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  1. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    the whole idea sounds genius to me i hope u share some pics of your build tim
  2. passivating stainless

    hello everyone i was wondering if anyone has a method they are willing to share for passivating stainless steel other than nitric acid bath . need more of a spot treatment like welds ect not the entire vessels . any info is appreciated . thanks kim
  3. Yellowish/Greenish 1st Stripping Run from Apple Brandy

    we ran a test batch of 100percent wheat mash , the mash turned out great tried stripping it with direct heat and it scorched and looked jus like your sample very little smell in the distillate but very noticeable in the backset and in the empty boiler . even tho it was lautered there was enough fine flour in suspension to burn and discolour the product .
  4. gently used ASD 60G hybrid 16 plate electric or steam

    very nice unit wayward got a couple questions .....who manufactured the still and the column , also why the usd does this have to cross the border or is it in canada , also seeing as ur heating with electricity is ur jacket filled with oil or water .. thanks tim
  5. passivating stainless

    thanks guy s for the tips i ll give it a try , i ordered a tig brush while i wait for it i ll try it . captain only plus i see to citric is easier to get and easier to dispose of , the tig brush uses phosphoric acid to clean and passivate . when you use nitric are you soaking in acid bath or spot treating .
  6. Yet another Whiskey Thief

    is that price 120 dollars canadian ...where in southern alberta are you from tim
  7. Electric Boiler

    not sure if this is relevant but we have a electric boiler that heats our hydronic water system have never ran it to produce steam but have used it to produce 200 degree water . at over a 1000 bucks a month to run it was shut off in no time , our power bills come in every 3 months so by time we got the power bill it was not good , almost a big brown splatter on the post office wall when i opened the bill , my opinion is dont use electricity do what you have to to avoid it burn the neighbours furniture to produce heat if you have to anything but electricity . lol tim
  8. distillery equiptment

    morning everyone i was wondering if any canadian distillers had some links of distillery equiptment companies that they have had positive success with . hopefully a company that you have dealt with and can comment on there reputation of quality and service . any info would be great tim and kim
  9. My experience with Corson Distilling

    good post jo very well written tim
  10. passivating stainless

    thanks falling rock we will give it a try . we may end up getting a tig brush worse case . thanks kim
  11. Mash Tun

    does the size of the mash tun have a influence on the wall thickness ......like should a 500 gallon mashtun be thicker than a 150 gallon unit
  12. ADI Forum Moderation Policies are Hurting Members

    atta boys now lets all be joe pro so we dont drive the administrator to drinking
  13. 330 gallon Still

    any idea of the manufacturer
  14. Distillery Explosion

    thats unreal glad the fella is ok . i think that still held up pretty good couple new fittings and a buffing pad and bet she ready to roll , ru going to rebuild it paul
  15. Mash Tun, fermenters, and filtration unit

    i would suggest the possibility of getting or modify a mash tun that can be heated and cooled to mash with but can also be fitted with a separate lid that can used as a stripping still . a simple pot still column and ur mash tun is a stripping still and ur 75 gallon still is only for spirit runs . i wish i took a pic of it but i seen a mash tun lid made out of oak planks with a pot still head on it super cheep and usable till the guy could afford to up grade . stumpys 500 gallon would be sweet unit . if u cant secure a agitator dont dismiss the idea of recirculating with a pump instead of agitating , the pump will not only keep your product from scorching but can be used to empty mash tun in to fermenters and empty fermenters into stripping still and empty stripping still after stripping run . ....it may not be super fly cool but it will save you some start up money , my theory is every 50 bucks you can save is a bottle of product that you get to keep the money from instead of giving it to the bank .... we toured a vodka distillery in January that had a beautiful hand made german still how ever they only run it once a week because they dont have the sales to run it every day to me that dont make sense . the bank gets paid weather the still runs that day or not . where are you located curt depending on your location there are other options to get started and selling top notch product . best advice i was ever told was that when your night shift is run ragged trying to keep up to sales its time to get bigger equiptment lol ... tim
  16. Mash Tun, fermenters, and filtration unit

    hey curt how big is your still tim
  17. hello way over there in BC hope your meeting goes well on thursday tim
  18. Looking for suggestions on separating grain after mashing

    i spent years at a integrated feedlot / ethanol plant all the stillage was pumped to the cattle it was there only source of water and it accounted for 10 % of the grain in there diet . the distillers grain was also fed out mixed with silage ect ...to my knowledge poundmakers agventures in lanigan sask was the first feedlot / ethanol combination in canada .
  19. Filter for bottling line - dealing with barrel char

    so what is everyones preference for micron size of primary and secondary filters for barrel aged whisky
  20. Finding the right alcohol-proof rubber

    good charts paul but im curious there are no percentages on the various chemicals would it be safe to conclude that it is pure or as pure as possible when tested , tim
  21. 250 and 500 Gallon Pot Stills (New) Immediate Shipping

    ihave seen that still in action it is a very nice unit , you did a great job on it
  22. 1000 liter still

    mjduheme. got the pics , holy lick its worse than i would have guessed , i ll share them with the others here and we will talk about the viability of fixing and making use of it . how far are you from pauls fabricating shop , also is the agitator still on the boiler or did it sell already . could you send me the measurements of the inside boiler i may have a vessel that will fit inside that jacket once the crumpled one is removed . thanks tim
  23. 1000 liter still

    i would be interested in some pics detailing the damage if you have time and a idea what kinda money you are hoping for thanks . fbk.northern@xplornet.ca
  24. 1000 liter still

    who manufactured that boiler
  25. 1000 liter still

    hey paul that makes sense i wondered why the valve didnt blow guess it cant blow if its not there lol . i take it you have seen the damage do you have any idea how much the repair would cost .