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  1. Hedgebird said "If your just looking to blend and bottle and not actually distill then my advice is to not bother at all as no one wants that crap anyways." As far as blending and bottling, you are incorrect. Canadian blended whiskey sales are absolutely huge and certain Canadian blended whiskeys are considered very high end. Flavored Vodka sales are huge as well. Creating a good blended Whiskey and or other blended spirits, utilizing GNS is an art all to itself. What Makami is creating sounds delicious. If you have a distillery, then blending is just another tool in your tool box. I'm not saying that a distillery must blend, I am saying that no one should look down on another person in this industry, because they are blending using GNS. I think what Makami is doing sounds wonderful, well thought out and very artistic I think that the most important thing, is that you make a good product for your customers. Just because you do not make mash and run it through a still does not mean that you are making a crappy product, on the contrary millions of dollars and some great spirits have been made by people who have never made a drop of mash.
  2. Here's the thing. My company has a lot of stills and other equipment out there and we are only a 5 year old company. We have had some issues, just like all fast growing manufacturing and wholesale businesses have, but we have always taken care of our customers. Meaning, if there is a problem with one of our stills, we will take care of it as soon as possible. If I have to send someone 1500 miles to do it, then I will and we have done that. We have a very large list of references and distilleries, that our potential customers can visit to see our equipment in operation. We have good solid equipment at great prices and we are always striving to improve our equipment and service and everything about our business. I'm very proud of our equipment and the business that my employees and I have built and the fact is, I could never have done it without my employees or my customers. When I hear from respectable people about being given timelines of a few weeks and them not getting their stills for almost a year, and they still have not gotten their still and people getting their stills with horribly ugly welds and leaks and then that is fixed after several weeks and the still will still not function properly and the company says that they will send someone out to fix it ASAP, but it has been months and no one has shown up to fix it and they cannot get anyone on the phone and their emails are never replied to and I could go on. That sounds like a nightmare to me and it pisses me off. I have no problem with ADI forum and I will respect their policy and will not mention any names on the forum. I understand that negative posts concerning business can open them up for liability. Paul Hall 417-778-6100 CEO Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC
  3. After rereading my original post I shortened it to the below, because I believe that I came on to strongly. I apologize if I offended anyone. The Scots Irish in me just sort of burst forth. Jo-el-eo is correct. This is a really bad situation. More people who may get ripped off, are placing orders with this company every week and there is no way to get the word out. For all of you who are looking for equipment. The company that we are referencing, that we cannot name on here, is a company that builds stills in the USA in one of the western states. If you fly out to their facility everything looks great, but they don't really have any references, IF A VENDOR CANNOT GIVE YOU AT LEAST 10 REFERENCES DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. This company runs big full page ads in the Distiller Magazine. Their equipment looks really good in their pictures on their web site, but up close not so much.
  4. Still dragon does not sell a heating system for their stills. It's neat that you use a vacuum still. We sell vacuum stills in our other business which involves building equipment for the extraction of oils from plant materials.
