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  1. Can you please send more pictures and detail everything that comes with the sale sgdaher at
  2. can I get the model number of the boiler please? I need to see if it meets code in Texas
  3. just got off phone with ttb, they say in my designated storage area for bulk spirits how many gallons of bulk product meaning barrels aging, collection from still, wine or other spirits purchased can i possibly store. if i can fit 10 55 gal barrels then the answer is 550 gallons. You dont ever have to reach this number just letting them know your storage area capacity in wine gallons which is equal to us gallons
  4. so if your not required to have a bond if you expect to owe less than $50K what do you put down?
  5. can you send details to sgdaher at Hotmail dot com
  6. can I get some pictures of it sent to sgdaher at Hotmail dot com?
  7. what is the total dimensions of that boiler room conex? How many output btu's is the boiler?
  8. can we get some pictures of the enolmaster bottle filler? I know these things sell new for $2,499. Does yours have some extra addons?
  9. I am interested in bottling and labeling equipment. can you provide brand and model numbers? thanks
  10. is this still available? where in texas?
  11. what size boiler? how many btu's ? natural gas or propane?
  12. what is the footprint of this still and height and specs. is boiler and chiller included? Any automations? please send details to sgdaher at thank you
  13. photos please? sgdaher at