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  1. Can but not must, unless it's not right of course.
  2. Just click the link in my post. eazy peazy
  3. My understanding of that regulation is you must gauge your spirits after filtration, not cut to final proof after filtration.
  4. Customs bond is $259/year, glass bottles are duty free under hts 7010.90.5019 .
  5. Apparently there's a new sheriff in town...
  6. So by posting on this forum you have to live in the US then?
  7. better check on that, mine wasn't 3 phase
  8. A++ $?
  9. So true...
  10. Anyone else received an email solicitation from Synergy Wine And Spirits Group? Got one today. Replied and requested brand references, and received a reply back stating all customers are confidential. Just curious if anyone has dealt with these folks or knows about them.
  11. So anyone with a Mori filler want to describe their cleaning procedure? Must have taken me a couple hours to clean this...
  12. I will change the sub Micron cartridge filter out for each different spirit. I will put those in a container filled with the same Spirit it just filtered until the next time I need it. You you have to turn your pump on to fill the holding tank and then turn it off again? I'm glad I have the automatic float switch. Works like a charm.
  13. What is the recommended proper cleaning method for a Mori 6 spout filler? I have the electric pump, and in between the pump and the filter I put a 10 inch cartridge filter with tri clamp fittings. I want to clean so 1 spirit doesn't contaminate the next.
  14. Rockwood Hines
  15. That's some shady advice there. Nothing wrong with direct fire when used correctly, same as using other heat sources correctly. Plus you get 2000 years of experience to draw from. Of course one must ensure the local authorities feel the same way.