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  1. So one of our last batches of corn that we ordered started to have a boll weevil problem when it arrived. What are y'all doing to kill these bastards? What kind of grain silo management process are you using? I know the farmers are using different pesticide treatments for silos but what is safe to use for our purposes? I think I can get this latest problem under control but going forward I want to make sure I am taking some preventative measures.
  2. https://milehidistilling.com/product/digital-alcohol-meter-edrometer/ Anyone using this? Any thoughts? How does it do with a high sugar / rather viscous liquid?
  3. Thanks for the info RF. Where abouts are you growing?
  4. Thanks Blue. Have you compared white vs red?
  5. Item is sold! Thxs guys :-)
  6. Is there a noticeable flavor difference between the dif types? Or does soft white taste similar to soft red or hard red after distillation? Is protein level/related ferment characteristics of soft/hard red similar to one another?
  7. We do have the xpressfill as well. Just hoping there is something else that is fairly priced that will speed the process up. I'm even thinking about some manual options that I have in mind.
  8. ?
  9. Any good brands of rigid augers that y'all would recommend? Does http://www.choretime.com deal in rigid augers? Everything looks like flex on their site...
  10. Groupon has been great all the way around for us. Are there any issues with having both a groupon campaign as well as a living social campaign? What are pros and cons of living social?
  11. EDIT TO UPDATE LOWER PRICE : Will Sell for 15000.00 US 3/28/17
  12. Just flipping through the book Dead Distillers and this is mentioned. Does anyone have any old pics of this method being utilized? What were pros and cons? Seems like an interesting cliff note in distilling history.
  13. Few more pics...
  14. We distill grain in right now so no real usage for it anymore. Prob going to start raising chickens and pigs soon as well so will just use waste for that. Currently have another farmer who picks up our waste.
  15. EDIT TO UPDATE item is SOLD! Only used for about 6 months. Added on a speed controller. Feel free to email me @ ryan@bjhookersvodka.com if you have any other questions.