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  1. Trident Still for Sale $18,000 100 gallon Trident Pot still for sale. Used for neutral spirit or whiskey depending upon setup. 2 meter column with structured stainless steel and copper packing. Primary and secondary condensers with automatic cooling. Includes heads and main product collection tank with vacuum pump for vacuum distillation. Pressure gauge and relief valves on pot. Currently uses three 5.5kw electric heating elements but can swap them out for steam coil or direct steam injection using tri-clamp fittings. Located in Westchester County NY.
  2. JarHead

    Trident Still for Sale - Sold

  3. JarHead

    Is TTB shut down?

    Guy, Assigned, approved or needs correction?
  4. JarHead

    Slowdown in Formula Approvals?

    I recently submitted two. it was 5 weeks before they looked at them.
  5. JarHead

    Used Bourbon barrels

    new ones are about 150 each plus shipping. I have 4 Jim Beam barrels that i'm not going to use. i'll let them go for $250 on a pallet and ready to pickup. FOB Port Chester, 10573
  6. JarHead

    Funding Quest...and an uphill battle...

    Chinook, I'm a big seller of sba loans (trading jargon for "i dont like them"). Like kckadi said, you jump through a bunch of hoops to for the lending institution and you end up having to sign a personal guarantee for the loan anyway.
  7. JarHead

    Correcting ABV by adding GNS

    Sorry guys, I was a little brief. Here is how I do it. All this assumes that you know how much alcohol you started with, preferably by weight, and you determined the proof by distilling a known volume of the liqueur, collecting all the alcohol, replacing the missing volume with water, keeping temp constant, etc and then measuring the proof. The key is to take the sugar content out of the equation. It’s irrelevant when you calculate the proof, so just assume that you’re working with alcohol and water. If you have significant alcohol loss from the maceration then it isnt this straight forward, but I always make a syrup by weight and measure its density so I can make weight corrections easily. Also, by weighing the pre-proofed sample and the proofed result gives you a relative density of the two so you can take out the dissolved solid component of weight. It also helps to have a laboratory still, a precision bench scale and a water bath. Lets assume that the proof you got was 74. And you started with 100 lbs of 190 proof. Then 100lbs *.14718 lbs/gal (table 4) = 14.718gal @ 190pf => 13.98gal @100% => 37.78 gal @ 74 pf => 37.78 gal / .12557lbs/gal = 300.87 lbs = W1 (this is what it would have weighed if you just were using water and alcohol.) Now, 13.98 gal @ 100% => 34.95 gal @ 40% abv (80pf) => 34.95 gal / .12616 lbs/gal = 277.03 lbs = W2 W1 – W2 = 23.84 lbs excess water So, how much 190pf to add (lbs) to get to 80pf when you have 23.84lbs of water? Total Weight (T) = Weight(190) + Weight(H2O) = W(190) + 23.84 Total weight is also equal to: T = 190/80 * (.14718/.12616) * W(190) (here is where the magic happens) W(190) + 23.84 = 2.375 * 1.1666 * W(190) = 2.77 * W(190) => 23.84 = 2.77 * W(190) – W(190) => 23.84/1.77 = W(190) => W(190) = 13.47 lbs (Sorry for those of you who didn’t want an algebra lesson.)
  8. JarHead

    Correcting ABV by adding GNS

    Using the amount of alcohol you currently have in solution, calculate the total volume that would make 40%. Calculate what that volume would weigh. Now weigh your underproofed volume. The difference in the 2 weights is how much excess water you have in your underproofed volume. Now, you know how much water you have by weight and you can look up the gallons per pound of water, 190pf and 80pf. From there its pretty straight forward to calculate how many pounds of 190 proof to combine with the water to get a 40% solution.
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    Kendo 750ml bottles

    Anyone have an pallet of Kendo 750ml bottles that they would be willing to sell?
  10. JarHead

    does your bottle suck?

    my bottle doesnt suck. but its price does...
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    this guy did mine. http://chrisformisano.com/ real pro.
  12. JarHead

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from StilltheOne Distillery. Now, lets get out there and sell some liquor!
  13. JarHead

