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  1. Warehouse Size

    If I were building a warehouse to store whiskey barrels, what is the maximum size that the IBC will allow it to be built? Assume construction type llB and occupancy H3. I have plenty of consultants but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has run into a maximum warehouse size before.
  2. Monthly reporting basics

    Get some software. Well worth it.
  3. Mash Seperator

    We are selling our Russell-Finex Liquid Solid Seperator. It runs about 35 gallons per minute. Currently in service and working fine. We are rearranging our operation and it doesn't fit anymore. We paid $36,000. For sale for $20,000. Mike 615-275-7240 mwilliams@tndistilling.com
  4. Tennessee distilleries

    What in particular?
  5. Activated Charcoal Filters

    Call Trident Stills
  6. Tennessee Process

    You are going to need a non resident seller permit from the ABC, then get a distributor, then register your product with the Department of Revenue. You will have to tell the Department of Revenue who your distributor is when you register the brand.
  7. Experienced Craft Brewer

    Shoot me an email and a resume with a phone number. Mwilliams@tndistilling.com
  8. Distiller/Brewer Position

    Experienced Brewer/Distiller with 2-3 years industry experience. Full time position. Competitive compensation based on experience and qualifications. Full benefits package including 100% paid medical, paid holidays, 15 days paid time off per year. Potential relocation assistance for the right candidate. Please forward qualifications and experience profile.
  9. Corn Starch Content

    I have been getting some very low gravity (1.03-1.038). I have evaluated everything and narrowed the problem to a few things. One is my corn. I buy it from a local supplier. It is #2 Dent. I have had the corn analized and it came back 55.3% starch. I have always been told that starch content of corn was 70% or greater. My question: Does the 70% include something else, like non convertable material that increases the starch content. Is my lab giving me just analysis of the fermentable material ? Anyone with detailed knowledge out there that can tell me this is ok? Or do I just have some crap corn? Mike
  10. Distiller/Brewer Position

    As the ad says, available in Tennessee.