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  1. Stripping in a mash tun

    Hi Jeremiah. We have 30 or 40 combination mash tun stills in distilleries all over the US and some in Canada. We could build the column flange to go on your vessel as well as the column line arm and condenser. If you have a drawing of the tun that you could send us, we can give you a quote for everything that you need. You would just need someone there to weld on our column flange and cut the whole for the column flange. We can even supply directions so that your sanitary welder can easily do the job. Our email is paul@distillery-equipment.com Shoot us out an email and we will supply the quote as well as our reference list and a list of the people using our combination Mash Tun Stills.
  2. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Dave, As far as I know we have responded to all of your emails that we have received. We allways respond to all emails. Your still and Mash Tun that you ordered on Feb 27th will be delivered and set up at your distillery within the next 2 weeks.
  3. Mile High vs. Hillbilly

    Please see the options below. When comparing apples to apples, we have the best prices in the industry as well as great quality and excellent customer service. We also have jacketed stills in which you can do grain mashes in 6 gal, 10 gal, 20 gallon and up. Unlike some of the others we have complete turn key units with heating system and controller. https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/stills/products/26-gallon-moonshine-still-with-4-borosilicate-sight-glass-4-plate-column https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/stills/products/26-gal-moonshine-with-4-borosilicate-glass-4-plate-column-everything-included https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/stills/products/26-gal-moonshine-still-with-4-stainless-bubble-plate-w-cooling-kit https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/stills/products/26-gal-moonshine-vodka-e-85-ethanol-still-4-bubble-plate-copper-stainless https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/stills/products/26-gallon-moonshine-still-with-4-diameter-copper-whiskey-column-distiller https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/stills/products/53-gal-moonshine-still-4-bubble-plate-copper-stainless-reflux-column-vodka-e85-6 http://distillery-equipment.com http://moonshine-still.co
  4. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Evidently a lot of distilleries are doing really well. Several of my customers, who purchased equipment from me 3 to 5 years ago have come back and purchased larger equipment. Some of them traded in their original equipment, while others kept the original equipment and just added more capacity. One of my customers purchased a 300 gallon Ultra Pro Vodka Still, 300 gallon Pro Series Mash Tun, Rite low pressure steam boiler and several fermenters. 2 years later he added an 800 gallon Ultra Pro Whiskey Still two 800 gallon Mash Tuns and several 800 gallon Pro Series Fermenters. He is having trouble keeping up with demand and may soon add a complete 1500 gallon set up, which will put him at 2,700 gallons of still pot capacity. If distilling fallows the same path as craft brewing, then we still have room for thousands of distilleries. All industries have a some businesses going under, while some succeed and others succeed really, really well. The SBA tells us that on average, about 50% of businesses fail in the first year. I don't know the figures exactly, but I know enough to know that way more than 50% of distilleries survive the first year. Because of the demand for craft spirits, craft distilling is a great business to get into right now and it will be for some time to come. If you are well funded this is one of the best times to get, in my opinion. It's just like anything else, some will not do so well, but others will go really really far and some of the biggest winners aren't even in the game yet. http://distillery-equipment.com http://moonshine-still.co
  5. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    That's Awesome! I agree, vacuum is fun and it opens up a lot of possibilities and the vacuum distillation process for beverage ethanol is a safer process, in my opinion. We've built some smaller short path ethanol reclamation stills with vacuum pumps. They reclaim ethanol from a mixture of oil and ethanol. The oil is extracted from the plant material at -80 C during the extraction process, so there is no water component in the oil ethanol mixture. The boiling point of the oil is very high, so the ethanol is easy to separate from the oil. I'm working on a design right now for a 500 gallon short path vacuum still for ethanol reclamation. It's a big jump in size from the small ones that we've built. Challenges can arise when going from small systems to large systems, but I believe we will be successful. Once we build the 500 gallon short path, we are going to start experimenting with beverage ethanol vacuum stills. The big industrial vacuum pumps are expensive, but the size needed (including installation) should cost less than the cost of a steam boiler including installation.
  6. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    You can run 50% abv or 15% abv or evan 8% ABV, Running at 15psi you only add around 320 gallons of water to 2100 gallons of mash before you reach operating temp. Once operating temp is reached the total volume of liquid in the still decreases, because at that point you are vaporizing ethanol faster than you are adding water. There is no problem doing the tails cut. I have a question that will help you understand. Do you do your tails cut any differently when distilling from an 8% mash, then when you are distilling from a 50% mash? The quantities are different but the cuts are done using the same methods. Did you see my post about my new line of stills that distill below 100 degrees F? What do you think of that?
  7. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Just thought that I would let everyone know that we are working on designs for a new line of stills that are very different than the average beverage ethanol stills that are currently in use. Our new stills will distill at less than 100 degrees F. They will be jacketed and can be heated with 165 F water from a hot water heater. These stills can be used to make any spirit that you desire. They will have an automated computer control system. We will post updates as time moves forward. paul@distillery-equipment.com Also we currently have in production a new still that will produce 90 gallons per hr of 190 proof gin or vodka. The price is only $49,995.00 Email me privately about this one. It is not on the web site yet. paul@distillery-equipment.com http://distillery-equipment.com http://moonshine-stills.co
  8. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    Direct steam injection is an age old tried and true method for mash cooking, stripping and spirit run distillation. During the later part of the 19th century and the early 20th century, direct steam injection was used by legal bourbon and whiskey distilleries in the southern US. Though not as popular as it once was, direct steam injection is still used in legal distilleries for mash cooking, stripping, as well as spirit runs today. We have sold several steam injected mash cookers, stripping stills and spirit stills. Our steam injected spirit stills have produced spirits that have won national and international awards. Two of our steam injected stills are pictured below along with the steam injection vessels. The complete system, including the steam injectors, were designed by me. The largest steam injected spirit still in operation today was built by Vendome and is used by the Call family of NC. It is known as the Beast and it has a capacity of 2,100 gallons. It has a traditional turnip head and a thumper. For over 130 years distillers who use direct steam injection for spirit runs have claimed that their spirits are far smoother and taste cleaner than spirits ran in other types of stills. Direct steam injection has been used by moonshiners in the southern highlands of the US for well over 130 years and is probably still used today. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/for-calls-the-art-of-making-moonshine-runs-in-the_us_56fe928ae4b038fff497f81e For Calls, the Art of Making Moonshine Runs in the Family ... www.huffingtonpost.com The Calls use a 2,100-gallon still — which Brian designed and Vendome built — employing a unique method of direct-steam injection that prevents the ... http://www.blueridgeinstitute.org/moonshine/still%20_types_and_techniques.html Moonshine - Blue Ridge Style - Still Types and Techniques www.blueridgeinstitute.org Named for its squatty turnip-shaped boiler (often called the “pot”), the turnip still dates back centuries. In the Blue Ridge it was used into the 1930s, but few ... http://www.callfamilydistillers.com/our-still/ The "Bull" — Call Family Distillers www.callfamilydistillers.com "The Bull" - Our custom designed 2100 gallon direct steam injection still. Designed by master distiller, Brian Call - it is the largest direct steam injection still ...
  9. Distilling on the Grain

