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  2. indyspirits

    Periodic ABV Audits

    Anyone use Midwest Labs in Nebraska for their periodic abv audits? If not, who have you used and what's been your experience? Edit: Corrected spelling
  3. indyspirits

    Bottling line help

    Agreed! We used to manually combine but not just file as loss.
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  5. needmorstuff

    Bubble plate Gin Stills.. why?

    Call me stupid but why do people run 4 and sometimes 6 bubble plates before a gin basket? Is it to ensure the only thing coming through the basket is high proof? and whilst we are on it.. how do they get enough botanicals in a basket - seems to me the proportional size of a gin basket for any still would make the basket huge.
  6. et1883

    Hello from Argentina!

    welcome to the group, Mato! Best of luck with your projects!
  7. Stumpy's

    1,000 Gal Mash Tun and Fermenters

    Hi there. I could probably separate those fermentation tanks...I have someone interested in just the mash tun. I could do $28,000 for the two fermenters. Thanks, Adam
  8. Lassiter Distilling Co

    BOTTLES 750ml & 1 Liter $0.15/bottle

    Hey there. We'd love to pick up a pallet of the 750 ml. I'll send you a pm to, or please me at gentry@lassiterdistilling.com.
  9. Rob, Thanks for the complement. Good luck with your upgrade and we look forward to trying to create the great spirits we know the still is capable of. Tim
  10. Yesterday
  11. This still was only used for 4 month before we outgrew it. We were keeping it on hand, but no longer need it. 6 Plate column with dephlegmator and gin basket -- Still comes with the controller to hold the dephlegmator within 1 degree of set temperature. 240 V single phase 1 pH 50 amps Buyer pays shipping from South Dakota. Asking $8,000 OBO Mark Eschenbacher @ Badlands Distillery | Kadoka, SD
  12. We are expanding our business and no longer have room for this still. This still is as good as new, just too small for our production sizes. Re-flux still with dephlegmator 480 V 3pH 10 inch column, 4 plates Heavy duty mixer can also be used as mash tun. Asking $19,999. Buyer pays shipping. We're located in South Dakota. Please call (605) 837-3000 for questions and inquiries. Mark Eschenbacher @ Badlands Distillery
  13. HedgeBird

    Bottling line help

    This is also my experience with our four spout expressfill volumetric filler. We even replaced the laser cut rubies that are intended to control the fill speed by being exactly the same diameter and its always still a bit off between spouts. I will say that I do not think that having to do all four bottles at the same time is a disadvantage over being able to do four individually. Our routine is: pull four full bottles and set them to your left; place four empty bottles on filler; hit the start button to begin filling; as the four bottles are filling you cork the four you just pulled; by the time you have corked those four you wait about four seconds for the next batch to finish. Also when your doing over a thousand bottles in a run I dont really care that we end up with four half filled bottles over just one half filled bottle.
  14. HottyToddy77

    1,000 Gal Mash Tun and Fermenters

    I would be interested in the fermentation tanks if you separate. send me a price
  15. bluefish_dist

    Amendment to drop DSP Bond Time Line

    I was quicker than that. Maybe a month. But that was when the law first went into effect.
  16. Rhody-O

    Bottling line help

    Love to see a pic of your platform, if you don't mind!
  17. To those that have filed an amendment to drop DSP Bond, how long did it take? My Amendment was submitted 45 days ago and is still "REVIEW IN PROCESS" and "Amendment Pending."
  18. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Currently finishing another batch of 10 iStill Mini's! The product development still with agitator, blue tooth, and extractor and gin hook and digital probes. Regards, Odin.
  19. MG Thermal Consulting

    Water Chiller

    Andy, Even a hybrid air-glycol cooler cannot cool enough glycol to chill water to 50F in summer, and I have used them in Duluth, MN. A closed loop from a cooling tower means adding a water to water exchanger, indoor sump, pump, water makeup treatment and filtration. First cost seems smaller, but by the time you run this system for a few years, you see water makeup and treatments costs add up and wonder why the additional water and sewer costs are so high. Diverting warm water must done with non-Ferrous piping, pumps, evaporator from the chiller, so for every concept, there is additional equipment added, or modifications to equipment that result in a higher cost. Each capacity of each piece of equipment has to match up, capacity wise, which is why shell/tube mash coolers are used for large mash tuns- to account for small amount heat transfer relative to the chiller+reservoir concept. For given temperatures, the smallest capacity equipment will dictate time for cooling mash. If the given equipment can't offer you enough assurance though experienced suppliers, then ask for references from satisfied customers. I can offer hot water from a heat recovery chiller to neat 170F, but in order to make the hot water, you need twice (roughly) the chiller HP to do that plus reim cooler to take out hot refrigerant when your hot water storage is maxed out. It all depends on what is more important, water heating, quick turnaround on cooling or smallest first cost.
  20. iglomski

    Good Brandy From Bad Wine?

