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  1. Model #: SIN9LNIP-LED Serial #: 65229433 Year: 2010 Includes: Low water shutoff and pressure regulator Location: Indiana Price: $750 + buyer pays shipping IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I purchased this boiler from a distillery in Colorado in 2016 and have NOT put it in service so I cannot verify that everything works but from talking with the previous owner it does work (or at least it did when it was loaded on the truck to Indiana). So why didn't I ever put it into service? Great question, and the short story is that buying this boiler was one of my (sure to be many) rookie mistakes. I didn't realize that apparently the "LED" designation behind the model number indicates that this boiler was specifically outfitted for higher altitudes. After checking with my local Burnham distributor they have indicated that it cannot be refitted to standard altitude (about 850 ft. MSL where I live). At least that's what they have told me. So, unless you plan to use this boiler in a higher altitude DON'T BUY THIS FROM ME or I think you will be disappointed. PM me and I will provide all of the details and answer any questions that I can.
  2. Sorry I'm a little late on this, but wanted to share our timeline for TTB approval. We submitted in May of this year (2016) and received approval on December 5, 2016. In total it took 201 days. TTB did come back with a couple of questions / clarifications around the 10th of November, but those were answered within a day and we received approval about a month later. Reading through some of the other posts in this forum it doesn't appear as though we set any speed records obtaining approval. However, we're fortunately not against a firm timeline, so the 201 days did not cause any burden on the business. I contracted Dave Dunbar to assist and file the application with the TTB. While hiring a consultant may not be for everybody, my experience was positive and would recommend him to anyone else like me coming into this industry with no prior experience. Dave obviously cannot guarantee his services are going to expedite turnaround with the TTB, but (at least for me) his help with the application drastically sped up the timeline for submission. I also learned a bunch in the process, and by having Dave as the point person for the application, it allowed me to focus my time on other things.
  3. I filed my federal application in May, so we are not up and running yet and therefore have no input on floor drains. However, based on feedback from everyone I've talked to, I am spending the money to have them cut in. I am just doing 4" trough drains. I am not sure what local codes require for sprinklers, but I just met with my architect last Friday (who is also an attorney) and his feedback was that if I sprinkle the distillery, it will simplify everything else. Our distillery is attached to another building, so without sprinklers it increases requirements for fire rated walls / doors. Also, I spoke with my insurance agent, and he also indicated that they will want to see the distillery sprinkled. Regardless what you decide, I would talk with a local contractor or architect familiar with fire code, and also talk with your insurance agent. They can both likely give you the feedback you need.