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  1. Awesome thanks! I'll be in touch soon.
  2. Packaging looks great guys!
  3. Hey Stumpy, Can you provide some photo of the 550 gallon to Josh @ GD distilling dot com
  4. Ethanol detection system was requested by our local building officials. Also a 3rd party inspection of our still since they didn't understand that it wasn't a pressure system.
  5. Price? And more information if available...
  6. Welcome to the forum. We do it all in house right now (currently myself and one other). The best engagement and impressions we see is through Facebook and Instagram. We not only advertise our local business, but use the features to promote events and things like tours. Cheers
  7. Can you answer the following questions? And maybe members can chime in afterwards. Rural or suburban location? Tourist area? Walking distance to other attractions? Selling bottles out of the tasting room? Cocktail bar or just samples? Distribution in the first year or just the tasting room? Selling merchandise in store and online? Selling the tasting room as a venue? The list could go on.... but i think that might be enough to throw some ballpark numbers around.
  8. I'm curious too if anyone has feedback on tasting room staff pay scales. Managers vs mixologist(bartender) etc.. Cheers
  9. Interested as well. We've all heard so many comments on both sides of the fence about this equipment. Cheers
  10. Groupon has helped us a lot. In 2 months over 130+ vouchers for tours sold. Agreed on the general consensus of Yelp. Its not worth it. They also try and convince you to pay them to take off bad/OK reviews.
  11. We use distillery solution still house for our production software. They have a built in tour booking/payment system that integrates to your website. So it's a win win, we use it every day in production, and every few days for checking tour bookings. Cheers
  12. We got the same spam email...
  13. We have had great success with this model, and have been open for 2 months. One thing we do different is scratch made cocktails in the tasting room as well. We currently do tours on FRI/SAT/SUN which has been really helpful in getting new people in. The cocktails/tasting room brings in enough regular attention by it self. Our top 5 sellers includes 3 cocktails and the other 2 are our only 2 bottled spirits (white whiskey / honey whiskey). To date, bottle sales and cocktails have brought the largest revenue. Merchandise has maybe been a 1/10th of the revenue volume. Hope that helps.
  14. Looks great. What's the total wattage, and what proof can you achieve?
  15. Hey All! We're working on our First ADA distributor contract. An ADA in Michigan is an Authorized Distribution Agent. They are the only people we can sell to and use to distribute our product. This particular ADA also functions as a broker and helps sell / promote the product. That is while you'll see those numbers split out. As we navigate this, we'd love some feedback and are willing to share some numbers to benefit the whole. As an ADA -Michigan’s term for an Authorized Distribution Agent ie.. Distributor Delivery Charge $10.00 per case ($7.50 paid to supplier by the MLCC with supplier paying an additional $2.50 to ADA Monthly Storage Fee $0.20 per case per Month (For product older than 90 days) Special Handling Charge $0.75 per case (i.e. handling, repackaging, labeling, coding, returns) As a Broker Commission - 10% per 9L(12 btl) case. Bonus of - 5% per 9L case above X volume. I see the ADA Fee's being in the right ballpark, but maybe a little high. As for Broker Fee's, It seems high. Is anyone else seeing this high of a fee?