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  1. Thank you @bluestar For future reference, do you recall which part/where in the CFR I can review that verbiage? I must be missing it as I keep scanning through, haven't had time recently for another thorough "top to bottom" re-read of it :/
  2. My apologies for the "basic" question here, and maybe I just need some more sleep and I'm over thinking it...but I suddenly couldn't remember the answer and hoping someone might gently remind me? : ) When distilling brandy from grape, if you hit 170+ at any point during the run, does that necessarily change the type/class designation to "Neutral Brandy" (and now, a mingled spirit/DSS with the rest of the "brandy" under 170 in the run)....or does it only matter what the final proof is of that particular run (so long as the final collected spirit is under 170, it's still Brandy...?) Thanks in advance, AD
  3. Says you can't receive DM..This still available?
  4. Thanks - you're exactly correct. Spoke with TTB this morning, and they confirmed that because there's no way to submit an application for it, we need to go by BW regs and submit it on line 7. She said there was no need to make remarks, but advised that to cover my butt in case of an audit I should note on the DSP TIB records that I called the NRC and they advised that this was the only way to do it (and that the regs require a BW to get rid of any spirits which are no longer going to be used for intended purpose on original TIB/reception). Thanks for the help! -AD
  5. Anyone have experience with / is it possible to transfer spirits FROM a bonded winery TO a DSP? We're a winery with unused grape spirits that were acquired for wine fortification FROM a DSP. We've added a DSP, and would like to transfer the brandy to our DSP for further rectification, blending, etc. Can't find a pathway/paperwork for this, was told at one point it was possible. Can anyone guide me through the required steps/docs? Thanks in advance.
  6. We applied 9/22/2016. DSP received 03/27/2017 186 days.