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    RC, unfortunately that seems to be the general price point for architectural services. I ended up paying just a bit more than that and it took a lot of digging to find an architect to come in at that price. Northern NJ is a pretty high cost of living area so, to me, it sounds like you're getting a decent price.
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    Depends on the architect/engineer has done distilleries before. sometimes it is worthwhile to speak to a distillery consultant as well, especially if you have one fairly close by. I do know a consultant that works out of downstate NY that I've worked on supplying the cooling system for a recent set-up. Contact me if you would like me to discuss his availability. Regards, Mike
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    I was surprised that I could not find a similar (accurate) equation online, so thought maybe others might find this useful. I recently wrote it as part of a mashing spreadsheet for a client. It allows you to calculate target Original Gravity (OG) by plugging in your target A%V and expected Final Gravity (FG). The only equations/calculator I could find used FG and OG to calculate ABV. This equation can be pasted into a spreadsheet; just substitute FG and A%V for the appropriate cells (assuming I typed it correctly here). OG=(1521600*(FG^2)+(28187*A%V*100))/((1521600*FG)+(15880*A%V*100)) I used the following 2 equations from: Brew by the Numbers by M Hall from Zymurgy Summer 1995 A%W = ((76.08)(OG-FG))/(1.775-OG) A%V = (A%W)(FG/0.794)
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    Hey Whiskey Brothers (and Sisters)! I just finished building a new tool for determining actual proof based on the ttb.gov § 30.61 Table 1 Proof Charts. I have made the tool completely available for free and it works well on mobile phones, but if you want the data I request you make a 4.99 donation. http://rootsdistillery.com/proof_table.html The tool is completely free and displays table entries within one degree +/- and one proof +/- which is required to conform to TTB proofing processes. I wish I could make it all free but it cost me around $100 to get it transcribed using Amazon Mechanical Turk. Hope this helps you, and any feedback is welcomed. Clay