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  1. Read this if you are new to commercial distilling

    I was trying to set up a distillery in the garage, which is 24' from the house. I sent a diagram to my contact with TTB to check it was OK before progressing any further. He sent it on the the National Revenue Center and I got back a response saying the distillery must be at least 50' from a residence. I'm not sure what CFR this falls under or how the NRC fits into the regulatory scheme, but we put up a new building 120' from the house. The house is on the same property parcel, no problem there. The only headache was seperating with the insurance policies what is covered under the farm/home owner policy and what is covered under the distillery policy.
  2. Cleaning Bubble Plates - no CIP

    Thanks for the input. Do you know where to buy Patcote? I can only find 2 oz bottles on the net.
  3. Cleaning Bubble Plates - no CIP

    Any advice on cleaning bubble plates without CIP? I just got a new 4 bubble plate column and am wondering best way to clean it between runs? I will be running the same product (whiskey off grain) almost daily so not worried about taste of the product coming through in the next batch. Do I need to take the plates off to remove the liquid in the bottom and clean each time? I talked to some folks who said they dismantle and run theirs in a dishwasher. Would running water with cleaner (caustic or acid) through the column following the run and then running clean water through the column to rinse it suffice? If so, how do I ensure no residual cleaning solution from the pot ends up in the plates? Thanks!