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  1. The other day I spent the afternoon with Eddie Russell. I took this picture of the menu and the food pairings from the restaurant The Summit in honor of Eddie's visit. The pairings were actually done quite well. I think I liked the Old '87 the most, but if it were me I think I would omit the Diseranno. Perhaps these cocktails and food pairings can serve as inspiration in some of your tasting rooms where you are showcasing bourbon and rye. Enjoy! Eddie Russell Menu
  2. Thanks! I'll certainly take you up on that.
  3. It'll be the death of me Southernhighlander, but fun while it lasts! There's nothing better than a good cigar and spirit pairing IMHO. Cheers!
  4. Turbo, I'm sorry if the comments made after me put mine into the wrong context. I simply wanted to know more about you. It's not my business to know any of those other questions regarding your licensure. With that said, I hope to engage in some insightful conversations with you throughout this forum. Thanks for joining. I look forward to your posts. Joe
  5. Hey Turbo. I'm new here too. Glad to meet you. Where are you? Have you made anything other than whiskey?
  6. That sounds great Foreshot. I'll definitely let you know. We would love to be a part of that tour.
  7. Thanks Huffy2k!
  8. Thanks Christian. We are located in Lawrenceville close to Allegheny Wine Mixer if you're familiar with that part of the city. Its also just a few miles from the distilleries in the Strip. I'd be more than happy to have you stop by once we get underway.
  9. Hi everyone! I just joined ADI. Thank you all for having me as a member. My name is Joe (not Larry ) but I go by both on forums like this. Our distillery will be opening in Pittsburgh, PA later this year. I know this forum has a lot of important stickies to read so I have been busy getting up to speed. I look forward to our discussions throughout the forum. Kind regards, Joe