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  1. T top corks

    thanks for the info i ll look into them . kim
  2. T top corks

    hello im looking for a source of 21.5 mm T top corks . thanks kim
  3. Craft is Not a Commodity

    joe as usual your bang on , good post . your second last paragraph sums it up perfectly . we buy grain , yeast , barrels ect that doesn't mean it doesn't take some skill to make use of them . i think if your using the term craft on your label then you should be able to explain your own definition of the term to your customers if they ask .
  4. Invaluable equipment vs

    my wife ....lol im jus kidding she was money well spent . depending on the size of your operation SS used beer kegs are very handy there cheep and can be used for a ton of stuff . tim
  5. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    ah that makes sense
  6. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    thats one of pauls colums ????????
  7. Small Barrels vs. Underfilling 53G Barrels

    i think u would have to rotate ur barrels to get the effect your looking for(more surface area per gallon ) . the half filled barrel is only in contact with half the surface area of the barrel . however a half filled barrel has more air space in it so that changes everything . might work tho , try it and let us know in 3 years . i think adding staves chips or baffles would increase ur surface area more effectively . tim
  8. Bourbon

    why would you buy bourbon when you have a distillery , im missing something
  9. Dephlegmator Control

    check out danfoss thermostatic valves we use them alot in hydronic systems they are very reliable . tim
  10. Small explosion at Wigle Whiskey

    anyone here what happened here , was it the steam boiler or the still boiler
  11. Just building away in Iowa

    holy crapoly thats a beast . very cool do you have any more pics as things progress . tim
  12. EZDISTILLING.com need ideas

    that's a great idea , you have always bin a great and willing source of info on this forum . i don't think there are any members here that havent learned from you and your experience . good on you for being so willing to help . i would personally love to see a video on how cuts can be made with the aid of temp readings . also any videos on your equipment and builds or mods . were in the process of building a continuous stripping still so any info on continuous columns would be great . cant wait till this is up and running . thanks tim
  13. Contract Malt Whiskey Production

    roger your hilarious
  14. Inexpensive Pump for Hot Water/Backset

    grundfos pumps are great either in cast iron or in stainless , they go forever and are not expensive .
  15. Water Testing

    not sure if it applies in alaska but here water samples can be sent to the university and analysed for free . tim
  16. Bringing back and old thread...What to do with all the d*** heads!?

    pete do you have pics of your still that burns alternative fuels
  17. How to keep cooling water from going bad

    i thunk your over thinking it. we run a hydronic system that heats our house , the distillery and equipment as well as wash water for both . that water is never changed or disinfected even tho the system is open to atmosphere it contains very little oxygen there is never a problem with anything growing in it . i really dont see how a cooling system is any different . its basically a closed to atmosphere system how would anything grow in it , its constantly circulating and plenty hot . we drained our water out of boiler and circulating lines when we moved into new facility and there was nothing growing in it . i personally wouldnt use any bleach in the system not cuz i think it will hurt i jus dont see the point . tim
  18. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    interesting stuff this is . my brother in law is an organic farmer and he spends half his time burning dzl fuel working summerfallow to kill weeds only to combine next years crop and spread them back out across the field again . and he thinks this is good for the environment lol . organic products have taken a huge loss in popularity once nonorganic producers started using the label naturally , most consumers dont know the difference between naturally and organic lol . personally when i look at 4 dollar a bushel malt barley grown conventionally or 7 dollar a bushel organic malt barley the choice is clear . ...but like pete said the customer is always right , so the next big question ,,,is there enough customers that care to justify the cost difference and are they willing to pay up for there choice . i think not but who knows . what percentage of successful marketing is product and what percent is bull shit .....
  19. final product is cloudy

    im not a rum guy but the cure is same for all spirits jus as foreshot says , there only 2 options well 3 if you count putting it in a green bottle like jamesons .lol tim
  20. Wheat Grain Seperation

    not sure there is a easy or right way to separate spent wheat without some very expensive equipment, for us the easiest is to grind very fine and ferment and distill on the grain . then strip it either on a continuous still that can handle some solids or in a baine marie style still . then your spent grain is pumped out with your backset . lots depends on your location , budget , and the room you have in your facility as to what process will work for you . location is a big one seeing as trucking spent grain and slop any distance can be a huge pain especially in winter months, nothing like a frozen tote full of slop . and as far as budget goes the cost of a grain separator that only does one job , versus a baine marie still that can do 3 jobs { strip , spirit runs , and grain in distillation } is a no brainer . tim
  21. Pulsing Still

    true but upping the pressure in the feed line drops the boiling point keeping it at a stable nonboiling point while its in the feed line , dropping it back to atmospheric pressure when released into the column drops the boiling point causing it to boil and vaporise instantly without taxing any energy from the column . tim
  22. Pulsing Still

    thanks captn and meerkat that confirms what i was thinking . i would think that a feed temp and pressure change that would flash off the alcohol vapors but keep heavier components at a liquid would be optimal temp . ...sorryfor getting off topic tim
  23. Pulsing Still

    makes sense pete and meerkat , so with this in mind what would you guys say the optimum temp for the preheated feed to be when entering a continuous column , not factoring in the pressure change from the feed line to atmospheric in the column . tim
  24. Malted vs unmalted wheat for whiskey

    say blue star are you talking 80 percent of your mash bill is malted wheat and 20 percent un malted . or are you talking 80 percent abv off a malted wheat batch . tim
  25. enough is enough: what a load of hot water

    hotter would be nice for an infusion mash if that was a process ur into . tim