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  1. It all depends on how much sugar you add. As I read it there are three conditions, one ignore the sugar if it's low enough, less than 400mg/100ml, two If solids are between 400-600mg/100ml and proof is between 80-100 you have three choices per cfr30.32, three if over 600mg/100ml then you have to redistill.
  2. The problem with inspectors is they can be inconsistent. You might pass one year, but still not be to code. I know when we started our inspector was not fully versed in the codes that applied to distilleries. If you are not to code then you have the potential to be denied your hazmat permit as they are really the only one who come in and inspect yearly. If you are in a jurisdiction that doesn't have inspections you can probably get away with it, but it doesn't make it as safe as someone who followed code. if you look at having several ibc totes full of GNS, that is a huge hazard. It would take very little heat to melt the ibc and then you would have about 300 gallons of fuel running across the floor with nothing to stop it. Think heaven hill Fire. I can see why there should be spill containment. If you are starting from scratch it would not be that hard to add it up front and be compliant.
  3. From our local fd, at the 1000 gallon mark you have to add spill control and secondary containment. Sprinklers would not be required. If less than 55 gallon barrels and less than 1000 gallons you would not need sprinklers or spill control/secondary containment.
  4. With the new standards, you really can't get past the 120 gal without sprinklers. The barrel exemption is going away from talking with our local fire inspector. With that said, here is a good read on the subject from a current standpoint from Oregon
  5. Standard 2" npt. 2" pvc will thread right on.
  6. If you have a 20 foot 18" in diameter column it's not 20x the diameter in height. You would have to add another 10 ft to achieve 20x. 18x20/12=30 ft. I would think with an 18" column plates would be a better idea. How many plates do you have ?
  7. You will get notifications on any change of status or if there is an issue with your submission.
  8. $1.56 is in the range we have paid from two different suppliers. i have had good service from both OI and all American.
  9. Lenny is probably correct. I looked at distillery solutions, but the cost was too high. Also once you do the work to set up the software there has to be a big incentive to change.
  10. Using hoochware. So far it has been good.
  11. I am a firm believer in the 20x diameter for packed to get a reliable neutral at a decent take off rate or 20 ish plates. I struggled when I first started since I was less than that. Added more height and more efficient packing which fixed the problem. I think that home distillers can get a claimed 190 for two reasons, using uncalibrated Hydrometers and with a 2" column it's a lot easier to get to 20 X the diameter as its only 40". 6" is a full 10 ft for starters. The only way to do it with a tall still is to move the column next to the still. I have seen a few setups with the column not in line but never run one.
  12. Surprisingly, groupon has driven volume. It's not cheap as they take a large portion of the sell price. comparing spend to people coming in the door it has given a good return on exposure. The question is, will people buy again. I know from talking to service related businesses, groupon does not result in repeat visits. People just jump from special to special. I hope that alcohol is different in that exposure means they might buy at a local store.
  13. Just saw that today when doing a tasting at a small local store. He commented that he is going to drop all the big name flavored vodka to carry more local spirits. He is seeing a change in his customers. They want local.
  14. It is also possible to weld pe with a iron. While not pretty it does work. We welded a filler neck back on a motorcycle gas tank one time with a screwdriver and a lighter. Heated the screwdriver with the lighter and then used it as an iron. It made a passable repair so the tank was no longer pouring gas on the rider.
  15. We are 2 months in on it. So far I would say no on the roi. While clicks are way up as well as directions it has not translated to visits to the tasting room. I would start by getting the free business page and go from there.