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  1. Michael, As always you are the best!
  2. Vinyl is also not good with high proof...
  3. Consider your price point and the size of your equipment. I would say it makes sense if you are using a cheap grain source like corn, or one where you have a interesting story and flavor profile and charge more because of this. But, ideally, you have a huge still that can make GNS in one pass, or even a continuous column that does it. Then you are at least on par or better than GNS (when purchased in totes). With a little still, not sure what the point would be.
  4. Out of curiosity, what do you guys do for filtration on mash water in low lying areas like that? Whenever I get to HHI or similar coastal areas, I always remember thinking the tap water is very brackish. Do you DI, RO, or just big blue filter it? Cheers, Jeff
  5. So the liqueur blending software is part of regular alcodens now?
  6. I also like do check by weight, but for fill height shelf appearances, on a hot day I put the first bottle in the fridge and see what it looks like when it hits 70. It shouldn't matter if the weight is right, but you do get a little bottle weight variance, so I just consider it a double check method. You are allowed quite a bit of variance on fill volume (compared to proof) from the TTB, but you don't want the visual of a short fill.
  7. Have to say that I am more impressed with the bung remover. With ISC barrels, I pry and pry and pry...I think I would elevate the barrel dump trough slightly too, nothing like a little dirt into the whiskey after it has aged for years. At Heaven Hill they had a pretty sweet little automated system that lifted the barrel, moved it down a line while emptying it and it just looked better.
  8. You can also put a utube of sorts into the barrel to dump them faster. I have seen one before but don't know where to get them. You could piece one together from a racking cane and some tri-clamp parts. Just a thought.
  9. I went from an elomatic to a Mori (TCW) and I am quite happy with it.
  10. I don't find Woodland's whole berries to be dry. A lot less debris in the juniper than from SF Herb. It does taste different though than SF Herb.
  11. My numbers line up at 70% as well of PG in on the spirit run.
  12. Shane, On your need to lower your mash thickness for your continuous column, why not just direct inject water from the condenser (or secondary heat exchanger from the condenser, or pull heat from your spent stillage as you do to preheat for mash...) to lower the thickness but allow for greater fermentation capacity? It would lengthen the run-time of the CC, but give you increased productivity on mashing and fermenting. Just a thought.
  13. Thanks for the response Shane. I will try adding my wheat and rye at a lower temp and see what the difference in flavor is. My main products have been corn and malt with no rye or wheat so I haven't played around much with the mash protocols. I assumed the difference would be related to flavor, just didn't see why. I truly appreciate the thoughtful and lengthy response. Cheers, Jeff
  14. That a Letina tank geek? Debated something similar but shovelling it out sounded like a pain in a 4000L tank.
  15. Very cool looking Joe. Are those tube in tube or tube in shell heat exchangers for the beer input/vapor output? How thick or a mash can you run through it?