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  1. Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    It seems like quite a few have been mentioned.
  2. Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    Thats a fair point.
  3. Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    We switched from a copper to a stainless condenser about two years ago, and I feel like it has had a positive impact on our product.
  4. Sediment in finished bottles

    This is posted in whiskey, but you did not say specifically what type of product. Is it just normal whiskey, or flavored or... ?
  5. Benefits of Tube in Jacket Condensers?

    I dont understand why you think one type/style/design of condenser would be more prone to a vapor release than another style. A "loss of water pressure or similar coolant flow event" would cause the same concerns/issues with any type of condenser. As others have mentioned, the benefit to a tube in shell (Gatling gun style) condenser is that its more compact vs a worm tube.
  6. Separating rye and corn into their own mashes

    My understanding is that Buffalo Trace cooks their corn and rye separately, then combines at some later point.
  7. Separating rye and corn into their own mashes

    Could you just cook the two mashes separately then combine for the fermentation?
  8. Barrel Racks

    Looks like these are long gone. Post is over a year old.
  9. Dephlegmator and Condenser Equilibrium

    Not really sure I have much insight, but right from the start what your describing seems off. The only way the kettle temp (temperature of the liquid agave) could hold constant for 5 hours while being boiled, is if you where refluxing 100% of the alcohol and not collecting any alcohol off the parrot. (or collecting such a negligible amount as to have no measurable impact on the kettle ABV). You do not mention collection volume/speed/rates at all. *if* the temperatures you are sharing actually are accurate, that would indicate you ran the still for 5 hours without allowing any alcohol/liquid to pass through the dephlegmator and that seems unlikely. Also, what exactly is the "condenser temp" measuring?
  10. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    While it certainly seems like the main issue has been identified, another possible problem could also be caused by using RO water. If they have an RO system anything like mine, it probably runs pretty slow. Are they by any chance making RO water in advance of mashing, and then letting it sit untreated for any period of time? If so this could provide extra time for bacteria to grow in the water prior to mashing. At my distillery we remove the chlorine/chloramine about a day prior to mashing and store this in a tank. As I am concerned about bacteria growth in the time between de-clorinating and mashing, we run all the mash water through a UV light immediately as it enters the mash tun. This is a fairly cheap and simple upgrade with the only maintenance being a change of bulb once a year. They might also want to grab a bacteria test kit, and check the RO water they are making to confirm its not letting bacteria through either because it is not installed properly or needs new filters, etc. Just a few more thoughts to pass on to these folks!
  11. Soda gun with vodka?

    What about mixing the vodka seltzer in a keg and serving from a kegerator or beer jocky box?
  12. Soda gun with vodka?

    That would probably count as a mixed drink. "ABC board last week decided that they are now going to interpret legislation differently than they have the last 4 years; which means NO mixed drinks."
  13. Cooling Water set up feedback

    Not sure what setup mentioned above your looking for, but the simple one we are using looks like this: Conestoga River -> City Water -> Condensers on Still -> Hot Water Holding Tank -> Mash Tun
  14. Wash Ratios

    It would seem this question depends heavily on the type of molasses you are using and its sugar content. Here are two previous conversations that touch on this subject:
  15. Invaluable equipment vs

    That seriously sucks, and I am very sorry to hear it. You should certainly share the name/info on the company you purchased from so others can hopefully avoid something like that! Hope your up and running with a new/better still now!
  16. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

  17. POS system for sales

    We have been using Square since we opened for bottles sales and cocktail service and have been very happy with it. I think its an excellent solution for both our tasting room and some off site sales at festivals and such. I am curious if anyone out there is running a full restaurant with kitchen and bar service, and if so what POS systems you have experience with?
  18. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    I think this is a great point, and it is what I try to do in most cases, and its nice that I can point them to our corn based spirits. But sometimes I cant help myself. Its like when someone asks if we have our bourbon in 375ML bottles. I could just tell then yes, its right here, but I generally I can't help pointing out that we make Rye Whiskey and not Bourbon. Or another example is when folks say Bourbon can only be made in Kentucky. When talking about spirits most people are open to having their beliefs challenged, but when talking about gluten you might as well be arguing existence of god.
  19. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    Not to split hairs, but Gluten intolerance, whether celiac or other, does not trigger anaphylactic shock and as such an epi pen would be basically useless. A wheat allergy on the other hand, could trigger a reaction where an epi pen would be helpful, and it is possible someone could have both a gluten intolerance and a wheat allergy, but they are not the same thing. They are completely different types of conditions. https://www.oakstreetmedical.com/easyblog/entry/wheat-allergy-gluten-intolerance-and-celiac-disease
  20. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    I love the folks that come in and ask what spirits we have that are gluten free. I tell them all our spirits including the whiskey is gluten free; they tell me it cant be because its made from grains; I explain gluten is a protein that cant pass through the distillation process and hence all our products are gluten free; they tell me it cant be because its made from grains. I suggest they read the information from the FDA, Canadian Celiac Association or National Institute of Health that explain why all distilled spirits are gluten free; they tell me it cant be because its made from grains; I tell them the world is round; they tell me it cant be because its made from grains; I tell them to buy the vodka or gin because they are made from corn.
  21. Inexpensive Pump for Hot Water/Backset

    https://www.grainger.com/category/air-operated-diaphragm-pumps/diaphragm-pumps/pumps/ecatalog/N-htoZ1yyyaqdZ1yzy257#nav=%2Fcategory%2Fair-operated-diaphragm-pumps%2Fdiaphragm-pumps%2Fpumps%2Fecatalog%2FN-htoZ1yzy257Z1yyy9kl If you have a compressor one of these might be an option. We have a new one that I know is rated for 212F that we purchased. We also had a cheap used one from eBay that I did not know the temp rating on, but it lasted for about two years pumping our spent mash. Was a great option for us when starting on a super tight budget.
  22. Best label company

    We also use Blue Label Digital Printing and are very happy with them. Lots of sales reps are always stopping by to try to get our business and I typically just give them and old invoice from Blue Label and ask if they can match the price. None has been able to so far.
  23. New tax reform

    I typically move product out of bond the day its bottled so that would not help me, but the idea of making a year or mores worth of gin/vodka in advance and moving that out prior to 2020 is interesting. This strategy would really only work for distilleries that have access to capital and easy storage.
  24. Corson Distilling

    Was this the link you are trying to share: http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/business/article187541748.html