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  2. Hello all, Relocating and cant fit most of this Equipment in new spot. The shipping alone in the still was $15,000, and about 12 months lead time. This is located in NC and all wrapped strapped on pallets and ready to go. Still was installed and de-installed by Kothe of Chicago. Requires 19 feet ceiling height. Equipment is five years old, and in excellent order. $275,000 OBO. 1) 3000 L ( 1000 Gal ) Kothe Vodka with Full Automation Package. 2) 4 x 3300 L Jacketed Fermenters. Two with agitators. 3) 2 x 1100 L Blending and Bottling tanks. 4) 600,000 BTU Boiler 5) 3.5 HP Chiller 6) Variable Speed Pump and one explosion proof alcohol pump. 7) Various Hoses, IBC totes, Connectors, clamps.. IMG_5140.HEIC IMG_5139.HEIC IMG_5141.HEIC IMG_5136.HEIC IMG_5142.HEIC IMG_5151.HEIC IMG_5145.HEIC
  3. ADI ACSA SF Worlds Spirits (you may need to pay for the medals) Great American International Spirits Competition Sunset International Spirits Competition SIP Northwest Good Food Awards ...
  4. That's easy to answer. Over 18" above the floor, the C1 D2 extends out 24" away from any part of the still, so you simply put the control panel outside the C1D2 area.
  5. Sorry I am out of here. I asked an honest question. Cheers.
  6. How do you go "outside the c1d2" when c1d2 clearly states "non arcing"??? I think it's funny you boast about your controllers which are easy to build. Yet I have high end options that are ARC FREE. I'm going to give you the option, Paul @ "AFFORDABLE" distilling, to stop commenting on this thread. Otherwise I'm going to yours and filling these customers in on how if they are spending $20k or more it's very easy to order their own Chinese still and wait your 6 month delivery date, all while cutting you (the middle man) out. I'm tired of seeing you push this ticket. If you want more info on ARC free controllers, buy another one of mine so you can copy it again. Just dont try to return it this time.
  7. Meet amazing Claire Marin, owner of Catskill Provisions Distillery. She is a bee keeper, and a distiller, with an amazing honey rye whiskey! We are very proud that she is an iStill customer. She has an 520 gallon iStill 2000. https://spirits.catskillprovisions.com/ Regards, Odin.
  8. In the USA NEMA 4 enclosures can be used inside a C1D2 classified area as long as the internal components are non arcing. Our control panels have arcing components inside, however they go outside the C1D2 which is 25" or farther from the still above 18" off the floor. We use UL listed explosion proof motors and enclosures where we are required to. As has already been pointed out, ATEX ratings are no acceptable in the US and of course CE listed devices are not accepted here either.
  9. Ask the cooper for references, find people who use them years ago and still use them. We prefer The Barrel Mill, they are local to us, make a good barrel, and I don't think I've ever heard a negative thing about them.
  10. Stills built in the US are not likely to be ATEX compliant just as stills built in Europe are not likely to comply with US specifications. ATEX is a uniquely European Union directive for protection against explosive atmospheres. No. It’s not harmonized with NFPA combustible dust standards and not considered by OSHA an acceptable certification for electrical equipment used in hazardous locations.
  11. Chinese quality is at best dubious. Proper qualitative food grade material supply yields the correct result.
  12. I am not going pee on anyone's parade here other than to comment on the later thread of the post purely because it's of current interest to me and that is use of an E-Stop .....EMERGENCY STOP. Use of an E-Stop has merits and in my system I have linked it only to the VSD for the agitator and the phase angle relay / power regulator for the 3 phase heating elements. Nothing more because I further need the PLC to initiate shut down when the E-Stop is pressed. So to the basis of the post. My EStop is directly mounted with an HMI on the still. It is further connected through an isolation barrier on the way to the PLC. The PLC with control instrumentation and related power control are mounted in seperate panels +- 5m (20') away from the still. The intent here is to consider aspects of Atex / Ex requirements. So I ask because I in general never see it being done. ..... How many people make use of Ex rated instrumentation and isolation barriers for distilling. ????? Suppliers thump their chest saying Nema 4 enclosures etc. but are never further compliant. !!!
  13. Hello All, We are in the home stretch of completing our building and the fun begins starting to think about our first Canadian Rye Whiskey. We are looking for a cooperage for our oak barrels but not sure how to select the right cooperage. Does anybody have any suggestions as there are so many great options? Angelo
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  15. No. If you dont believe me. Watch the silicone gaskets in these Chinese stills. After a handful of runs they are half dissolved. Silicone has never been the correct choice, it's only been allowed because it's cheaper for suppliers.
  16. I am guessing you don't have the option to weigh your ferments?
  17. We have had very good luck with the IFM ultrasonic "SU series" flow meters. We use them for metering in water to the mash tun. You can get them for a song on eBay - only thing the flanges need adapters and you need the cable too. Some of the units have pulse counter outputs to be able to feed a PLC if you want to control your mash tun water fill. Oh, and make sure you take a look at the flow rate ranges and make are you falling in the measurement range.] For example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/IFM-ELECTRONIC-SU7001-ULTRASONIC-VOLUMETRIC-FLOW-SENSOR/301640423279?epid=1330140070&hash=item463b2b976f:g:9lgAAOSwl8NVXeF6:sc:USPSPriorityMailPaddedFlatRateEnvelope!07470!US!-1 0-13gpm measuring range, pulse and analog output. Has the flanges - just needs the cable. Here's the spec sheet: https://www.ifm.com/us/en/product/SU7001 Saved you $500 bucks.
  18. Over at High-Proof Creative we recently updated a blog post about working with social media influencers. Has your distillery worked with people on social media? We were surprised to find that micro-influencer engagement succeeded that of celebrities last year, and audiences see micro-influencers as more authentic and believable than collaborators with a high following. What has your experience been, good or bad?
  19. Thanks both for your advice. I think I am guilty here of letting old brewing habits get the better of me. Agree that taking a tank dip (which we do already) is probably sufficient. If I do install something cheap and cheerful it might be to the water inlet of our mashing vessel to at least give a metered mash size. Will look into the above systems. Coriolis meters were a new one to me and seem interesting academically even if a bit beyond my needs and budget. Thanks again!
  20. Hi MG, great to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a line: info@revivalstillworks.com It would be great to touch base with you.
  21. Thanks Tim. We'll have to drop by and check out Hudson Bay's establishment next time we're in your neck of the woods!
  22. Hey, good to see you! I have been quoting some cooling systems in the NW US, W CAN and I'll look you up! We may gave some mutual clients. Picture here is one of the high performance hybrid coolers I use on mash cooling and stills as well.
  23. We are considering only entering competitions that give actual medals. While vindication and peer review are nice things to motivate and inspire, it's tough to measure whether it has any affect on sales. If you are not distributed widely, do medals printed in publication have any positive affect on sales? We proudly display our ADI medals in our tasting room and IT DOES have a positive affect. So, which spirits competitions give actual medals? Cheers!
  24. Mark Elia is making wheat vodka in New Jersey! https://istillblog.com/2020/02/18/making-wheat-vodka-1/ Regards, Odin.
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