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  1. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Being mostly a quant I like that way of comparing the two.
  2. Thanks. I saw that the other day and I figured that's what he was doing. As I've never been into brandies/gins/etc it's interesting to see the crazy stuff they do to develop flavors. At first I thought it was to quick freeze the liquids to expand them to break cell membranes to release more flavor instead of physically crushing the fruit. Sometimes fiction is more fun than the truth.
  3. Good interview, but I am struck by this processes. He ferments in 55g HDPE barrels. Lots of them. And dry ice - never have heard anyone using that before. Not sure why he does that.
  4. NYS Bottle Size Restrictions

    I totally agree with what you're saying there - that you should listen to your customers and not just "believe" something without data. Sometimes you need need to make a leap of faith, but bottling in a bigger bottle isn't really something that one should believe will change their business without data. Exceptions do exist - In PA if you sell to the PA state store they require the best prices on products. You can't charge less than what they pay. I know one local person that bottles in 1L bottles to sell at a better price from the distillery. Since it's a different size/SKU they can do it without violating that clause.
  5. SCD - let me rephrase that for you: "So in one day they can double the number of Craft Distillers?" Yes, yes they can. Probably will see cheap booze will get even cheaper and people will find a way to "add value" with flavorings. Tons of new "craft" brands are likely on their way. Look at High West. *This is not a doom and gloom post, just a warning of possible future events.
  6. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-ethanol-idUSKBN1AH5CU That's about 6 gallons per person in the US. That's not even proof gallons. Better start drinking!
  7. Plastic Bottle Insert

    I think that you want something like this: http://www.wineandbarware.com/Slow-Wine-Pourers_c_25.html Or this: http://barsupplies.com/capon-liquor-pourers-pack-p-5373.html I would suggest calling your bottle supplier and see what they can find for you. There's probably an industry term for this type of fitting. If you can figure that out then you'll probably find a ton of suppliers.
  8. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Paul - so what you're saying is that if I buy a deep fryer you can sell me the rest to make my Pot/Vodka tortilla chip dream come true??? hahaha Actually I never new any of that, pretty interesting, thanks!
  9. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    I'm going to patent marijuana infused Vodka flavored tortilla chips. Satisfy all the cravings at once. I can also see someone on a tour: "Do you mean it's got weed in it when you say it's pot distilled?"
  10. This is not my stuff but it's a great deal for someone that needs it: https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/for/6196466344.html
  11. passivating stainless

    A lightly wet paper towel will stick to most things, even upside down, and will stay wet for a while. Load it up with a citric solution and let that sit for a bit. Or put a magnet on the opposite side of the still wall and then wrap another magnet or piece of iron/steel in a plastic bag. Use wrapped metal to hold the paper towel in between the bag and where you want the SS treated. If it is a big spot then this hillbilly method probably won't work.
  12. Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA

    Ha - I was at Pussadee's a couple days ago. I live across the river a little down from there. I was talking to the Porter Beer tours guys about a distillery tour. Your location would be good for them. Once you get setup let them or me know. I know they would love to have you as an additional stop. We were talking about Wigle, Maggie's, POP (when they open), Boyd & Blair. B&B is only open Saturday. If you're planning on being open Sunday they could swap B&B with you guys. Jim - I was talking to him about a South Hills tour with you and Red Pump too, but they want a 3rd. Not sure there is another close to you.
  13. Greetings from Pittsburgh, PA

    Hi Joe, welcome to the forum. You'll find tons of great people willing to help you with any topic. I'm assuming that's you've stalked this place out before so you already knew that. There's a couple other Pgh people here. Where in Pgh? I know the place in the Strip is opening this fall, I didn't know if you were part of that one. Are you specializing in anything in particular? I would love to check the place out if you're open to it! Christian
  14. Hello from South Australia

    That's a horribly bad idea. The best situation you can be in is that you've sold every drop of product you produce as it is ready. If you wait to build a sales pipeline until after you have product to sell you've going to be building up that pipeline for several months. A lot of manufacturing businesses (not just distilleries) fail because they don't understand you don't get paid until you get a check from the customer. And that check can be 30-90 days after you ship your product, which might take 10-15 days after you get the order, which might be 5-10 days after you "sell" your product. So best case scenario you might get paid two months after you "sell" something, or up to four months for a normal transaction. Worst case you ship product that you never get paid for, which will be 5-15% of the time. Sales may suck but you have to have work on it all the time. It should be the first thing your business works on. Understanding where you're going to sell, to whom, distribution of the product, how long it takes to get paid, how are you going to collect accounts past due, the industry bad debt % and a million other aspects of business is something you need to understand as you build your business plan. As has been said on here many times, you're in a sales/marketing business that happens to sell booze.
  15. File under "marketing"

    By filing a patent and labeling their products as "Patent Pending" it actually opens them to legal liability if they are not serious about it. Personally I think they are doing it for marketing too but who knows. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patent_pending