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  1. We are looking for a cream base supplier, preferably a supplier that will ship in volumes below 275 gallon tote sizes. 55 gallon drums would be about the size we are looking at. Any leads/thoughts?
  2. Foreshot, there's a new distillery opening in the Carnegie one of these days but I'm not sure of their time frame. We've had more luck doing combined distillery/brewery/winery tours rather than all distilleries.
  3. Welcome to the board Joe and welcome to the Western PA distilling community!!
  4. Lots of threads on this site that compare the various distillery management systems. I would encourage you to also evaluate Hoochware - we use it and love it!
  5. That's surprising, I'd give Aaron another call, he's the best.
  6. We pre-filter out of the barrel and then use a 5 micron filter when bottling.
  7. We have a globe valve on our steam line that allows us to control the flow of steam to the still.
  8. Can't speak to Whiskey Systems but was wondering if you've looked at Hoochware? You really owe it to yourself to evaluate all three. We love Hoochware.
  9. Welcome! Our distillery is in Washington PA, feel free to drop by and say hello sometime. Regarding malt, check out Breiss and Great Western Malting.
  10. Thumbs up for US FIP!
  11. We also have the taper capable RLTC. Does a very nice job on our slightly tapered bottles. I went back through my emails with Marc and I don't see any DW on our order, we simply ordered the RLTC.
  12. The Race works very well for us.
  13. Wow! Great minds think alike!
  14. Congrats! Now the fun begins!
  15. Very true Lenny but $33k is a lot of non compliance. Is this a fine on top of missed tax payments? Is it all missed tax payments, that's over 2400 pg's that weren't tax paid. This is actually pretty frightening.