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  1. Odin on Gin

    Hello Odin! After reading this thread over half a dozen times, we're ready to start our gin trials soon! The information you've provided definitely has me feeling more confident in our starting point. I hope you are doing well and we're looking forward to your posts regarding herb bills and barrel aging! Regards,
  2. Resting White Spirits After Distillation & Proofing

    Thanks very much for the reply, Michaelangelo.
  3. Hello all, I was hoping to get some guidance on the resting period for white spirits. Is it common to allow a period of rest in steel or plastic after distillation but before filtering/proofing for GNS/Vodka? As for gin, I've read that a couple weeks of rest can benefit the final product prior to bottling. Again, are their two resting periods for gin (after distillation, after proofing)? Thanks for the help!