    I know this is a pretty old feed, but I just thought I'd add a few observations. I've done a decent amount of grape wine distillation for local wineries who plan to use their distillate in port-style wines. They usually give me their wine that isn't suitable for straight-up drinking as wine, i.e. poor quality wine. I have found that the reason it is defined as "poor quality" greatly affects the quality of the distillate. If it is simply boring wine or is long past it's maturity peak or has oxidized, these can yield rather tasty distillates. However, if they are truly "spoiled" wines that have gone far down the road towards vinegar or have major brettanomyces influence, don't bother distilling them. Even with my best distilling efforts, the distillate is awful with low yield, and in the vinegar cases the acetic acid trashes the copper of the still, stripping off a ton of copper and coloring the distillate blue. I now taste test the wines customers bring to me for distillation to avoid the headaches caused by truly "spoiled" wines in my still.
  21. iglomski

    Calculating PPM of licorice root in gin formula?

    Funny, the TTB made us send off our gin (which includes licorice in it's botanical bill) off to a lab for Glycyrrhizin testing, which is what they really care about in the end. The sample was way below their allowable limits, but it was still an unexpected pain, expense, and delay since they didn't have any issue with the licorice the first time the recipe was submitted with identical licorice quantities. The best deal I found for Glycyrrhizin testing was at Covance Labs, but it was still $250 I wasn't planning to spend.
  22. clearwaterbrewer

    Poll: Do you clarify your molasses

    we use blackstrap and we heat to 200F, dilute, mix, and settle/clarify while covered and cooling, then rack and pitch 24 hours later. Here are samples taken right after thorough mixing and set for 24 hours... The one on the left had the molasses heated to 200 before adding water, the one on the right was only heated to 160, and you can see the growth, which takes the pH to 3.0 in days, kills the yeast, and causes a green distillate
  23. Last week
  24. Sold to a great guy in the MidWest. Happy Distilling everyone.
  25. InsuranceMan 2.0

    I'm new!

    Welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Greetings everyone! I'm stoked to be a part of the forums. I'm just in the early stages of beginning my distilling journey. I've been in the craft beverage industry for a few years and going to be transitioning to opening my own space in the future. I've been lurking for months, reading and learning and thinking through ideas. Working on business plan and making plans to go to ADI next year and meet with people face to face. I have ideas of ways that I want to enter the market, what products I want to produce, and how to best invest my time and money. I'm keeping things underwraps until the lawyers get involved and trademark is established so apologies on the vague handle but I didn't want to jump the gun too soon but I also wanted to be a part of conversations, so this was my compromise. I look forward to interacting and contacting folks.
  27. MichaelAtTCW

    Distillery Hoses

    Brewline has a chlorobutyl liner. Generally we recommend chlorobutyl for up to about 50% ABV, after which UPE (like on GlideTech Distillery) exhibits superior resistance over the long term. The other thing our customers like about Glidetech Distillery relative to Continental hoses is the "channels". Continental's hoses are flat are flat on the exterior, which lets liquids pool and gather on the ground if the hose is blocking the flow to your drain. Glidetech has ridges so liquids can flow past to your drain. And, of course, the smooth exterior cover that makes it easy to drag (hence the "glide" in GlideTech)
  28. In this week’s eNews: September 19, 2018 https://conta.cc/2D9xU1Z Distilling Research Grant Auction 2018 launched; Virginia is an alcohol-control state: friendlier to its distillers or are Virginia's spirits laws stifling a craft distilling revolution?; Whiskey fuels growth in Iowa; Grand Rapids venues not to miss during Michigan's ArtPrize; Interview with Paul Case of Kolani Distillers; Blackwater Distilling Redesign - Case Study; new releases, events, awards and more!
  29. Corsair Distillery is looking to hire a full time Packaging Technician. This is an hourly, entry level position. Health benefits are available after 90 days of full time employment. Core Responsibilities • Assist with operating the bottling line including filling, labeling and packaging • Assist with order fulfillment, quality control and inventory management of packaging supplies • Assist with barrel filling, decanting and bulk spirit transfers • Warehousing, including loading and unloading shipments inbound and outbound • Utility production work: cleaning parts, floors, tanks, pumps, hoses as instructed • Basic record keeping Minimum Qualifications • Previous experience in a brewery, distillery or other industrial environment preferred but not mandatory • Basic knowledge of safety precautions and practices • Ability to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) • Self motivation and a strong ability to multi-task • A passion for craft spirits, with a dedication to our core values and beliefs • Forklift experience and training preferred Physical Requirements: • Ability to lift 60 pounds and move 170 pounds safely • Ability to work in a wet environment with humidity and steam ranging from hot to cold temperatures • Ability to bend, twist, kneel, climb stairs often • Manual dexterity • Endurance to work long shifts when needed Please submit all resumes to adrian@corsairartisan.com
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