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  2. Hello from Tasmania.

    It's been some time since posted in this thread do it's time to dust it off and give you an update, I am now a licensed distiller with a distillery hand built by myself and family members.
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  4. Explosion venting

    I'm in the process of building a new distillery in Ontario, Canada and the issue of explosion venting has come up. Has anyone encountered this before? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  5. Stillhouse Vs. Whiskey Systems

    Good Luck, B'ville and if you need any sizing on chillers or an installer, please contact me- I have a couple projects I'm working on in TX, so you're in the middle of a lot of activity!
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  7. DYE China?

    I have decided to use DYE and have put my deposit down. They were on top of every question I had and provided references for me to call. Every reference had the same hesitation as me, but in the end loved working with them. They all got their equipment ON TIME, with no issues. One reference said they needed a part and DYE sent it overnight through DHL. Their customer service seems to be excellent. I will post more once I get my equipment. I am in Alaska so I will not be receiving until December.
  8. DYE China?

    Currently some random printing company previously Dye. Back on topic from here on out.
  9. DYE China?

    Are we talking about DYE or some printing company?
  10. DYE China?

    The problem was neither, It was no one did a press check. Ink doesn't come in ever color under the rainbow it has to be mixed like you would paint for your house. Its easy to get it slightly off my missing on your ratio of colors.
  11. DYE China?

    So what do you think the problem was?? Pirated software or inferior inks??
  12. Letina M4000 Tank

    Still available
  13. Bank Loans

    Careful Glenlyon, or you'll have all of us moving to CA
  14. 3rd Stage Water Dionizer

    is this still available?
  15. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    Trust me guys they are not paying anywhere near close to minimum wage.
  16. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    These guys are very well financed, and aren't afraid to use their money. The family owns a lot of farm land in the area, and are able to grow their own grains, and i believe they also planned on having a malting floor as well. They are located in a very cool old flour mill they've been building out for years now, and have some beautiful equipment. Wouldn't be surprised if the "assistant" position payed very well, and had some nice perks. I know they've been sending their other distillers all around the world. I'd apply if I wasn't already neck deep in another start up. Minden is a nice spot too. Pretty quiet, but close to Reno and Tahoe.
  17. Malting Equipment

    Since you are an individual interested in malting, I'd highly recommend joining the CMG. They have a member's only forum with excellent information as well as videos on equipment and other things. $150 a year to join as an individual http://craftmalting.com/the-guild/membership/. Also you can reach out to Adam at IPEC (https://www.ipec-inc.com/foodbev/malt/) about there malting equipment, he is really nice and helpful.
  18. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    Would be interested in talking to you about this: info@adirondackdistilling.com. Thanks.
  19. Malting Equipment

    @thatch Thank You. I am an individual. I do not represent any company. I want to learn how small malt houses are operated. Please help me in this regard.
  20. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    And that's minimum wage calculated out to salary. It's more common than not to offer 2x miniumum wage which is about $33k a year but they're salaried and classified as exempt employees. It's a tough gig.
  21. Assistant Distiller at Estate Distillery

    Job Title : Assistant Requirement : Bachelors Degree Pay : Undisclosed, but most assistant positions in brewing are near minimum wage. I hope they are paying well.
  22. Looking for advice

    Can you send me your resume? info@adirondackdistilling.com. Thanks!
  23. DYE China?

    Most likely it was the ink and not the software. The pantone colors are set in the programs regardless of if its pirated its just a number value. There should have been a press check before you went to print with them. Press checks are very common no matter what software people run because the ink can vary from batch to batch the software doesn't change.
  24. DYE China?

    Take colour for example. We got a bunch of prototypes (Packing) made and designed in China and the final result was what we were after. When they went to production, the colour that was specified was off, as they used a second provider to help meet deadlines. What occurred, when they gave them the files, they put it in their system, but the colours didnt match what was being outputted at the printer in the pantone colour system. It resulted in two batches of packaging - one that was good from the original supplier, and the second from the other supplier that was way off as the second supplier had pirated software to cut down costs and inferior printing inks. Not a big issue for small orders, but a few thousand later, it can be a very expensive outcome. Just pays to do due diligence with Chinese providers on any works over seas.Hope this helps
  25. Just under a year from deciding to do a distillery we had our federal and state licenses in hand. From the time we signed our lease on the space and could submit paperwork it took about 8 months to get open.
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