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  1. Congrats on getting the doors open and welcome to the Pennsylvania distilling scene!!
  2. Agreed but easier said than done!
  3. We mop!
  4. All kidding aside, you don't have to wait 2 years for whiskey. While that is preferable, quicker aging is possible (albeit expensive) in small casks. Fill small casks first while gradually transitioning to larger and larger casks. Not optimal but it sure beats 2 years waiting for revenue...
  5. Once you settle on your numbers (whatever they may be) do this simple adjustment: Multiply your expense forecast by 2 and divide your revenue forecast by 2!
  6. Hoochware
  7. Another thumbs up for Groupon. We've sold 250 tours (our max allotment) in just about 1 month. These Groupon customers will basically ensure us steady traffic in our tasting room on Saturdays for the next 5 months based on our tour capacity. We've only been running our Groupon tours 3 weeks now but have been encouraged by the percent of customers that buy an extra cocktail, bottle or souvenir while they're here. Also, don't underestimate the Groupon review feature, these folks seem to fill out more reviews than our non Groupon visitors.
  8. Can't go wrong with US-FIP
  9. Great post 3dog!
  10. Welcome! Love the packaging!
  11. I have a 300 gallon setup, natural gas boiler (1 million btu) with basically the same production scheduler hedgebird described. His $450 estimate is pretty accurate. Some months higher, some lower but on average, that's a pretty good budgeting number
  12. Tom, I'm definitely a believer in spreadsheets and home built solutions if you have the time and skill to pull that off. I was in that business for 25 years before I opened our distillery and I fully intended to roll my own distillery solution. My issue was simply the learning curve required to satisfy TTB requirements as well as the myriad of other tasks that I hoped to solve with a custom made system of my own design. I decided to look in to Hoochware and I haven't looked back since. As others have mentioned, HW manages all aspects of TTB reporting but it does so much more, customer and supplier tracking, inventory control with alerts when it's time to re-order, recipe maintenance, invoices, etc. If you have the time and the "Excel-fu" (I like that term) skills to build your own, then by all means do it - I agree it would be a great exercise to familiarize yourself with the CFR. But, If you lack time and/or programming skills, and I'm betting most here will lack one or the other, I'd take a long, hard look at HoochWare.
  13. Thanks for the link Odin, very interesting. I couldn't find this unit on TTB's list of approved devices, does anyone know if it has been approved?
  14. Hey Justin, welcome to the forum. PA is a pretty good state to start a craft distilling business in. I'm in western PA but if you're ever out this way I'd be happy to show you around! Cheers, Jim