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    Golden Moon Distillery is offered for sale a used 2006 Carl still. This is 150 liter still without a column. It is in excellent shape. It is an oil-fired water jacket still that could easily be converted to natural gas. This still is located in Germany and we will coordinate delivery to your location at cost. We estimate the cost to pack, ship and deliver this still to any location in the US will be between $5000 and $6000 dollars. The price for this still is $12,500 PLUS SHIPPING COST. Please contact Mr. Stephen Gould at Golden Moon Distillery for more information. 303-993-7174 This still is available immediately and is subject to prior sale until paid for.
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    Hi Ryefarmer, The best copper to use for a still is alloy 122, Also known as alloy C12200 deoxiginated high phosphorus. Never use alloy C110 electrolytic tough pitch copper or Alloy 103 oxygen free copper. There are several small still manufacturers that don't know any better and they use alloy C110 because it is the easiest to get. If you would like someone to do the design work and engineering on your still, just let me know. We can give you a really good price on that. If you would like to know were to get the alloy C12200 copper let me know and I can help you with that as well. paul@distillery-equipment.com http://distillery-equipment.comhttp://moonshine-still.co