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    Dunder as fertilizer

    Thanks, I'll do some research.
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  4. If you can't find it the Saxco - Colonial and the Fusion Glassworks - Glug are VERY similar.
  5. We make vodka on an old iStill250 with the upgrade Genio column. Second what Skaalvenn said, makes good vodka but VERY slow. We run low wine strippings of about 30% ABV through it and if we fill it to the top (close to 250L), the run times are 16 to 20 hours. On the positive side, once you take a few front cuts, its essentially fully automated so you don't have to make any adjustments while its running (we still keep different cuts but its largely unnecessary). Good kit just very slow.
  6. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to explain this all to me. So is the extractor powered by the still or separately powered? we have a setup working now but it’s still small. We are in the planning stages to upgrade and my long term goals include automation of as many processes as possible. I can forsee the 2000 filling the main need but it’ll be working most of the month. Maybe we could run aging over the weekends more or less unattended. I wonder if the masher could be pressed into aging service? This way I could mash or mix ferments some of the time and age the rest of the time. Do you make a fermentation automation system system where I could apply it to my existing fermenters and work with your existing software architecture? do you have an iPhone/iPad app for your system? my thoughts are that with a retrofit system and tablet/phone app software support (skip pc/Mac entirely) that you have the technology waiting to disrupt the whole industry. The one caveat is the Capex for entry into your technology.
  7. 1. Yeah, it is like a huge separate soxhlet. Herbs can be put in. Or fruits or nuts or berries. Heck we even made coffee and beer with it. There is an option of an additional manway, or just fill from the top in hops cooking bags. 2. Its about versatility. You can do all in one machine, but you don't have to. Maybe start out with all in one. If you grow, probably fermenting is your bottle-neck, so add a fermenter and do mashing and distilling in the original unit, etc. 3. It does all that, but does not yet add stuff to correct pH automatically. We could, but the way it would work (little pump in a bucket of alcalyne or sour substrate) is easily corrupted. Instead you get a push message informing you that you may need to undertake action. As an aside we have a pH stabilizer, that helps you ferment at 5.5, 5.0, 4.5 or 4.0 and could help you out if your pH swings. We also have a combination of growth nutrients that not only push fermentation speed and yield (without sacrificing esterification), but also has an influence on pH stability, that may help solve your problem. 4. Nope. You don't replace or change anything. All you do is select the vodka program instead of the rum or whisky program. The automation and robotization will then take care of purity vs flavor vs ABV. 5. We offer indirect heaters. I always favor direct heating (which the indirect heaters offer as well as the standard direct heaters). It creates temp differences in the boiler, triggering the Maillard Reaction for up to 25% more flavor. The indirect heaters are inclosed direct heaters that cannot burn. 6. Batch size equals still size. So an iStill 2000 can age 2000 liters of spirit. Time depends on program but is usually 48 to 72 hours. Some buy a separate still for it, but most just use their iStill and plan time for accelerated aging. Regards, Odin.
  8. Pirimal Glass is backed up till early July. I'm looking for a couple pallets of 750mL Arizona style(thick bottom) bottles with Bar Top for 30x19mm cork . PM if you have 1 or two pallets available. We are located in NH. Thanks
  9. I think that you are probably okay with the copper coil. I have stainless cooling coils sized specifically for what you need for $250.00 Carl's design (Bubbas Barrels) is not the correct configuration for what you want to do, while mine is. Carl is a great guy and friend of mine and he would probably tell you the same.
  10. 1.There's no corrosion or oxidation, the copper is shiny and new. 2. Our mash is cooled with a water jacket. 3. I'll probably upgrade to SS soon, the copper coil was the largest option that was available (plus it was a good price) There's nothing to indicate that anything is going wrong here, I'm a guy who started a distillery with no prior distilling experience, so I feel I need to be extra cautious. I've consulted some chemists/chemistry nerds and no one seems to think that this is going to be an issue, so I guess it's all clear from here. Better safe than sorry!
  11. You could get a SS coil, something like this: http://www.bubbasbarrels.com/cooling-coil Not as cheap as a copper coil from Home Depot but easier to deal with if you're worried about copper flavor in your vodka.
  12. Have you tried running it through whatever you use to crash your mash?
  13. No problem, Steve! Entering a meeting right now. Will follow up later. Regards, Odin.
  14. I have a lightly used 304 SS ShoorSeal ball valve for sale. $75 fob. you are looking at around $150 new. PM your email if you want a pic, my computer won't upload them here.
  15. Is your copper coil corroding and turning green?
  16. I have local craft breweries beating down my door willing to pay $150-200 a barrel for fresh dumps. Personally I don’t think double new oak sub 3 year rye is the answer, but you asked a question I could answer.
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  18. We are looking for enthusiastic distiller. To take over existing Distilery.240 gallons Vendome . Call or email for more info ask for tony at 413-789-2222or email at : opaopaa@yahoo.com
  19. We have a 200L ss tank holding our vodka, with Summer coming it's starting to get pretty hot in the distillery. I bought a copper coil immersion chiller for cooling down the vodka but now I am wondering if copper will leach into the vodka if the chiller stays in the tank. Does anyone know anything about this, or copper reactivity/toxicity? I need to get the vodka reasonably cool for bottling.
  20. Questions questions questions!! (And wow!! Cool stuff) 1. is the large extractor basically a Soxhlet extractor too? How is it loaded and cleaned out(do I climb up there and empty it by hand or can I dump it or flush it easily?). Is it separately powered from the still or dependent on the still for heat? Can it operate independently from the still? 2. I get the idea behind using one machine to mash ferment and distill but doesn’t that limit production if you can only afford one still? Am I expect to have 4 stills with a system like this? How does this play out in real life? 3. On the fermenter does it just monitor the ferment (gravity, ph, temps) or does it also make adjustments to temp and ph? Our ph adjustments are constantly needed so this is a big deal for us. Will it mix a ferment if we just dump ingredients in? How large of solids will it mix(just sugar or will it do grains and fruit as well?) 4. What is the process to switch from a vodka Column to a rum column? Just remove some or all of the helicoils? 5. Am I understanding that you use a low watt density electric direct heating as the base offering? What is the indirect heating method? (Steam, oil, shielded elements?). What are the power input requirements for both on a 2000? 6. Rapid aging feature. How would this work in a production environment? Would I require a separate still or machine just for this process? How long does the process take and how large are the batches? sorry for so many detailed questions. I have gone thru your blog and website but can’t seem to find these answers. Please forgive me for being technical-detail-nerd-guy thanks! Steve
  21. Southern Colorado startup with niche tourist market, detailed strategy, & 8,000 sq. ft. facility in-hand. Seeking angel-level investments. Equity, ROI, or partnership possibilities available. PM if you are interested in talking further. Cheers!
  22. Thanks - I figured you got an aging "boost", but you have to pay for two new charred barrels, so $seemed like an expen$ive way to accelerate aging. I guess the economics works out if you crunch the numbes$. :-).
  23. It is one way to make younger whiskey show a little better given the same time. Two years in first barrel, one year in second will generally show better than if you had left it in the original cask for three years. This is of course completely subjective, but young cash strapped shops will do anything to make their not ready juice sellable.
  24. Academia.edu is one such site.
  25. If you Google research on distillery spent wash treatment, you will get a large number of papers. To access some you will have to join some scholar paper networks. Most are free. I am not near my office for a while. But 2 minutes on Google and you will have a hundred hours worth of reading.
  26. Can you point to some of the better studies you've come upon?
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