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  1. HI Lucidi Distilling Co,

    Did you ever get your TTB application / notes put in a pdf? I'm in the process of just starting my application for my distillery in Dallas and I wanted to make sure my info wasn't off track.

    Any help is much appreciated!


    Joe Biedenharn

    Silver Nickel Distillery 

  2. So would you say that a knee wall isn't going to make a difference?
  3. @MDH I guess my choice of words wasn't best. You're right. I suppose I don't wan't to leave it to chance to get the desired results after paying for the juice and making the 16 hour round trip to pick it up ;-) Thanks for the acid additive suggestion!
  4. Does anyone know the shelf life of fresh cane juice? I live within 7.5 hrs from a sugar mill that I can source the cane juice from. Is this going to give me enough time to pitch it before spontaneous fermentation ruins it? Also, for those producing agricole method, do you use unclarified or clarified juice? The mill told me the unclarified juice will have a lot of mud in it ( i guess from the harvesting technique) and will give it a very earthy flavor.
  5. @smoogdog I live within 7.5 hrs drive of a sugar mill. Is that going to give me enough time to get it to my fermenters and pitch before spontaneous fermentation spoils it? We harvest in Oct, Nov, and Dec. Also, do you use a clarified cane juice? The mill told me the unclarified has mud in it (I guess from the harvesting technique).
  6. That's good to know Agporte! I heard people using a higher pressure boiler i.e. 150 psi and using a pressure reducing valve. Is this a common practice or only a potential disaster?
  7. Thanks Scrounge! I thought you at least need a blow back tank...I guess if you put in demineralized water in your closed loop you wouldn't. I got a second quote for $50k...so going in the right direction but a long way to go! I might be able to get a get a higher pressure unit for a decent price with a pressure reduction valve of some sort...but I don't know if that's possible or even advised.
  8. I am siding with @Blackheart. I have a limited knowledge of boilers and steam application and I need to hire a expert. Does anyone have a suggestion on who to hire? I am very wary of most boiler distributors...
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm in the planning and budgeting phase of opening a distillery. My current plan is to utilize a two step distilling process with an 800 gallon stripping still and a 300 spirit still. I'd like to be able to run both still simultaneously and, from my research, I believe I that a 40-50 HP steam boiler would be what I'd need. I've gotten quotes for a skid mounted boiler package for $95,000. This seems really high to me (maybe it's not). So, I have three questions: What boiler are you using for what size still? How much did you pay for it (including preheated feed water tank, blow back tank etc)? How much was your plumbing / installation costs for the boiler? Thanks, Joe B
  10. Is this still available?
  11. Is your christian carl still available? joebiedenharn@gmail.com
  12. Is there still a unit available? If so where is it located. Please email me: joebiedenharn@gmail.com Thanks Joe B