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  1. I gotcha, thanks for the explanation.
  2. per your link this sells new for $1,001.00
  3. I don't know who Donald is I was working with Randall Buxbaum for my demo
  4. so you bought whiskey systems before you even got your dsp?
  5. we are pretty much decided on whiskey systems. How did it help you on getting your DSP?
  6. is this still available? I sent you a private message
  7. They seem to put together some pretty good packages does anyone have any experience with this company good or bad that they would like to share as I am contemplating a system with them
  8. oh ok thanks
  9. gw kent sells them for $1,795 new with warranty. I am interested but typically pay 50% for used items at best
  10. ok, thanks for that explanation, so either way you still need a boiler I see. thanks
  11. how much is this thing new? they don't post any prices on their site
  12. Hey Travis, still waiting on my DSP for brookshire, TX , and just did demos of both these software products or cloud based I should say. they are both the same only stillhouse has a lot of pretty pictures, WS is all tables but seems the same input information to me. But WS first year is 1/2 price which for me starting off is a good selling point. Whichever one you start with you will be married to as would be a bitch to switch after the fact. Best of luck with your Distillery, looking forward to driving out to check you guys out
  13. I guess I don't know what the difference with steam injection vs steam boiler is? Does the injection create the steam?
  14. Hello all, My family and I are in the process of opening a distillery in Brookshire, TX just west of Houston passed Katy, TX. We are planning to start of making vodka and moonshine while aging whiskeys in barrels for future sales. We have gotten our premise approval from Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) and city of Brookshire. Both our state and federal licenses have been submitted and we are 35 days in to our Federal which currently takes 130 days and 44 days into our state which normally takes 60. We are really excited about this and being part of such a great community of distillers. We are currently searching out some equipment, ie labeler, heat shrinker for pvc, pumps, hoses, etc... I am looking at going with either a corson system or a system from affordable distilling which seems to make more sense. however I have been in talks with DYE through a Chinese purchasing friend. Anyone have any experience with DYE , sure seems you get a lot for your buck with them. Anyway, look forward to communicating here, have already met many good folks on the sale site peer to peer Cheers George
  15. How much are you asking for this still? is it steam or electric? if steam is their a boiler for it?