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  1. barteld

    Where to find something like this

    CDR, please PM/message me about a column still. Thank you.
  2. barteld

    125 + Gallon Stainless Vessel

    Another vote for pictures if you have them, please. Thank you.
  3. Gai 6 head gravity filler. Stainless steel. Adjustable shelf. Table top model. Very good condition. $2300. Call/text (2O6-552-9l66) or direct message. Located in Portland, OR. Will ship.
  4. barteld

    Square Bottle Labeler

    Thank you for the idea. We'll check it out.
  5. barteld

    Square Bottle Labeler

    In need of label applicator (manual or electric) to apply back and front labels to square bottles (375 and 750ml). Thank you.
  6. We have extra cases of Arizona style 750ml bottles available. Take a bar top closure. 12 per case and includes box. Can arrange shipping or storage for future use. Located in Portland, OR. Send a PM or call/text 206-552-9166.
  7. Six head table/bench top gravity filler from Italy. Mechanical float for shutoff. Adjustable shelf for a variety of bottles sizes. All stainless steel. In very good condition. Located in Portland, OR. Will ship. $2,500. PM or call/text anytime (2O6-552-9I66).
  8. 15000 bottles/1250 cases. Price based on quantity. You can buy one case or the whole lot.
  9. Seeking used label machines (semi or automatic) and bottle fillers (semi or automatic) in very good+ working condition. Message me or call (2O6 552 9166). Thank you.
  10. barteld

    New 375 ml Jersey Bottle Now Available

    Would like a sample and pricing, thank you.