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    I'm not from Hawai'i. I actually live in Memphis, TN and I work as a certified flavor chemist specializing in savory flavors. So what am I doing here? I'm curious about the world of distilling spirits and the aging process of spirits in barrels. What kind of aging conditions, barrel type, barrel size, etc affect the final spirit that winds up in the bottle. Does volatile compound testing get done on aged spirits to aim at an optimal blend or is it done by evaluating the individual aged spirit and blended by testing? I need to dig some more into the forums. I'm an information junkie and really enjoy the digging into a subject. I grew up in Wisconsin and I rather dig brandy and cognac. Imagine that. I appreciate spirits more as I'm getting older. The glass matters. I currently commute during the week to my bread n butter gig. I enjoy delving into subjects and I'm enjoying my foray so far into this world of spirits. All the best, Susan
  2. Fusel grain oil is a wonderful tool in a Flavorist's tool box. Natural sources of raw materials is a big deal these days. You might check with flavor industry raw material vendors like Sigma Aldrich Flavors, Penta Manufacturing, Vigon International, Advanced Biotech, etc. Many flavor and ingredient manufacturers have to purchase products from approved vendors so the vendors may be the ones to approach rather than flavor manufacturers. If this is a viable option, they will work with you on how to pack and ship since fusel grain oil is considered flammable. Another option is to call a hazardous waste company who can pick it up and dispose of it. It's an option. ~Susan