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  1. indyspirits

    Self distribution in California

    This is no small task. Consider hiring a sales staff to drum up interest from the retail side.
  2. indyspirits

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    We're again looking to increase our production capacity. Currently we have a 2500 liter pot still. Fairly certain a larger kettle is not the answer. I'm started my list of producers thusly: Vendome Red Boot Headframe Others to whom I should send an RFI?
  3. 27 CFR 19.489 States we must label each case with "Liters or proof gallons". To date we've been labeling thusly: 6 x 750ml. However, per the letter of the reg I'm wondering if we're out of compliance an should change this to 4.5 liters. Thoughts?
  4. indyspirits

    Record keeping software help

    We use whiskey systems. I think it's about $300 / month.
  5. indyspirits

    Record keeping software help

    100% in agreement. Doubly so on the discipline part.
  6. indyspirits

    Question re: 27 CFR 19.489 (case labeling)

    We use a networked Zebra printer for our case labels which make WS less valuable that it could be
  7. indyspirits


    I worked with Dave pre DSP approval -- great resource. But post approval for periodic reporting Whiskey Systems makes my life so much simpler. Now only if they'd document and expose an API...
  8. indyspirits

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    Thanks for everyone's input / suggestions. Have a lengthy list of phonecalls to make tmrw.
  9. indyspirits

    Filtering Through Limestone

    That sounds about what I'd expect you to hear from a judge at ADI.
  10. indyspirits

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    Shit I love their stuff. Big single malt scotch fan and they seem to have that market locked tight as a cats ass.
  11. indyspirits

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    Agree. And stop hijacking my thread!! 😉
  12. indyspirits

    HAZ EX/OP Area - Mobile/ Cell Phones

    Closer to non-existent that not. Worry about things like selling product and paying your lease and staff. In all seriousness. Many would have us believe that a nanogram of leaky vapor will cause a catastrophic explosion. That's simply not the case. Use common sense, don't be cavalier about safety and you'll be fine.
  13. indyspirits

    Continuous Columns: Where do I start??

    Thing is I don't want to wait for 5,000 liters to heat up -- same boat Im in now. Talk about a long day!
  14. indyspirits

    Bostonapothecary signing in

    Big fan of your work and writing. Keep it up and welcome aboard.
  15. indyspirits

    T Top (Bartop) issue

    What exact bottle & cork are you using? Does this happen with all spirits?
  16. indyspirits

    T Top (Bartop) issue

    We use Paulson Supply for our corks. Their customer service is second to none. Our packaging uses a synthetic shank w/ shrink sleeve and we've not experience any problems.
  17. indyspirits

    Distiller Wanted in Helena, Montana

    I'm curious, and I ask this in earnest, but do you expect one person to do all of this or will s/he be able to hire staff?
  18. indyspirits

    Sourcing Molasses

    Hmm. I'll be damned. We pay $225 for delivery from Dayton to Indianapolis. That's for a 3,100 lbs of fancy.
  19. indyspirits

    Distillery Controls

    Belimo. Rock solid.
  20. indyspirits

    Distillery Controls

    Just to confirm.. you're sensing the temp of the vapor leaving the deph and not the coolant?
  21. indyspirits

    Sourcing Molasses

  22. indyspirits

    Percentage Gin Waste and other inquiries..

    Our method is roughly this: macerate 40g various botanicals (juniper comprising 47% of total botanical load) at 70% abv for 48 hours. Dilute to 40%. Charge still (we dont filter botanicals out). For "heads cut" dilute some volume N by 1/2 with RO water. Once that stops louching start collecting "hearts". We stop collecting when the distillate tastes earthy / "dry" / overly savory / unpleasant. This invariably results in a VERY flavorful gin that lightly louches at bottle strength (46% for this expression). We then add 46% neutral until is just stops louching and then bottle. This is a very dicey proposition as we all know the oils can come out of suspension if the temp drops. The volume we leave in the pot (the inconsistency really triggers my OCD) would make our finance guy's butthole pucker -- sometimes as much as 40% of the initial charge. I ask you ginners this: what volume are you leaving in the pot and what, if anything, are you doing about it? Do you re-rectify in your big column? Treat and send to waste? Use it for the base of the next batch?
  23. indyspirits

    WTB one 10-30 gallon used barrel

    The BAM states: I would simply build a white oak "container" in the form of a box of a known volume and pour the corn whiskey into it, at a known flow rate, allowing it to overflow after aging for one minute.
  24. indyspirits

    Odin vs Edwin

    Ridiculous question.. but are Edwin and Odin the same person? I've been reading gin thread and very early on (2013?) Edwin was posting and then at some point Odin. I'm assuming same guy since it's the same avatar. Can anyone (like Edwin/Odin) confirm? Regardless, his/hers/their posts are really good stuff.
  25. indyspirits

    Do weight tables still apply for obscured spirits

    They do not apply. Check out Alcodens LQ.