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    iStill in India: https://istillblog.com/2018/05/23/istill-in-india-2/ Regards, Odin.
  15. bluestar

    New startup question about setting up

    The idea of using the mash tun/stripper for stripping is fine. And if stripped, you can use a direct heat for the final distillation. But if you are going to try to finish the vodka from the stripped low-wines directly, you will need a much higher degree of rectification that you will get with a 6-section still. I would plan on using 20 plates. If you are going to use less than 20 plates, then plan to do a high-wine distillation before the final spirit run.
  16. In this week’s eNews: May 23, 2018 https://conta.cc/2Licsbn Showcase Your Spirits at Tales of the Cocktail; Drink Here Now 2018: list of 'The World's Best Bars’; Germany: Craft spirits have 'untapped potential’; Will Chinese-made craft alcohol ever take off?; Distillery profiles; events, new releases + more!
  17. Firefighter777

    New startup question about setting up

    Hi folks, I've been distilling as a hobby for quite some years and have decided to try my end at a bigger and more "legal' operation. I want to make a grain based vodka and use it as well to make some gin. From what I've been researching I need to cook my mash, through a jacqueted mash tun so as to prevent scorching. I am looking at this item right now https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/stills/products/200-gallon-mash-tun-stripping-still and my question is, can I strip my mash and then transfer it to another still like this one to finish my vodka ? https://milehidistilling.com/product/53-gallon-copper-6-inch-diameter-mile-hi-flute-6-sections/ Would it work, or am I missing something? Thanks a bunch
  18. StillTalkingPodcast

    New Podcast - Still Talking Podcast

    Hey everyone Due to some unfortunate flooding in Brian's basement we are not able to bring you a new episode this week.... instead we're doing an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit (/r/firewater) tomorrow (May 24th) starting at 8pm EST! We got you covered with any questions you have relating to the distilling industry, whether they're craft, macro, or media focused! Also, please feel free to pose some questions in advance. We'll be sure to address them during the actual AMA. Thanks!
  19. fstmatt

    BIB Bag In Box Supplier

    Sent you a PM. Might be able to help out.
  20. Sudzie

    Permanent FET Reduction

    PT's words couldn't ring any truer. One thing I've herd mentioned was the expense to go. So this is what is cost me last week to attend. Travel cost, air, parking gas to Boston. $687. Lodging $987. Food (you have to eat anyways) $218 Lyft $104. Total $1996. And we saved over $8000 on this years first quarters FET payment. So we still saved over $6000 in one quarters FET payment. So the moral of the story is not it cost to attend these Washington DC trips BUT what is it going to cost you in 2019 when the FET reduction expires. We all need to pull the rope in the same direction. When the next DC trip is arranged I expect you all to attend and support the work of others, that is saving you a HUGE amount of money to reinvest in your business. And thanks to all that DID attend this and last year. And all the people that made this possible. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions 207-363-9322 -Dave
  21. captnKB

    Permanent FET Reduction

    Hi Friends, Id like to share with you a letter from the ACSA regarding permanent reduction of FET please give it a read and take action as this effects all of us distillers and we must act now to keep it. .
  22. captnKB

    Barrel Filling and Recording

    easy enough to gauge a tank on a scale and once proof is determined measure the weight reduction as each barrel is filled to determine the exact gallonage put into each barrel
  23. captnKB

    watering down low wines

    we triple distill our vodka and for safety we add water to our high wines. reducing 120 proof high wines down to 80 proof before it goes into the still for final distillation. I cant see a reason to add water to low wines if they are under 100 proof
  24. Jhart

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Also interested. Is there a number to contact? Email me at jrh289@gmail.com
  25. Last week
  26. We are a California based company and are looking for someone that speaks English, has a chemistry background with a good pallet, is either a distiller or would like to be an apprentice distiller to learn for a new distillery in California. The requirements would be to relocate to Southern California and have public speaking ability not only to master the distillery, but to give tours and explain the distillery process for our distillery. If interested, please submit a Resume either by facsimile to (760) 810-4086 or by email to sheri@topock66.com.
  27. Carolina distiller

    watering down low wines

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have only ran steam jacketed stills for the last several years.
  28. Silk City Distillers

    watering down low wines

    There are no safety benefits, that is a hobbiest myth. Collecting deep into tails might require the addition of water to ensure elements remain submerged, but that will depend on the still.
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