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  2. skinner

    Distillery for sale

    Is this still up for sale? Please call me 208-731-6952 or email me firkindistillery@gmail.com
  3. FlatHatDistilling

    Turn Key distillery and Building for sale

    Please call John with Flat Hat Distilling at 208-661-8248.
  4. FlatHatDistilling

    Distillery for sale

    Would like to speak with you. John at Flat Hat Distilling. 208-661-8248
  5. FlatHatDistilling

    100 gallon Vendome still for sale.

    Still trying to reach you about this equipment. Thank you. Flat Hat Distilling - John - 208-661-8248. Thanks!
  6. CountySeat


    Update: We've run a few tests with meh results so far. We are actually have no problem with the ferment but not enamored with the final product (so far). For the ferment, we are running small 20G test batches using 100% Blue Agave from BSG. We quasi closed ferment (not airtight) with an aquarium heater to keep the wash right at 88-90F and dose in nutrients at pitch and around 24 hours. The first batch we tried a mix of SaftTeq Blue Tequila yeast and a C-70 yeast and monitored the PH daily to keep around 5.0. Ferment was steady and finished in about 5 days Starting SG around 1.06. We double distilled with a small potstill set up and it Came out pretty boring and neutral without much character and the cuts did seems to bleed together more than I'd like. Not sure we will keep the distillate or maybe blend and barrel. Tried a second batch which I haven't made the cuts yet. Used same basic protocol but used only the SafTeq Blue yeast. No real difference on ferment. If you keep it right 90F and 5.0 it seems to move along consistently and finish nicely. Double distilled, this time we used our plated test still and ran a little reflux for fores and heads and then cut the reflux and ran it reallllllly slow with empty plates. Haven't made the cuts yet but seems boring again. I feel pretty confident we have the ferment protocols down but just not getting the flavor we want. 'm not sure if its the Agave we are using but we don't get nearly the big tequila flavor we were hoping for. Will report back as we keep trying. Anyone have any alternative suggestions for a yeast or sourcing for agave?
  7. Filibuster Is the most awarded craft distillery in the commonwealth. As we continue to grow we are looking to hire 2 assistant distiller for day to day operation. Daily tasks will include Mashing, Distilling, Filling Barrels, Stocking Barrels, and Cleaning and working closely with Master distiller. Key skills -Chemistry testing of mash cooks and fermenters; a background in HPLC and GC testing as well as running equipment and troubleshooting. -Be able to work flexible hours -Be able to work closely within a small team -Possess interest in large scale distillery in continues column distillation. -Have knowledge concerning fermentation of grain. -Have confidence operating pumps, process piping, valves, hoppers, boilers, heat exchangers, and other production equipment -Be able to operate forklifts, vehicles, and tractors -Be able to lift up to 50 pounds -Be safety oriented to protect themselves and their team -Have the ability to record data using software daily. Must be a great interpersonal skill and should be able to assist in tasting room when need to. Most important is to have attitude to get it done. Please contact- 571-425-8402 or email- sorab@filibusterbourbon.com
  8. Telluride

    BIB Bag In Box Supplier

    Anyone know of a BIB bag in box supplier? I can get my box guy to build the boxes, but am having problems finding a bag supplier, maybe someone has a contact that does both already? BIBs for soda guns is what I am looking for exactly. Thanks!
  9. Last week
  10. I presume you mean the holes in the front plate, the holes are slightly smaller than the grain to prevent whole grains passing. I guess with corn the holes could be much larger than for rye.
  11. Red barn distillery

