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  1. Vodka charcoal filtering

    There was a great discussion just week or two ago. Search is your friend.
  2. Spirits Competitions

    Well warranted. Those that truly benefit from "competitions" are the sponsors. That being said, we did at least a half-dozen in our first 18 months. Nice to hand the "awards" to hang on bottles in the tasting room. We've gone back and tasted bottles from our early days. I was less than impressed. Get your sales & marketing ppl involved. Print up neck-hangers for distribution. Don't get a big head when awarded a "gold".
  3. Solera Aging Whiskey

    I think it would be the issue.
  4. Looking for this camlock adapter...

    sonuvabitch that's a good deal! I was ebay-searching on "camlock" so this never popped up. Thanks!
  5. Looking for this camlock adapter...

    I'm looking for a 2" male camlock x 1-1/2" MPT. I've found one here: https://www.camlockdirect.com/stainless-steel-2-camlock-male-x-1-1-2-male-npt But would prefer not paying $187 for it. Anyone?
  6. Carbon filters? Factory? Homemade?

    I'm thoroughly intrigued. Curious as to your decision to "pull" the spirit through the filter rather than "push" it.
  7. Looking for this camlock adapter...

    Appreciate this! In the early days we purchased aluminum (aluminium for our UK friends) fittings and the rate at which they oxidized/corroded was remarkable. That being said, I'll keep this in mind in case we're out of other options. Thanks.
  8. Fermentation Open tank or Closed?

    I assume then that those CMC tanks have the jacket on one side?
  9. Fermentation Open tank or Closed?

    Biggest regret on our semi-conicals (15 degree rather than 60 degree bottom) is that at the very least we didn't have flanges installed which could accommodate an agitator. Im curious what your impeller arrangement is like on these.
  10. Fermentation Open tank or Closed?

    Do you actually harvest rum yeast? Any concern about what else may be growing? My boss is always riding my ass about lowering COGS and harvesting yeast would go a long ways toward that.
  11. Inusrance

    Same with use CI through local broker
  12. Bad tasting gin

    I know nothing about your still but if you distill it to 190 it'll be fairly neutral. Try it and find out. When we run our gin we through out the product at the end that starts tasting a bit muddy. Less expensive than stripping flavor.
  13. Bad tasting gin

    Are you sourcing GNS or making your own? If the former, it's much cheaper to dump it that redistill.
  14. Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Then there's the problem of defining what exactly is moonshine. Traditionally I would have said 100% corn whiskey but my guess is that now real moonshine (that which is produced illegally) is probably sugar-shine with no cuts taken. Our sells OK in the tasting room but not in retail outlets.
  15. Carbon filters? Factory? Homemade?

    Wow! That's surprising. So our 6x30 column should max out at 11 gallons / hour. Looks like we need to slow our roll.
  16. Carbon filters? Factory? Homemade?

    What's the reasoning?
  17. Carbon filters? Factory? Homemade?

    You never miss a trick do you.
  18. Carbon filters? Factory? Homemade?

    I thought mine was 8" but it's 6 x 30 purchased from Glacier.
  19. Carbon filters? Factory? Homemade?

    Im not at the distillery but mine is like this: I use simple platinum cured silicone for the in and outflow. Pick it up at your LHBS. It's really not much more than a trickle -- contact time is the name of the game. 300 gallons in about 12 hours. Be sure to wash your carbon bed w RO water. We use 12x40 coco husk carbon. I'll need to check as our spool may be 36" not 24" -- it was clearly the most expensive component. We also have a small 1/2" 3-part value to module flow into the bottom of the filter. All in it was around $750. Edit: Add cost.
  20. Pumps

    Or you can make your own grounding "kit" from about $3 worth of parts from Lowes or any other big box store.
  21. lowering ph in sugar mash

    Two questions -- #1 - im concerned why your starting pH is so high. What's the pH of your water? #2 -- there's no way to determine except to titrate a sample recalling that pH is a log scale so it will take 10x the quantity to get from 8.4 to 7.4 than 8.4 to 8.3.
  22. Shipping

    Addendum: Perhaps they don't ship from producers but they certainly ship from retailers
  23. Shipping

    I get booze from FedEx all the time. Mostly from Master of Malt but also from other vendors.
  24. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    It does get a bit tiresome doesn't it.