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  1. I believe they want records in the Excel format. Hoochware is a little cheaper, and although I haven't used their program, as we are just starting up, and capital is very limited for me at this point as well, I asked them a few questions about reporting, and their customer service is excellent.
  2. Did they also require a quality assurance plan? That is more of a mystery to me, and I think i'll have to call them to get more information. Burt out on legal language for the moment though.
  3. Doing this now myself. My insurance provided a basic template and I modified where necessary.
  4. Is there a way to measure the quantity of solids as to determine if it has less than 400mg per 100ml of solids in it, and can be proofed with a hydrometer? Do I just weigh any solids before their addition to the spirit? I was planing on macerating my solid flavorings separately and adding to taste, which would complicate that a little as well. Thanks.
  5. super interesting. Thanks.