    Looking for a farm or winery in NJ

    Are you still looking?
  12. Patio29Dadio

    Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Denver Distiller - Thanks. Get your points related to the fact that this NOT beer making with a boil. But going back to read his mash protocol, my thought was that he was depleted of 02 and getting a stuck lag phase. Or he could pitch at a higher rate? Your point I think here is that he needs to get to fermentation ASAP... and so a shorter lag phase would be preferable. Makes sense. I know that I have had some bourbon mash fermentation problems with butryc acid hits that seemed to be remedied with a shot of O2 in the mash before the pitch. But I also upped my pitching rate at the same time.... breaking my rule to control change variables given the interest to prevent having to discard another bad mash run.
  13. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Busy times over here at the iStill Factory. We are working on a batch of five i2000's for the USA right now. With agitators for on the grain whiskey production. Here are some pics: Regards, Odin.
  14. BlueLabelDigitalPrinting

    Bottle Labels

    We do all sorts of printing for Craft Spirts and specialize in price effectiveness on small runs. Feel free to reach out for one of our free sample packs! Kody Swaim Kody@bluelabeldigital.com http://www.bluelabeldigital.com
  15. BlueLabelDigitalPrinting

    Stupid label question

    Tampers, Tamper Strips, Tamper Seals are all common names for them. We use a slightly different adhesive for these that has a higher initial tack response so that they don't peel up. Its not uncommon to even see these foiled and embossed. We print a ton of these everyday, let us know if you would like a sample pack. Kody Swaim Kody@bluelabeldigital.com http://www.bluelabeldigital.com
  16. highwood28

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    30 Days We couldn't be happier with the process. Adding a brewery permit to that so we can do a small amount of beer for the tasting room only took another 30 days. We are fully permitted on the federal side. We assumed it would take longer so we started that process before construction even began. Now we have a DSP and are still building. I can't say enough good things about the consultant we hired to do this for us. Jerry Wages jrwages@hotmail.com This process with Jerry was completely painless.
  17. Hollow Spirits

    Blue tint

    Thank you everyone for your responses. It was actually a mistake that we made here at ground level. We were using a tube that was not rated to handle 190 proof alcohol. We were getting traces of the rubber in the alcohol and that was leaving the blue tint. Make sure everything you're using is rated for high proof alcohols.. Thank you for your help!!
  18. Rum

    Blue tint

    Copper sulfate? Some industrial producers will add that to spirits to make up for not using good clean copper stills. It starts out blue.
  19. Rum

    6-Pack Boxes / Partitions

    Have you checked with your bottle manufacturer to see if they will ship in six packs? Our bottle manufacturer custom prints our boxes in six or twelve packs. There might be a minimum order, but you won't have to pay for extra boxes. They show up with logos ready to go. We use one upc code as a default on the boxes and have stickers to cover with other product upc codes based on what goes in them.
  20. NateKThompson

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Hi Kristian: Site says you have your profile set so you don't receive private messages. I'm interested in getting a sample. Please shoot me an email at nate [at] corgispirits [dot] com or reply with your email address. Thanks. NT
  21. Glenlyon

    Thermocouple - Wifi Data-Logger

    Just a quick note. Thermoworks has their wifi data loggers on sale right now.
  22. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    And here's a picture of Tim picking up his iStill 100 for product development. Genever and gin will be among his first products! A dozen iStill distilleries in Belgium and counting! Regards, Odin.
  23. jeffw

    Filtration During Barrel Harvest

    https://www.gwkent.com/tc-long-sock-screen-gasket.html I use this through a 1.5” x12” spool connected to my hose. I simple barrel wand from tcw in front of it. Dump the last bit directly into tank through a collander.
  24. skinner

    100 gallon Vendome still for sale.

    is this still for sale? Please call me 208-731-6952 or e mail firkindistillery@gamil.com
  25. nabtastic

    Filtration During Barrel Harvest

    We use a flojet when pumping out of barrels. keep the hose off the bottom and you should be alright. (agreeing with PeteB). Alternatively, roll the barrel and dump it through screens (we do this with a funnel that has a mesh screen in it)
  26. Georgeous

    proofing spirits proofed with sugars

    Meerkat, thank you again and I will communicate via the support address going further. Thank you for all your help, I am sure all reading greatly appreciate it.
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