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  1. Hi, this is almost 2x than the first list you sent, will let you know quickly, do you use Paypal? Thanks, Mike
  2. I can find these items new for around $580, will you go $500 and pay shipping, thanks Mike
  3. What do you think the shipping will be ?
  4. What would be a good source for gin recipes that a person could tweek to a recipe that works for them ?
  5. Looking for a nice used 2 bottle filler
  6. Who out there has an easy to use program for monthly TTB reporting
  7. Just found out that my lease will not be renewed, before I call the TTB what form do I need to fill out, or do I need to call the TTB, thanks, mike
  8. Thanks
  9. I'm still waiting for pay.gov to approve my app.
  10. Have not started production, can I file my monthly reports if I'm not on pay.gov yet.
  11. Looking for a plastic spirit bottle supplier for 1/2 pint. pint, 750 ml
  12. I just received my dsp permit 3 weeks ago, we will not be doing any producing for a few months , what forms must I file in the beginning as most of this looks greek to me, thanks, mike
  13. Just got my dsp permit 2 weeks ago, have not set-up yet, but are there any books or phamlets that will explain in simple words on how to fill out all the paperwork, I know after a while I will understand it, but for now its all greek [ no offense to the greeks ]
  14. I filed on May 1st 2016, received my permit last Thursday December 8th, 212 days
  15. My tun is 160 gals, looking for 120 volt but will look at best deal, electric only