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  1. Why is it that barrel contents are exempt? I thought that the evaporation (angels share) is what would be the concern.
  2. Can anyone break down in simple terms of what is required for safety in an aging room? Very small room, about 50 SF with a 12 foot ceiling, single drain in the floor 2 windows, one waist height and one ceiling height. The room has a sprinkler, 1 light switch and 1 light.
  3. Looking to buy a 55 - 60 gallon direct heat mash tun with a false bottom. Looking for price range $600-$800, would accept used if in good or better condition.
  4. Looking to order some equipment from Bubba's Barrels and at the checkout I see an option for entering a coupon code but I have never seen any offers for a coupon or discount. Anyone been able to get a discount?
  5. This space used to home to 2 start-up micro-breweries. Each one was very successful to the point that they had to move out into larger facilities. When their was a brewery in the space I believe it was F-1 and they could fit about 15-20 people inside for a tasting.
  6. The TTB permit tutorial states: Did you know that tasting rooms for Distilled Spirits Plants: Cannot be on bonded premises nor can they be on general premises. You must have an area that is completely segregated from the distillery. Any information regarding tasting rooms/retail areas should not be listed in the application information. It should be shown on the diagram so we can ensure sufficient segregation and separate entrances for that area and the distillery. I have attached a basic sketch of my proposed layout for my micro-distillery. I have a 50 gallon tower still and the space I am leasing used to be a micro-brewery, FYI the footprint of the space is 375 SF. It's inside a mill building with other retail units, the space is already up to fire codes with sprinklers etc. However, where I plan to have the still is not separated by a wall. I was curious if the fact that the production area is in one corner away from the tasting if that would meet the TTB demands. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. layout.pdf
  7. Looking for a set of used Hydrometers that meet IRS/TTB requirements.