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  1. Rapid Distillation - The Hot Rod by Detroit Stillworks

    as i was watching that video the guys comment about butchers not raising there own meat there is a outfit north of the city that breeds raises fattens and butchers there own cattle , there meat products sell for a premium because of there operation , high quality hand crafted beef lol . people need to be more aware of what there buying i think
  2. Rapid Distillation - The Hot Rod by Detroit Stillworks

    so what proof is this gns coming out of the truck at , are the cuts made or is it jus low wines off a commercial stripping run . it seems like a shame to by someone elses product just to bottle and label it . reminds me of when i worked in ethanol plant the product coming off tasted like something you by in a jar but could be redistilled into some thing resemble a vodka . basically bulk stripping run .
  3. Hillbilly Flute 4" Copper Reflux Column

    where abouts in canada are you setting up ur operation tim
  4. "Greenest" distillery?

    thanks pete for info what type of fire would generate the most gases smouldering fire or burning hard .
  5. "Greenest" distillery?

    hey pete and paul got a brain teaser for you . our hydronic boiler is a 250 gallon wood fired boiler it burns 4 foot wood and heats with a water jacket system . would it be possible to collect the wood gas from the fire box as its burning and be stored to run stuff like gas power generators . thanks tim
  6. U.S. ethanol makers steer away from fuel, reach for booze

    so what does gns sell for in bulk or does the going price depend on where its coming from
  7. Electric Stripping Still?

    paul what temp do most people run there oil bath oil at to get good operations and heat up time out of the still . tim
  8. Electric Stripping Still?

    how are you heating your water
  9. Electric Stripping Still?

    if your mash tun is jacketed have you considered modify it as a stripping still
  10. Electric Stripping Still?

    whats your plan for heating your mash tun
  11. Electric Stripping Still?

    yes we run baine marie they work great there no maintenance on them that you wouldnt have on any other still . how big is your mash tun tim
  12. Electric Stripping Still?

    thats a pretty big electric still might work , my vote is with out a doubt a baine marie you wont be sorry . if your trying to keep your costs down start smaller or make your own stripping still slash mash tun . if you start small run as hard as you can get the cash flowing and make sure you can sell what your making then you can upgrade to bigger with the confidence its money well spent . how big is the mash tun and fermenters that you have . depending on where you are in canada once you out grow your equipment you can resell it very easy . a small affordable well built still will make you more money than a big still that wont work or scorches product . the cheepest thing you buy to run a distillery is the still but its some thing you cant cheep out on . if i was you i would contact paul at ade talk to him explain your outfit and see what he can suggest there is more than one way to skin a cat even if you cant afford a knife lol when the night shift is bitching they cant keep up to sales then its time to buy bigger equipment , tim
  13. I wondered...

    hello thanks for the information but i was looking for a canadian or american manufacturer
  14. Plastic Bottle Insert

    i think the proper name for it is the glug glug lol .......as in who took the glug glug out of this bottle
  15. I wondered...

    looks nice do you have any more info on them , how big , what gauge ,are they insulated or jacketed , how much , and where are you located .thanks tim