  5. Good luck with your endeavor. From the sound of it i think that you will do really well. If you have not already filled your equipment needs, give us a call 417-778-6100 or email paul@distillery and check out our web site at
  6. Hi Lorenzo, If you are doing Whiskey or Bourbon you will not have any problem getting the ABV that you need in 2 runs with one of our combination mash tun stripping stills. However, we can do a combination Mash Tun stripping and 4 plate column still, or a combination mash tun stripping and vodka still that will also do whiskeys and or anything else that you want to do. 417-778-6100
  7. Cestrin, Ultra low watt density water heater elements have less than 40% of the watt density of the regular old, strait, no fold water heater elements. Industrial ultra low watt density elements go as low as 15 watts per square inch. I'm a Camco and Chromalox distributor, but for direct fire electric stills, I sell elements that are specifically designed for use in washes (wort) with no solids. They are UL listed, mirror polished, 316 stainless, ultra low watt density, double fold, ripple elements. Brewers love em. So anyway, the difference is more than minor. For Barley wash (wort), it is the difference between scorching and not scorching. It's that simple. We have sold several thousand direct fire stills. The heating systems on all of our electric direct fired stills are proportional control. Also, the greater the difference in temp between the element and the wash the more likely that it is to scorch. If you have a difficult wash then you can use a heating system controller with proportional control to get that watt density a little lower at the beginning of the run and it will be less likely to scorch when the wash is hot. Also, straining out all of the solids is very important. Will changing elements for sure solve your issue? if you were dealing with barley, or certain other wort, I can tell you for sure that it will. For a rye wash, I'm not sure, mainly because if I were going to do rye, I would do it on the grain. I would never distill a rye whiskey from wort. Of course you cannot normally do on the grain distillations using heating elements. You need indirect heat for that. We have very affordable jacketed stills from 8 gallon to 2500 gallon. If I were you, I would use that still for single malts and rum. I can sell you heating elements that will work with those washes for around $30.00 each. Guaranteed no scorch. Maybe they will work for your Rye wash, maybe not. If you fallow Silk City Distillers advice and use the enzymes etc, then I think that you have a better chance with it working with my elements.
  8. Watt type of elements are you using? You may be able to stop the scorching by putting in ultra low watt density elements. Once you let me know what elements that you are using I can give you a recommendation that may solve your problem.
  9. I would suggest a jacketed still. We have them for $3,000.00 and up with self contained electric heating systems. You can distill grain in mashes with no scorching. 417-778-6100
  10. From what I could tell from the pictures they sent me, it will cost between $5,000.00 and $7,000.00 for us to fix it.
  11. Hi Hudson Bay, We supplied the column and gin basket. They sourced the jacketed still pot somewhere else. I repeat we did not sell them the still boiler. It is my understanding that a plumber was running hot water into the jacket of the still boiler under pressure. No pressure relief valve was on the jacket. We would have certainly put one on the jacket if we had sold them the still pot. The jacket was built for low pressure steam 15 psi or less. The jacket was pressurized to around 60 psi with hot water. The wall of the inner boiler gave way inwardly. The inner wall also ruptured. The buckled ruptured section of the wall of the inner boiler must be cut out and replaced. My fabricators can fix it.
  12. We have a large selection of great quality tri clamp and other sanitary parts and fittings at better prices than our competitors listed above. This is our site as well
  13. Kansftb If you would like to email me web site 417-778-6100 Paul
  14. Kansftb, We built the boiler that Mash is referencing a couple of years ago. It is a custom built steam injection boiler. You can inject hot steam directly into the mash in a still or mash cooker. We have those in 2 distilleries steam injecting 300 gallon whiskey stills and we have them in 5 or 6 more distilleries injecting mash cookers. They work great but you must reduce the operating capacity of your still by 20%. We no longer build them. We never had any problems with them. We just stopped selling them because we can sell our jacketed baine marie stills for less than what it costs for a still or mash tun and the steam injection boiler. In fact, for just a little more than what you paid for the Hoga you could have had one of our jacketed stills with the built in electric heating system. You might also consider an electric heating system with elements directly in the mash. I can sell you the heating system complete with the controller and the copper tri clamp ferrules that can be welded directly to your still pot. Welding copper ferules directly to a Hoga still pot takes a really really good tig welder. My guys deliver our stills all over the US and they have a huge number of deliveries during the next couple of months. If they are in your area they could retrofit your still for the electric heating system or for the steam injection boiler. Where are you located?
  15. When the flow is adjusted properly my stills will put out 150°F water from the condensers during whiskey runs. Most of my customers run their hot condenser water into plastic totes or stainless tanks and they use all of that water for their next mashing in and for CIP and other cleaning. No chiller needed in places where tap water is less than 62°F. No underground tanks needed, huge savings on heating water and really fast heat up to operating temp times for mash cookers. All of the condenser water is completely recycled.