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  1. Year and model of Hyster forklift? Hours on machine?
  2. Hi All, I'm curious to know what people are doing for controlling their fermentation temperature. I've been looking at the different options available while shopping for my fermenters. Do you use tanks with dimpled or channeled jackets already built into them? Do you wrap a tank blanket around them and use that? (here's a link to one particular site that I've been looking at for this option Do you have glycol in your jacket or cooling water? In my view glycol would be concerning because of the possibility of a leak. Or maybe you don't do any temperature control at all and let the variability add another element to your product? I've obviously geared this towards cooling the fermenters as they will warm as fermentation proceeds, but perhaps some of you heat your fermenters instead of cooling. Interested in hearing what everyone thinks and how they handle temperature control during fermentation. Thanks!
  3. Wet, That is exactly the one I was talking about, thank you very much! I've accounted for all the listed items but it's just nice to have it for reference as I move forward.
  4. Hello All, I recall sometime ago flipping through a digital issue of Distiller Magazine and happening across an article called something to the effect of "50 often forgotten pieces of distillery equipment". I bookmarked it in my mind and I thought I had copied or saved it somewhere, but now I'm trying to track it down and am failing. Does anyone know where I can find it online or have you come across something similar that you could share? Thanks everyone!
  5. Do you know what variety of HRSW you are getting from your farmer? I'm doing research into the different varieties grown here in MN and their protein% with the help from two local universities.
  6. Skaalvenn, can I assume you are using hard red spring wheat based on you also being located in MN?
  7. Have you since tried using hard wheat for any production? If you have I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts or what you got for results. If not, I will be starting up my distillery early next year (2017) and will be using mostly hard red for raw materials and will be sure to post my experiences.