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  1. IMO, you would be fine with a good two column design or one column that sits off to the side of the pot. As long as you have a good design, there are no real drawbacks from either approach, as the heat will continue on to the column just as well to the side as it would on top. I have a 7' packed column still that does great and reaches > 190 proof, but due to the 2" column you get a small flow rate. Keep in mind that your flow rate is directly proportional to the diameter of the column, so depending on your goals with the vodka (i.e. for recreation or for profitable sale) the column diameter should be heavily considered. If you're trying to start a business I would go with > 6" column, but that's just my opinion.
  2. New bill may allowed "restricted DSP" that would allow restaurants within Distilleries That's not the only thing headed to Senate! Check the link. Main reason for allowing the restaurants inside a distillery was that craft distilleries are essentially start-ups - thus having a restaurant as a second revenue stream to help kickstart the businesses and bring in more clientele who may not be as drawn to the spirit side. Hope both of these pass the Senate...