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  1. better check on that, mine wasn't 3 phase
  2. A++ $?
  3. So true...
  4. Anyone else received an email solicitation from Synergy Wine And Spirits Group? Got one today. Replied and requested brand references, and received a reply back stating all customers are confidential. Just curious if anyone has dealt with these folks or knows about them.
  5. So anyone with a Mori filler want to describe their cleaning procedure? Must have taken me a couple hours to clean this...
  6. I will change the sub Micron cartridge filter out for each different spirit. I will put those in a container filled with the same Spirit it just filtered until the next time I need it. You you have to turn your pump on to fill the holding tank and then turn it off again? I'm glad I have the automatic float switch. Works like a charm.
  7. What is the recommended proper cleaning method for a Mori 6 spout filler? I have the electric pump, and in between the pump and the filter I put a 10 inch cartridge filter with tri clamp fittings. I want to clean so 1 spirit doesn't contaminate the next.
  8. Rockwood Hines
  9. That's some shady advice there. Nothing wrong with direct fire when used correctly, same as using other heat sources correctly. Plus you get 2000 years of experience to draw from. Of course one must ensure the local authorities feel the same way.
  10. For future reference, in case there's anyone as dumb as me on here, it's really important to turn the fill / drain valve on the reservoir to the open position if you're trying to fill it. I have been sitting here for 2 hours trying to get this to work. What is the dumbass emoji?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I disconnected the 43 foot reinforced flex PVC hose from the pump inlet and held it down by the floor so the liquid would flow from the bulk tank to the end of the hose. Before I did this the pump wasn't even pulling it halfway through the hose. Then I connected to the pump Inlet back again. Turned on the filler and lo and behold it pumped the liquid through the pump. But only 18 inches through the outlet hose to just before my inline 10 inch cartridge filter housing. And then the pump shut off, but the on switch on the filler is still on. Now I can turn it off and on and the pump does nothing, doesn't even start up.
  12. So I just set up and I'm trying to test my new Mori 6 spout filler. Got a 43 foot three quarter inch hose hooked up to a bulk tank then to the included pump, flojet 4300-043. Hose is floor level, filler is a couple feet above. The pump is running but nothing is being pumped through the hose. wth Anyone have any idea what may be wrong? I'm trying to get this situated this weekend.
  13. Don't trust any bottle maker in China that is not owned and run by westerners. You will regret it. Many times over.
  14. I would rather have just a forklift than just a dock. That's how I did it for 5 years. Is it fun to unload 21 pallets of empty bottles off a trailer without a dock? No, but doable with a pallet jack and forklift in about an hour, by myself. Actually, for the first two years I borrowed my industrial neighbor's forklift when I needed it.
  15. "Most customers aren't easily deceived for long don't care in an open market place." There, fixed it for you.