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  1. We got the same spam email...
  2. We have had great success with this model, and have been open for 2 months. One thing we do different is scratch made cocktails in the tasting room as well. We currently do tours on FRI/SAT/SUN which has been really helpful in getting new people in. The cocktails/tasting room brings in enough regular attention by it self. Our top 5 sellers includes 3 cocktails and the other 2 are our only 2 bottled spirits (white whiskey / honey whiskey). To date, bottle sales and cocktails have brought the largest revenue. Merchandise has maybe been a 1/10th of the revenue volume. Hope that helps.
  3. Looks great. What's the total wattage, and what proof can you achieve?
  4. Hey All! We're working on our First ADA distributor contract. An ADA in Michigan is an Authorized Distribution Agent. They are the only people we can sell to and use to distribute our product. This particular ADA also functions as a broker and helps sell / promote the product. That is while you'll see those numbers split out. As we navigate this, we'd love some feedback and are willing to share some numbers to benefit the whole. As an ADA -Michigan’s term for an Authorized Distribution Agent ie.. Distributor Delivery Charge $10.00 per case ($7.50 paid to supplier by the MLCC with supplier paying an additional $2.50 to ADA Monthly Storage Fee $0.20 per case per Month (For product older than 90 days) Special Handling Charge $0.75 per case (i.e. handling, repackaging, labeling, coding, returns) As a Broker Commission - 10% per 9L(12 btl) case. Bonus of - 5% per 9L case above X volume. I see the ADA Fee's being in the right ballpark, but maybe a little high. As for Broker Fee's, It seems high. Is anyone else seeing this high of a fee?
  5. Really curious how the commercial juicer works, I'm sure as are the other direct immersion still owners around the country. Keep us posted!
  6. Any plate chillers, or chiller system?
  7. Need some help finding a t-cork closure that fits the O-I imperial. The top needs to be 41-42MM The cork diameter needs to be ~24mm. Natural or synthetic. We're wax dipping and what it to look like the attached... O-I_Covet-Imperial_0750ml_3203-042-LA01_LS-4201.pdf
  8. Whats this chiller cost from ASD? Seems like a solid design, and effective for most start-up distilleries.
  9. Thats awesome to hear the forum can supply more than just information! Cheers
  10. Hey Jeremy, Still available?
  11. Really cool set up of stills and condensers. Would love to get out there and tour it. Thanks for the post
  12. This topic hits hard. Its very frustrating having so many people committed to being a Distillery, and producing their own product. And at the same time, so many money driven corporations and said "craft distilleries" buying bulk whiskeys, and hiding the facts. They make every attempt to hide the truth, and put the bare minimum on the product. I would say from my experience being a millennial, is that even most millennials have no idea this "smoke and mirrors" is happening. Even if they read the label, they don't truly understand the difference. My $0.02 Cheers Josh
  13. Super cool stuff Zach. Cool to meet the buy behind the brand, and a neat story on your involvement. Cheers and glad to see Black Button is doing well. Cheers Josh GD
  14. Hey all we're on the hunt for a four or six bottle volume metric filler. Mori seems to be too high-priced for us and GW Kent is out of stock for another four weeks. If you want to upgrade now would be a good time we will take a 4-6 spout filler off your hands Cheers, Josh at Green Door Distilling
  15. Hey James. Sent you a couple emails about the tanks. Also, any chance you'd fabricate larger sizes maybe 60-75 gallon? Cheers,