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  1. Black Water Barrels here!

    Kelly, When do you think you will have barrels ready to deliver?
  2. Location OR/NC

    Yeah, you can do that. There just has to be a wall between the two, and some finagling with the separate permits I believe. Great Wagon Road out of Charlotte does that, and the bar attached to them, the Broken Spoke, does really well. If you talk to Ollie about it, I am sure he could help you out with that part.
  3. Location OR/NC

    Golden, We are in Greensboro NC. There are advantages and disadvantages with being in a control state. NC has been really supportive, just know that the tasting room will not bring as much revenue in NC as it will or Oregon. We can only sell 1 bottle, per person, per year right now, and cannot serve mixed drinks. So, just keep that in mind if you are planning on focusing on a tasting room revenue.