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  1. two more questions: is it low nox? is it tubeless?
  2. can I get the exact model number please?
  3. Stillcreek, thanks for the encouraging words :), As for TABC they will not issue you a permit until you receive your TTB first and the TABC licensing guy told me that it will be dated the day it is cut. I do realize Texas Vodka is tough and if you walk into any specs the biggest section is vodkas. vodka is the most sold alcohol spirit and shelf space competition is fierce. We have a plan we are pursuing with and hopefully it will pan out for us. Where are you guys located, I see you are in houston but not familiar with you distillery. Thanks
  4. is steam generator low nox? is it natural gas or propane?
  5. can I get specifics on steam generator along with some pics?
  6. I gotcha, thanks for the explanation.
  7. per your link this sells new for $1,001.00
  8. I don't know who Donald is I was working with Randall Buxbaum for my demo
  9. so you bought whiskey systems before you even got your dsp?
  10. we are pretty much decided on whiskey systems. How did it help you on getting your DSP?
  11. They seem to put together some pretty good packages does anyone have any experience with this company good or bad that they would like to share as I am contemplating a system with them
  12. ok, thanks for that explanation, so either way you still need a boiler I see. thanks
  13. Hey Travis, still waiting on my DSP for brookshire, TX , and just did demos of both these software products or cloud based I should say. they are both the same only stillhouse has a lot of pretty pictures, WS is all tables but seems the same input information to me. But WS first year is 1/2 price which for me starting off is a good selling point. Whichever one you start with you will be married to as would be a bitch to switch after the fact. Best of luck with your Distillery, looking forward to driving out to check you guys out
  14. I guess I don't know what the difference with steam injection vs steam boiler is? Does the injection create the steam?