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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Your situation sounds fairly typical, and your final words are probably quite accurate. Your lessons and experience, while accurate, will likely not be heeded by the next wave. Best of luck in your next adventure.
  2. Would something like this do the trick??
  3. lists a few heat shrink guns that might do the trick...
  4. Zbob, i think you may have gone a little 'light' on the introduction. I expect most here know of you already. Welcome!!
  5. I've been considering somerhing similar however, that puts you in the sights of the health department at the city and county level and that may have considerable facility and zoning requirements/expense. I am looking at partners who are interested in a nano brewery to share tasting room space. While there will be a limit on hard alcohol, breweries have much more leeway for creating a social space...
  6. I used one like this previously that had to be threaded into the lid..
  7. Im excited to hear how it ends up going! Maybe an opportunity to look at this another way by adding a quarterly Gin Class to your tour/tasting calendar.
  8. I'll have to dig up the source, but i recall reading that Hubert Germain-Robin specifically stayed away from tulip shaped glasses because they cheat by over concentrating the aromas and hiding potential flaws. I think his preference was for a straight sides distillers glass.. Damned memory.. now i have to go search!!
  9. I think only exists for handling order deposits. I've yet to see a code online or in and industry publication.
  10. Have you checked out Bubbas Barrels?
  11. Great to get real world examples! Thanks for sharing. Another good resource for understanding and calculating has been the book (on amazon) Distillery Operations:how to run a small distillery by Payton Fireman. Its a dense read, but covers a whole host of calculations and corrections for efficeincy and losses (many you will have to guess at ) Distillery Operations: How to Run a Small Distillery by Peyton Fireman( I think) It breaks down a phenomenal number of calculations and explains how to get there. A VERY DENSE READ. Make sure you account for efficiency ratings and losses.
  12. On a similar note, what is the occupancy class of your tasting room and production area. I am assuming the the production area is F-1? How are others dealing woth occupancy and fire separation??
  13. Thanks Odin!! I've followed you from ModernDistiller and and AD for quite a while.. I'm impressed with your persistence and success with the iStill having watched since your original announcement. Also, quite interested in your recent sharings here on gin. Instead of going deep in a single area, we are looking to explore and experiment across the board through our tasting room experience and sales, allowing visitors to taste intentional variants in spirit. Grain bill, aging length, botanical mix, proof, etc are all options in a full line-up. Starting with Rum, Gin and Vodka from a cane base while we build out mashing capabilities, then moving on to grain based explorations - different bourbon and rye mash bills, a typical grains, and a few rounds with a single malts. Hopefully we can find time and capacity to offer a line of bitters as well. I have a background in brewing, so am exploring adding a full brewhouse to the mix, or working with local breweries for the wash.
  14. Adding another to the ranks of hopeful distillery owners. My partners and I are taking the first steps for building and opening the Alameda County Distilling Company in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been reading this forum for about two years and am very impressed with the community and support that exists here. Originally inspired to pursue this after learning of St George Spirit here in Alameda and planning to add value to the current landscape with a complementary approach to spirits in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are still working out details on a business plan for a locally focused distillery and tasting room in Alameda, CA. I have a wealth of information gleaned from books, the internet at large, practical experience and most importantly this forum. I intend to create a series of 'library' posts encouraging those that have gone before to share their experience in a single thread to fill in gaps that I have, and to live on for those that follow. Some topics for sure: DSP permits and tasting rooms Zoning and Occupancy issues Incoming Grain Handling Overlooked Items TTB Forms/Process Investment Experiences I'd like to thank ALL of you who continue to share your experiences, and those that ask the questions so that we may all benefit. I hope that one day soon, I will be able to give back as much as I have already received. Jeff