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  1. Poll: Do you clarify your molasses

    Topic is self-evident. We use molasses around 70% TSAI and don't clarify. We're considering starting to clarify. I'd be interested in pros/cons.
  2. Poll: Do you clarify your molasses

    We don't have a super-centrifuge.
  3. Poll: Do you clarify your molasses

    Is the process to heat to 160 and let sit? Do you add any coagulating agents? How do you separate the good stuff from the bad stuff? (enquiring minds want to know!)
  4. Semi - Automation of hybrid still

    Oooh. That's a lot. I can see these would have place in the product condenser. Plumbing would be trivial as well.
  5. Can we do something about the spammers?

    How about granting some of the old timers around here authority to remove these posts? Seems that there are a lot of folks here on a more regular basis that ADI staff. Just my tuppence.
  6. Semi - Automation of hybrid still

    Regarding mechnical TVs, how accurate are they? Are PMs / calibration required? We looked at a Danfoss and the probe size was 3/8 x nearly 6". I had no idea what to do with it. Went the omega / belimo route.
  7. Semi - Automation of hybrid still

    Or make money.
  8. Semi - Automation of hybrid still

    If that set of vicegrips is on valve or other outlet a simple Watts quick vent would do the trick. As is, the drain on the bottom will cause fits but if you modulate flow on the out/bottom side all will be fine.
  9. Semi - Automation of hybrid still

    you'll watn to control deph output temp. PID + solenoid valve is the cheapest way to go. Put the valve on the red pex line coming out of your deph. Use search. plenty of folks doing the same thing.
  10. How to keep cooling water from going bad

    We of course have that wonderful system you designed for us. I know about the UV solution as I used is to control grow in my home pond. Legionella, nasty stuff. Surprised it's never been brought up before in the context of recirculating cooling water. We'll stick with PG.
  11. Cane sugar

    What brix are you looking for? Simple syrup like you make for your bar is 50% (ish) and it's trivial to make -- 1 unit sugar, 1 unit water. Perfectly clear.
  12. Explain. Ethics, perhaps; morality -- you're barking up the wrong tree.
  13. True story (and apologies to the OP). Few years ago built a garage at my house. I was trying to sneak under the permitting radar to save $$$$ in fees not to skirt building codes. When local electric company came to hook up, saw I didnt have permits filed. I had to retroactively get permits for: general contruction drainage (it was only a 22x30 garage) plumbing electrical and since the old garage + new garage footprint was more than 75% of my home had to pay $120 for a demolition permit to tear down the old garage to be in compliance with their "footprint" statute. Total cost was about $1,200. For a garage.
  14. Indeed. I was referring to more along the lines of: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/investigations/harvey-urban-planning/ from which I drew:
  15. It's worked so well for Houston.
  16. Although I may be oversimplifying, what I have come to understand is that there must exist no encumbrance that would prevent, hinder, or otherwise burden the TTB from getting their piece of flesh. Fair enough. All other decision making regarding location falls to the locals and by "locals" I mean everyone, even your local historical (hysterical) society or neighborhood association.
  17. Six Barrels of Corn Whiskey For Sale

    Regarding your corn, what are you paying for organic out there? Is it certified? What varietal? Here in Indiana (we have lots of corn) it's about 20 cents / lb. About 13 cents for good ole GMO #2 dent.
  18. Six Barrels of Corn Whiskey For Sale

    Ryen -- I appreciate your entrepenuership, but you should realize that price is at least two times the going rate.. and probably a bit more. I can buy a standard barrel of three-year bourbon (51/24/15) for $1,700 of which the corn component is by far the least expensive. I do honestly wish you the best in selling this.
  19. Six Barrels of Corn Whiskey For Sale

    I want to make sure I get this right... $2,000 for thirty gallons or when you say each do you mean each set of six.
  20. Crash Cooling with Ice

    Yes we have. It's very expensive per BTU of cooling. At least for us. Look into building a immersion chiller out of CSST. It will work out cheaper and more reliable in the long run. SSD is right, ice is a food. Don't let the inspector see you keeping your scoop in there or not having a SOP for cleaning & sanitation.
  21. Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    What @SilkCityDistllers said. You can call your vendor and ask for a cut sheet. The figure you're looking for is "TSAI" -- total sugars as invert; this is the stuff that ferments. Fancy stuff will be in the 70% range while the brooding / heavy flavors can be in the mid 40s. "Triple processed" sounds like blackstrap. (they've crystialized and centrifuged three times??)
  22. enough is enough: what a load of hot water

    I want one of those!! Our boiler (2M BTU Columbia) has a hot water option but it's not enabled /plumbed. Better call our steam fitter...
  23. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    We store in HDPE totes as well and have had OSHA in who never mention that this wasn't allowed.
  24. PID Temperature Reading / Cooling Water Controll

    I dont think you're going to be that price. Make sure the operating pressure differential is appropriate for your setup. Also what happens on valve failure -- open or close?