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  1. Who's pumping mash with an AODD pump?

    Suppose the subject says it all. If so what: Pump/Model Compressor Model Would you do it again? I've read and read here about various pump that folks are using. We're looking to purchase two new pumps, one small one for spirits (looking at Yamada DP-25F) and one to move mash. There seems not to be a perfect mash pump. Although not rated as such, we've used our US FIP to pump hot (about 185°F) mash without (knock wood) incident. Interestingly enough US FIP does have a high-temp impeller that's rated to 204°F. SO... the US-FIP we were about to pull the trigger on is $4k. If we purchased a large, 1.5" AODD (say the Yamada NDP-40BST-NPT at around $2,700) and accompanying compressor we're looking at about $5k in addition to the electrical costs associated with compressing said air. BUT we could use it to pump our spirits as well. Lastly, can we save any money and get a better product by building our own FIP (cart + motor + VFD + pump head). All thoughts / comments / advice appreciated
  2. Who's pumping mash with an AODD pump?

    I've succumb to analysis paralysis. :-/ I spoke to them last evening. They claim to have an heat-tolerant impeller for $170. See my "analysis paralysis" comment above. I've spent much, much too much time looking for pumps, heads, and VFDs and have come to that same conclusion. They make a great product at a fair price... and if the new impeller does as they say well even better.
  3. Who's pumping mash with an AODD pump?

    Is the 1 1/2 large enough to pump grain in?
  4. NYS Bottle Size Restrictions

    In three years we have never, not even once, had either a retailer in our draconian three-tier system or customer in our tasting room ask for larger format bottles -- 375s yes, > 750 ml no. What data have you collected or received that makes you think this is needed? Does anyone else out there bottle in larger than 750s?
  5. Plastic Bottle Insert

    They're called (oddly enough) "speed pourers". Google is your friend here.
  6. At what point is a pot still too big?

    Probably depends on what you're making. Forsythe makes then close to 6000 gallons.
  7. Chiller Deph Control

    Can you explain instances where the latter two could happen? I certainly understand how the glycol could expand.
  8. Chiller Deph Control

    For those w/ closed loop chiller systems, how are you controlling flow to your dephlegmator? Are you controlling flow on the input side or the output side?
  9. Cleaning Bubble Plates - no CIP

  10. Cleaning Bubble Plates - no CIP

    Not sure I'd bother if you're running the same thing. Add a little Patcote 376 to you boiler charge to prevent puking and you should be OK. If you can remove the perhaps a blast with your washdown hose.
  11. Carbon Filtering Redux...

    We've build a filter for our neutral spirits which we either make or buy (The Horror!!). Previously we've run it through our column and taken a wee heads & tails cut. We simply don't have that many hours in the day. We had our local metal fab shop make a tote platform; source tote on top, destination tote beneath. Filter setup like this: We have around $700 in stainless triclamp pieces and parts. I've read, researched, and gleaned all info both factual and anecdotal. What I can't exactly determine is: Is the filter bed of sufficient depth (it's 36")? What flow rate should we run at (? Is 12x40 coconut husk based carbon appropriate for this task? TIA!
  12. Wanted: Stainless Steel Totes

    I assume you mean second hand? Where are you located?
  13. Carbon Filtering Redux...

    Thanks @Rum! I've stopped worrying about making it perfect the first go around. We'll collect flow-rate info and our organoleptic evaluation and if it needs more filtering we'll swap tote positions and run it again. Thanks for your thoughts.
  14. New-Make Bourbon for sale

    Slightly off topic but we found that single malt in a third fill barrel is over-oaked after 24 months. Edit: at 6 gallons
  15. Carbon Filtering Redux...

    @Rum @Natrat This will be gravity fed one tote positioned directly above another. I do believe I can prep the carbon bed to eliminate most air pockets. Not sure how I'd calculate contact time with the bed. Perhaps derive from flow rate?
  16. NYS Bottle Size Restrictions

    Are you referring to 1 liter bottles? Do you have marketing data showing your target consumers want 1 or 1.75 liter bottles? I don't recall ever seeing craft spirits in large(r) format bottles.
  17. Recommendations for freight forwarder in California

    Just pick one anywhere. Final landing point has nothing to do with, well, anything. I used a place out of NOLA and had my equipment delivered to the midwest.
  18. Mile High vs. Hillbilly

    We buy nearly all of our parts / components from StillDragon. Very pleased with their service / support.
  19. InstaForex Company News

    Where are the moderators when you need them.
  20. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    We happened upon a 550 Custom Metalcraft tote and due to my impetuousness I bought it. Problem is we dont really need it. Is it even realistic / pragmatic to think we could install steam coils in it, insulate, add a condenser and turn it into a stripping still? Inquiring minds want to know.
  21. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    @Southernhighlander -- help me understand this. Let's say you have a still charge of 2000 gallons @ 50% abv. And let's just say for shits & giggles the latent heat evaporation of this mixture is 600 BTU/lb. Let's further assume we're going to vaporize 1000 gallons and a gallon of the mixture weight 7 lbs. That means we're going to need (600 * 1000 * 7) 4.2M BTUs to vaporize it. And that doesnt even count the BTUs needed to get it from ambient to boiling. When that steam condenses, it's going to introduce (4.2M / 970 / 8.34) 520 gallons of water into the still. For the life of me I can't imagine how you're going make that tails cut let. Of course there's so much additional water maybe you simply dont. Or cant. P.S. Please fix any math errors.
  22. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    I simply cant see that being a good idea. I've always found the tails cut to be fiddly; a process that I don't see being made more straight-forward by constantly diluting the still charge. Seems like a great idea for an inexpensive stripping still.
  23. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    I assume you wouldn't use steam injection for a spirits run or you'd forever be chasing your tails. For every 8,000 BTUs you're adding a gallon of water to the mash.
  24. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    Wow. That seems exactly what we need. How big is your boiler? tank? What are you doing for a condenser? I've seen folks who wrap 2" thin wall copper tubing around a utility cable spool and then lower it into a smaller tote and continuously run water. Might be less expensive to build (buy?) a shotgun condenser.
  25. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    Pretend for a moment I have no experience with eductors or steam wands or anything else other than jacketed stills... :-)