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  1. I'm starting up my small craft distillery this year. I've taken a look at a couple companies offering bottles, labels and closure but I'd like to see more options before I make final decisions. If anyone here would send samples or catalogues, please PM me for our address. Thanks Justin Sator Square Distillery
  2. Got the approval today, after about a week of waiting on the corrections and haggling on the fence. That's a 8/5/16 date my app was received and a 2/15/17 approval date, all said and done. Already have the PA LCB and local approval, so it's all full ahead here.
  3. Thank you very much for your thoughtful input. I may have pulled the same specialists that gave you a hard time. I will do whatever they ask me to do to get this approved. If that means putting up a fence, I'll definitely do that even if all it does is keep out the deer that wander through the woods. My parents are in their 60s, so I gather their fence climbing days are over. I guess I was just surprised since I assumed that the statues were interpreted literally. The word "in" means in. Not near, not close by, not within a certain number of feet. "in" means "in". Otherwise, I believed the statute would have been written differently to include those other words. The word "connected" also has literally meaning that I understand very well from local building ordinances. There is no way my local fire marshal or building inspector would argue that my DSP is connected to my parent's house 100 feet away in absence of a physical connection. But I guess that was my mistake is thinking that these statutes were always regarded literally. That's just my view, which doesn't mean anything in regards to license approval of course. Ironically, I thought I would get more trouble from the local township and state licensing, which have all given me the green light already.
  4. Just got an officer to look at my application yesterday. I applied on 8/5/16, and he's asked for a few corrections (no big deal) and made a request to fence in my DSP that's located in a garage bay in the woods about 1/4 mile down a gravel driveway on about 100 acres of farmland off a rural route. It's on agricultural zoned property (AG-1), and there's a residence on the farm about 100 feet away, so I guess that's their concern, but there was nothing in the regs about that. Hopefully putting a fence on the plans lets this gets approved? I'll keep you posted.
  5. How did you get your application escalated? I didn't think they would do that unless they were outside their normal processing estimates, which it doesn't look like they are now. But good for you if you can get yourself started. I'm not in a huge hurry. I'm setting up in a building on my family's vineyard and they're not charging me any rent, which I know is a very very big deal to not have that expense without production.
  6. I applied on August 5th, so this gives me hope that they're somewhere near my file in that pile. Maybe. Congrats!
  7. Thank you for the welcome! We already have a pretty well established winery that draws people in on the weekends. So I think we should get a good jump on getting our spirits in front of people without having to do a lot of extra legwork. I'm thankful for that, since I know that's not typical. So I'm just waiting on the TTB license to come through and then apply to the LCB, which shouldn't be a big deal since we're already very familiar with them dealing with the vineyard winery. If anyone else is distilling using grapes or grape pomace, I'd love to pick your brain on it. Thanks Justin
  8. Hello. I'm located in SE PA and currently waiting for TTB approval on a small shop. I'll be opening up a small space on my family's vineyard, and looking to make grape based vodka, gin and brandy. It'll be a small setup that I can work myself at about 250 square feet in a converted garage bay. So far so good with the building inspector and fire marshal. Hopefully be up and running with all the permits, licensing and hoops by May or June of next year.