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  1. bought a 500G mash tun and three 500G fermenters from them. beautiful equipment. If I can just get my boiler hooked up, ill tell you how it all runs. Paul and Susan were awesome to deal with. I will continue to buy from them.
  2. Hello everyone. Its been a busy day meeting with marketing folks and a final physical site review. I was further encouraged by the photos of our new still being built by Odin and his team. We selected a 2000L with robotized column and have to say the experience working with iStill has been fantastic. I've attached a few photos of your baby as she's being assembled. I will further update once I've flown out to see her and tour the plant with the iStill crew. Scott
  3. Glad to be here. Partners and I will be introducing Graybeard products hopefully by the end of first quarter 2017. Space and equipment are all figured out along with two products and marketing budgets. Now we have to get the dang forms and paperwork all straight. wish us luck. Scott
  4. Still available? Could you pm me pics?