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  1. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    Hambone: Where are you located?
  2. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    Anyone have experience with the quality of Barrel Mill's barrels?
  3. Rum Setback

    It makes great fertilizer/soil amender. See if local farmer,landscaping co., or even the county want it as a liquid fertilizer.
  4. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    Thanks blue star.
  5. Storage of barrels

    Didn't know where else to put this. Our physical distillery space is very limited. Does anyone have any experience with whether or not the TTB will let you store aging barrels in a self-storage facility? I know that question is out there but couldn't decipher it elsewhere. Thanks in advance.
  6. IBC totes as fermenters

    Anyone have any feedback on using IBC totes as fermenters. We are a start up on a show string budget. 1) we can get used food grade for $100 and we get totes of molasses for our rum. Just seems common sense to use them in place of fermenters that cost thousands each. Thoughts?
  7. Biggest surprise

    Here's one for the whole peanut gallery. So I consider myself a huge research geek. I will read and research things to death. But as much as I read and gather info...every issue I answer seems to spawn 5 new questions. Here's the question...what have been the biggest surprises or unknowns as you've gone through the buildout and startup of your distilleries. I feel like I am just waiting for that one big 'uh oh, I never even thought of that'. Thanks in advance.
  8. IBC totes as fermenters

    Thanks for all the feedback. The IBC totes will likely be our bridge vessel and we'll add real fermenters as budget allows.
  9. Spiced Rum....amount of each spice

    So we are looking at producing a spiced rum. If have a recipe of the spices for a five gallon batch. The question is though, do I have to scale the spices 1 for 1 up to a 200 gallon batch? So if I would use 1 vanilla bean...do I now need 40 beans? Or can you get away with smaller amounts and just steep longer? Gin basket or masceration? Thoughts?
  10. Olympic distillers

    Anyone has ex[eroemce with Olympic Distillers? Looking for a 150 to 200 gallon still. They seem to have competitive pricing. On the topic of pricing...is there really a difference is a $100,000 Forsythe or Corson still and a $20,000 or so Olympic or Affordable Distilling still? thanks
  11. Proofing

    Okay, we are just getting ready to open our doors and now I am stressing over proofing to TTB standards. In reality, how many are using a densitometer vs. hydrometer. How difficult is it to Proof via hydrometer to TTB standards? Lastly, how many are actually doing Proof by obscuration and if so how difficul is it? Are you using any special equipment beyond the petri dishes and scale? thanks in advance
  12. Do I need to be a Mad Scientist?

    I have a PhD....but in finance. What you really need to have are simple repeatable processes. It's just like cooking...Follow the recipe and Follow the steps...don't cut corners.
  13. Wil this move thick corn mashes?
  14. Could you send pics? Just a whiskey head or 8" column?
  15. 250 gallon still

    Pics would be great.
  16. 250 gallon still

    Can you send pics. Johnd@antebellumspirit.com
  17. Distillery, Equipment and IP

    Scott, I don't know if you remember us but my wife and I toured the distillery last May. We mentioned to you opening a rum distillery in Richmond. I am saddened to hear you are selling. I hope the medical issue is resolved soon. We wish you all the best.