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  1. My experience with Corson Distilling

    Hey Paul Thanks for posting that information on the man ways AND the Import Records.........Very Interesting.
  2. My experience with Corson Distilling

    Hi jo-el-eo Our start up distillery is strongly considering Corson to purchase our distillation equipment from, would you please email me at oceansidedistillery@outlook.com I would like to touch base with you on that subject. Regards Lorenzo
  3. Combination mash tun and stripping still

    Hey Adam, Thanks for the response and info, I would like to call you, checked your web site, should I use the number associated with Stumpy's ? oe do you prefer email. Regards, Lorenzo
  4. Hi everyone, We are a startup and have now gotten serious about sourcing our distillery equipment,several people A vendor we have talked with suggested a combo mash cooker and stripping still,can anyone chime in on the advantages other than some initial saving from buying one less piece of equipment, my concern is this unit will not achieve a high enough abv for the spirit run. Would a still just for stripping be more advantageous?Thanks, Lorenzo
  5. Steam Boiler Requirements

    Boiler Guy I'm new to distilling and hav began sourcing equipment, the we have decided upon a 300 gal pot still and a 500 gal Mash cooker, the proposed still manufactuer states that we will need at least a low pressure, 800,000 btu boiler. I have been searching the net for references coming up dry we don't have plans to run the pot still and the Mash cooker at the same time, would the recommended btu be somewhat excessive
  6. Distillery Equipment

    Hi copperhead Interested in stills and other equipment will you post or send pics and prices Thanks
  7. Lorenzo,

    The best way to reach me is via e-mail, but don't hesitate to call either!


    307-864-2116 Office

    307-413-6092 Cell

    I'm in NYC and won't be back in the office until Tuesday, but I have my cell.



  8. Premium bourbon for sale

    Mead business partner is interested please send contact phone or email Regards lorenzo
  9. Sue Lei it is a nice looking still are you trying to sell it on the forum? If so what is your asking price lorenzo
  10. Adjusting Proof in Liqueurs

    Hi Everyone following this topic, I limited experience with distilling and proofing from college days but I have seen other attempts of software for distilled spirits relating proofing and I must say nothing I've seen can compete with Katmar. I would like to try it out once it's completed and available.
  11. Tasting Rooms

    Great info, I have seen the freeloaders in action, charging a tour fee and tasting is good idea.
  12. Tasting Rooms

    We will be opening our distillery in Florida and are trying to decide how much of a taste we will give to visitors,does anyone know if there are regulations on this? I can't find anything on it in the Florida Statutes covering distillery's I have visited a couple of distillery's who give a small drink and also sample taste of other spirits for visitors who take their tour. Thought I would start here on the Forums before I just call a Florida distiller and ask what they are doing.......
  13. Round vs. Square Mash Tun & Fermenters

    Skaalvenn & Jeffw, Thank you both for the help ! Lorenzo
  14. Hi everyone I'm new to distilling and pricing and sourcing essential equipment, recently received a quote for a square Mash Tun, jacketed etc.has anyone had experience, good or bad with the the square design for both mash and fermenters, and should I have closed top fermenters ?
  15. Hi Everyone, My Name is Ron, partner and I have began construction on our distillery building, (shell only) at this time, seeking advise and or schematic layout for connection of boiler and chiller to mash tun, fermenters and of course still, we have tried talking with local Architects, unfortunately they don't seem to have a clue about the mechanical part of the distillation process, and persons that they have referred us to have been very expensive Architects in the Northeast, does anyone have a website or maybe refer me to someone that can give me the basics on how to design steam and chiller lines etc. with some examples??? Thanks, Ron