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  1. philstill that link is well worth reading glad u posted it , i think if i read it ten times and keep google up all the big words i may understand it , good stuff
  2. not exactly geothermal but we use water out of deep big bore well for cooling , its pulling water from the bottom of the well and returning it back to the well ,,,,our only concern is our hydronic heating coils are also same coils used for cooling so they need a flushing out before cooling , usually about 15 gallons of wasted water then its good to go .
  3. i may be totally wrong but is the angel share not made up of higher more volatile ,sharper tasting alcohols thus giving the aged spirit a smoother more palatable spirit . personally if i was seeing a very high rate of angel share i would first look closely at my cuts . as far as linseed oil is concerned i would look at barrel wax to seal a barrel before a oil product that may soak thru into me spirit . in my mind removing the angel share is the only real scientific reason for ageing in a barrel compared to ageing in a stainless vessel with oak chips , but this is only my opinion please dont send the coopers union to break my legs for mentioning oak chips lol ... and speaking of coopers you may be suffering from jus poorly made barrels made out of poor choice of wood grain . we had purchased some used wine barrels half of them had the usual stains and scaring the others were totally red from the wine inside soaking thru . i figured one was used for different wines but at a closer look both had identical info on them from the winery, however they were made by different cooperage's so my conclusion is they were made out of different quality of oak . allowing for different amounts of the red wine to soak thru ... that my guess , but there some very talented coopers on this forum that hopefully chime in and set me thinking straight ...
  4. relax lol its a inside joke with another forum member ,it has nothing to do with wearing bib overalls with no shirt or making meth lol . i agree chemistry , design engineering , marketing skills , working knowledge of history and good old think on ur feet and work ethic are the foundation of our industry . but a sense of humour is pretty important too sometimes we jus gotta relax and realise were jus making a product that our customers like and makes there lives a touch richer when they enjoy our product after a hard day on there jobs . cheers to all and hats off to everyone that makes the world a more pleasant place , one sip at a time .
  5. lol a masters degree in chemistry ...and your cooking whisky for a living , id say something has gone horribly wrong in ones life ..unbound 87 next time your talking to her thank her for the chuckle she made my day
  6. thanks for the info classick i appreciate it ..
  7. classick im very interested in this product but i dont see any info on there web site about this products tolerance to heat , we have some old copper equipment that i would like to get cleaned up ,,,,it looks like crap when paired with new stainless . keep me posted thanks
  8. my vote goes to the baine marie still for a test still . cant comment on any electrical issues because we dont use electricity to heat , but the still is great and for $1800 bucks for a 45 gallon still u cant beat it . and if you change ur mind and give up on making whisky this still also makes great cheese ,
  9. thanks hedge bird i ll check them out , i may have to call them monday and see if they could jus cut me a 6 and half inch circle of hightemper glass .
  10. morning was wondering if anyone knows a source where i can get a 6.5 inch sight glass , just the glass . i would like to cap off the agitator port with a glass instead of ss plate , figure that hole is of no use may as well make it into a window to the world lol . any ideas would be great . thanks
  11. here is a cool update regarding our new jacketed test still .. as a preemptive strike to passing inspection on this piece of equipment i asked to have a friend of ours inspect the welds and fabrication of the still boiler ( he is a high pressure welding inspector by trade ) . he came out and inspected our still and im very pumped to have him report that the vessel meets and exceeds the requirements of a pressure vessel for the pressure that it is rated ,,,and to make me happier this still is not intended to be or used as a pressure vessel as the heating and distilling operations are both open systems . as far as the welds were concerned he was 100 percent confident of all the welds even if it was to be used under pressure which it wont be lol bottom line is im pumped . i cant wait till paul and susan open up a office in saskatchewan preferably northern saskatchewan .
  12. last night our baine marie test still arrived on the truck unpacked it , all my parts were there and very little shipping damage to the still , it was very well packed , checked welds all look pretty good , all parts ordered showed up ,. if i could go back and do it again i would defiantly do things different but im super happy with this jacketed still , cant wait to hook the hydronic system up to it . tim
  13. thus may have nothing to do with nothing but ill mention it anyway lol. we got our hands on tubes from a old aeration grain bin . these tubes are 4 feet long and about 2 feet in diameter like size of a culvert but made of heavy screen . the science is they lay on the bottom of the bin floor one attached to the next till u reach the other side of the bin , the bin is filled with wet grain and air is forced thru the tubes and the grain is dried .anyway they are very strong but also very fine holes so my plan is to use them to separate grain from the wash . set on a angle with a collection tub under it to catch liquid , as i pump mash into the elevated end and turn it continually the mash will roll in the giant tube, liquid comes out thru the screen and the grain eventually rolls out the end . im not sure how many of these tubes i will need but im thinking by adjusting the rotation speed and the angle of the tube i can find a sweet spot and a 4 foot section will do (i have ten of them but i sure hope i dont need 40 feet of rolling tube to make it work ). the steeper the angle the faster the grain will roll to end of tube the lesser the angle the longer it will roll in tube before reaching the end this should make it a continual operation and more tubes could be added if volume needed to be increased . so does this sound like it will work , i should add the object of the game is to only extract to a moist grain level , so it can be fed out to neighbours. pigs ,
  14. thats pretty neet mg .. our still and our mash tun is heated with hydronic system and when we want to drop wort temp we switch over to well water thru the mash tun and thanks to a deep big bore well cools it down to pitching temp . not a fancy outfit but almost free to operate lol
  15. thanks kannuk im hoping today we find out if the baine marie is going to get shipped or were getting a refund , thank god we paid with pay pal not cash , anyway once we know then i ll know if i have to start from scratch ..