    PDA-2 Columns for sale

    Jonathan, Yes you should. Especially since you're right around the corner.
  14. JarHead

    PDA-2 Columns for sale

    I have 2 PDA-2 columns and one stripping head for sale. The link for the description is below. They are about 1 year old and have been used to make vodka. Our vodka got 90 points at BTI this year so the equipment performs as advertised. The stripping head can also do double duty as a simple pot still for whiskey or brandy distillation. This set up is perfect if you want to minimize your downside risk during startup operations or if you have a modest budget to start. The price is $2,000 for the two columns and stripping head. (Shipping is not included.) That is about 1/3 the cost of those 3 pieces new. The "boilers" are not included but I'll email the plans for converting stainless steel drums. I'm selling them because now that I have a couple of products that have been validated by the marketplace I feel I can risk some more capital on a new still with more capacity. http://www.amphora-society.com/The-Amphora-Society-PDA-2_p_10.html
  15. JarHead

    PDA-2 Columns for sale

    I strip with a copper head, but i also have thin copper sheeting rolled up in a separate chamber (like a catalyzer) just to be safe.
  16. JarHead

    PDA-2 Columns for sale

    Jack, I have a few more stripping heads and i'm going to continue to use the boilers for stripping and brandy (2 distillations) until I need the efficiency of a big 3 plate still. The process i used for the PDA-2's was to do a stripping run on the short heads, which gave me about 30% abv, and a vodka run on the PDA-2. It will get it to 190 proof, but distillate flow is only about 45ml per min so get a good book. I didn't replace the packing for the year I used it, but I did rinse it with hot water after every spirit run. For vodka I now use a 400 liter still that I had Trident welding build for me and in which i installed stainless steel packing. BTI is the Beverage Testing Institute. A thumbs up from the woman who got the distillery of the year award? High praise indeed. (although the vodka only got a silver at NYISC)
  17. JarHead

    PDA-2 Columns for sale

    Sold. My offer was lifted. Guess I priced it too cheaply.
  18. JarHead

    PVC and alcohol

    Will. I love that bar!
  19. JarHead

    Distilling to 190

    I do a stripping run with a simple pot still to get the low wines to about 38% and then put it in a 100 gallon still that I had Jesse at Trident Welding make for me. It has a 1.6 meter column with stainless packing (the industrial stuff, not scrubbers) and a dephlegmator on top. The run takes about 8 hours plus 90 min for heat up and I get 190.5 proof for the hearts. It only takes 10 minutes to change out the column if i just want to use it as a pot still. The still looks great and costs about 1/6th of the price of the 20+ plate monsters from Germany. I only mention this because I think its a shame that as artisans we're so ready to buy a manufactured solution (in Euros no less!) when there are plenty of artisan fabricators in the U.S. that can deliver to us a fantastic, cost effective solution (if you know what you want). Just one man's opinion.
  20. JarHead

    Polishing and Cleaning Up Stainless Help

    I would seriously consider Jesse's advice. I have some of his stainless work, and it is flawless.
  21. New (unused) AJAX 22HP low pressure (15 psi) atmospheric steam boiler. Manufactured in Sept 2009, this AJAX boiler is in new condition and still in its shipping crate and has been stored in a climate controlled warehouse. Configured for natural gas but also has burner tips for propane. This boiler is ready to install for your distillery. (The new building inspector in my town has made it impractical for me to use it in my distillery. Have to stay electric.) The boiler produces 775lbs/hr. steam. Warranty still in effect. Includes draft hood in box and operating and maintenance manual. Shipping not included, but we can load it onto the freight hauler. Shipping wt: 2,952lbs. Shipping Class:85 At $10,000 its a bargain.
  22. JarHead

    stainless totes available, CHEAP

    Simple to clean. Rinse, get in with a sponge and PBW, rinse again and them wipe down with sanitizer. 20 min. Its so easy I can even get my daughter and her friends to come by on a Saturday to clean tanks for a while.
  23. JarHead

    stainless totes available, CHEAP

    I bought some from Custom MetalCraft last yr. Three 550's with the cooling jacket and wine tank accessories that I use for fermentation and 2 350s for mixing and bulk storage. they are a terrific value.