    I'm sorry Dan. It was late and I completely misunderstood what you wrote and what was going on. I apologize for the misunderstanding.
  10. Combination mash tun and stripping still

    Our standard series combination mash tun whiskey stills will do a mash cook and whiskey run in an 8 to 10 hr day. Our steam jacketed pro series combination mash tun whiskey stills and ultra pro series combination mash tun whiskey stills, allow the customer to do a mash cook and whiskey run in 8 hrs, including clean up. Our 300 gallon stripping stills will do a stripping run in 2 hrs after reaching operating temp. Our combination smash tun stills cost exactly the same price as our stills without the mash tun option. A distillery can start with one of our combination mash tun stills and once their orders dictate, they can add a dedicated mash tun. Our 500 gallon steam fired mash tun stripping still costs $26,000.00 with built in crash cooling, that will give a 1/2 hr crash cooling time. With the correctly sized boiler, heat up to operating temp for distilling is 41 minutes and you can do a complete stripping run in 2 hrs after operating temp is reached. These units have a 304 stainless inner boiler, that is over 1/4" thick stainless steel. They have both a steam jacket and an insulation jacket.. Mirror polish inside and out with internal copper components that give more copper vapor interaction than an all copper pot still. 417-778-6100 paul@distillery-equipment.com We offer a complete line of equipment including steam boilers.
  11. Distilling on the Grain

    Who is claiming "...copper is a worthless feature for a bourbon still"?
  12. Distilling on the Grain

    Minnetonka Dan I would like to have seen the reaction you would have gotten if you had said that to Lem Motlow or Booker Noe. For that matter, the reaction of any Master Distiller along the Bourbon trail. So, I have the same question as Silk City. RobertS is absolutely correct. 99% of the Bourbon in the US is distilled on the grain. That is the absolute best way to distill white dog for Bourbon and any Corn based Whiskey. Here is the deal. If you push off of the grain distillation equipment towards someone doing Corn Whiskey or Bourbon and you sell them that equipment, you are doing them a major disservice. If you tell them that luatering and off the grain fermentation and distillation is the best way to do corn based mashes, then you are either intentionally giving them the wrong info, so that you can sell them your equipment, or you are ignorant of the correct process and need to do further research.
  13. My experience with Corson Distilling

    You are welcome. The import info listed is a matter of public record.
  14. My experience with Corson Distilling

    Here is a very good manway for a still pot https://www.glaciertanks.com/pressure-manways-mw-rnd-g18-4-ss304.html Note all of the clamping points. This is what we use and I have never had one leak. Here is a really cheap Chinese manway https://www.glaciertanks.com/non-pressure-manholes-mh-g10-non-press.html This is one of the worst manways that you can use for a still pot. They almost always leak. Note the lack of clamping points. Also this is really light weight. Please note the manways listed on the import records below. All of the listed shippers are in mainland China.
  15. Explosion proof requirements

    biodzlden I don't think that any inspectors are going to have a problem with the brass valves. We have stills in over 200 distilleries with the brass valves and no inspectors have mentioned any problem with them.. Email me privately paul@distillery-equipment.com and I will get you a price for the stainless ones. They can be a lot more expensive than the brass ones. There is another way. You can run tubes into the bottom of a column of water. Every 27.7" of water column gives you one psi. If you run into a 56" column of water you will have a pressure relief device that is actuated when the internal pressure of the still reaches 2 psi. The diameter of the water column does not matter so you could use a 2" diameter piece of pipe that is 83" tall and that will give you a relief device that operates at 3 psi. If you need help calculate the diameter of the tubes needed to feed the water column pipe, just let me know the diameter and height of your continuous column and the amount of vapor going in and the amount of condensate that you will be producing per hr, and I can give you the size of the tubes that you need, if you decide to go that direction.