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    bingo... just passed our annual fire inspection today too.. phew... that makes FDA, Hazmat, AND fire guys all in the last 2 months... Talk about sleepless nights. Even though we passed them all with flying colors, its still pretty nerve racking
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    Good morning everyone! I figured that it is finally time to introduce myself....considering I have been reading and learning on these forums for about 2 years now! Thank you to all of those who contribute and post on this forum. You are truly an asset to this incredible industry. I am currently in the process of opening a distillery on our 7th generation family farm in Columbia, Illinois, which is about 20 miles East of downtown St. Louis. We are going to be a true farm distillery and grow all of our own grain and use fresh well water. We actually just finished getting next year's wheat, barley, and rye crops into the ground. Now we need to design and build a malting system before harvest! In bigger news, we received our DSP in the end of October. Now it's off to labels and state licenses so we can hopefully be in production this spring! If I can ever be of any assistance to any of the readers on this forum, please feel free to contact me. All The Best, Adam