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  1. The boiler is the WL-60 and the link to the spec sheet is above. Its set up for natural gas but can be converted to propane.
  2. I know its July, but winter is coming... Get your boiler now!
  3. G. Here is the info sheet on the boiler. Its the WL-60 steam model. columbia boiler.pdf
  4. Standard 20ft container, 8ftw, 8.5ft h, 20ft long. 693,000 Btu output
  5. Another Price Drop! Lets find the clearing price for this!
  6. Trident Still for Sale - Sold

  7. Trident Still for Sale $18,000 100 gallon Trident Pot still for sale. Used for neutral spirit or whiskey depending upon setup. 2 meter column with structured stainless steel and copper packing. Primary and secondary condensers with automatic cooling. Includes heads and main product collection tank with vacuum pump for vacuum distillation. Pressure gauge and relief valves on pot. Currently uses three 5.5kw electric heating elements but can swap them out for steam coil or direct steam injection using tri-clamp fittings. Located in Westchester County NY.
  8. Sold the mash tun, but the mobile boiler room is still available.
  9. Need the space, so we're reducing the price to move.
  10. Still have the mash tun ?

    if so, bottom line price please



  11. JarHead, is the boiler new and are you in New York? Could you send me the picture of the boiler right side up. Is the mash tun separate and not included in the $50k?


  12. Another price drop! The Mash Tun is sold, but the mobile boiler room is still available. We're ready to make a deal! We're expanding and rationalizing our equipment holdings. Please PM me with inquiries. (Sorry about some of the inverted pics. I can email them if wanted.) Mobile Boiler Room The mobile boiler room is a completely piped and wired boiler room and could be hooked up to a facility and producing steam in about a day. Once in place, either inside or outside a facility, all that is required is a water, electrical, gas and condensate return hookups and its ready to go. It contains a 22 hp Columbia boiler that can be fired with propane or natural gas along with blow down tanks, condensate return and electrical. It is housed in a 20 foot container and has never been used. $50,000 $33,000 $21,000 Mash Tun/Cooker 300 mash tun/cooker build by Spokane Industries. Comes with stairs, mixer, false bottle and steam injection ring for even heating of mash. Lightly used and in perfect condition. Sold.