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  1. Ethanol Water Contraction and Dilution

    Its kinda what everyone needs at every distillery!
  2. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    For a distilled product (and probably many other products as well) being organic does not (in my opinion at least) affect the final product itself; but many people would argue that the process used to create an organic product is more environmentally friendly and as such adds value to the product even though it may be indistinguishable from a non-organic product.
  3. Blending Our Vodka and NGS Labeling

    from one bird to another, I hear you on that! The FAQ thingy indicates that you are allowed to change from "Produced by" to "Vinted by" without a re-submisson. You can also change the name or trade name that does the distilling/producing/bottling. While not explicitly stated, I think this indicates that changes to this statement in general are allowable and would not need a new COLA! https://www.ttb.gov/labeling/allowable_revisions.shtml
  4. partner/investor for bottling products

    I guess when something does not yet exist its always going to have worldwide potential.
  5. Blending Our Vodka and NGS Labeling

    Interesting question. I know of one spirit that is a mix of 50% distilled on site and 50% purchased product, and they are using the "Distilled and Bottled by us" statement. Taking a look at the book, I would think you would only be allowed to use the "Produced and Bottled by us" statement as it specifically includes a provision/exception in the next section that allows for a blend of multiple straight whiskies made at separate distilleries (but only if from the same state) to include the statement "distilled by" with both distilleries listed. No similar exception or right is given for Vodka. No percentage level is given for when you can claim its "distilled by" rather than "produced by" Basically you either distilled it (all of it) and can claim that, or you just produced/bottled/packaged it and can only claim that.
  6. Speedy Barcodes

    I am also using Nationwide Barcodes and have had a good experience.
  7. Any suggestions on an out of the box unit/item/set I can purchase to add a PID controlled cooling water valve? (read temperature, adjust water flow) Not looking for anything fancy, just something with a temp probe, PID and 3/4" water valve (pneumatic or electrically powered). Input on ON/OFF vs proportional PIDs would also be appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Vapor in Column Backflow

    It blows my mind that professional built stills might not have a functional trap at the bottom of the column and or the plate deactivation drain line. Sounds like you just need to extend the line from the drain to almost the bottom of the kettle (so it will always be below the mash/wash level) or just add a J pipe to the drain line. What type of trap is on the bottom drain/down-comer of the first column plate above the kettle? Assuming that trap is working and you dont have vapor pushing into the overflow from the first plate, then you have an example of a trap you should be able to duplicate and add to the drain line. If you install a J pipe trap, just make sure to pre fill the trap with water before your first run after its installed.
  9. Accolades for Others

    I wish I would have though about this on Saturday as I would love to stop by your place sometime Huffy! I will certainly hit you up next time I am in Pittsburgh.
  10. Accolades for Others

    Thanks Foreshot!! I just delivered those bottles to PA Libations on Saturday. 8 hours of driving for 2 hours in Pittsburgh.
  11. special bulk orders with special sizes/volume

    We have sold two barrels to private business buyers. The price we charged was/is inclusive of bottling the product for the buyer. We agreed in advance on the size of bottles, etc. (one wants 750ML bottles for use at their bar, the other 375ML for client gifts) They are welcome to stop by the distillery and sample their product, and they can decide when we bottle it. We will print a modified label for use on their bottles to include their name, etc, and hope to be able to only make changes that fit within the "allowable revisions" so that we dont need to get an entire new label approved. For us it works out that they are basically buying 250+ bottles at a wholesale price.
  12. Crash Cooling with Ice

    Just doing some quick rough math using these sites: https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/mixing-fluids-temperature-mass-d_1785.html http://www.onlineconversion.com/mixing_water.htm 250 gallons is about 2,000lb of water. Lets assume your mash will be at 150F and you need to cool it down to 90F for your yeast to live. So you start with 1,000lb of water at 150F and then need to add 1,000lb of ice at 32F to get to your target pitch temp. If my math above is correct (and I am sure someone will correct me if its not!) that seems like a lot of ice! I also know home-brewers avoid adding ice directly to their mashes as its difficult to get/make sterile ice compared to making/getting sterile water. Perhaps not as much of a concern with a whiskey mash. (I know sterilization is not as critical for us because of the speed of our fermentation)
  13. 300 gallon steam piped or jacketed with agitation

    For some reason I was thinking about 300 gallons stills, not 300 gallon mash-tuns. Looks like I need to work on my reading skills!
  14. 300 gallon steam piped or jacketed with agitation

    I think you will find there are limited options for a 300 gallon still under $15,000 unless you find a deal on a used system. A $30,000 budget would allow you to consider 300 gallon systems from a number of manufacturers.
  15. PID Temperature Reading / Cooling Water Controll

    I tried to research some of these questions prior to purchase, but no info is available, and no sales support from the company. I am also assuming it uses a simple on/off valve and not a proportional one. It seems a proportional pid/valve would work a lot better for condenser cooling. For my application I dont think pressure will be an issue. I am hoping the valve is "normally open" so if there is a failure it just sends way more cooling water than needed. We will keep our current temp probe and alarm in place in case there is a malfunction/issue we will be alerted to it. I can post more info once the thing arrives/gets installed if other folks are curious.
  16. PID Temperature Reading / Cooling Water Controll

    Thanks Tom! I think I will give it a try.
  17. Direct Fire Heat Up Problem

    Keep the heat on as high as you can until you reach a boil. As Silk said your not hot enough.
  18. I did not read Rogers post as putting down moonshine in anyway. He is just pointing out that the term "shine" is specific to one type of distilled spirit, that not everyone views it as a positive, and that perhaps its not the most accurate term to use when describing the broader craft spirits market. I branded my first product as a "White Rye" rather than a moonshine, as I wanted people to think of my distillery as a whiskey distillery not a moonshine distillery. All the same, what microshiner is doing is pretty cool and certainly a net positive for all of us!
  19. Vermouth

    Can anyone provide any insight on what class/type options might work for a vermouth? Anyone out there currently bottling a vermouth?
  20. DYE China?

    096 Stills says on their website: "I personally design our Equipment - All Copper Columns, Pot Stills and 304 SS Boilers - manufactured to the Highest Standards, 304 SS no flimsy thin Boilers" But then they show images of stills from Wenzhou Oban Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.: http://www.karimunjawaadventure.com/item-detail/customized-industrial-alcohol-distillation-equipment-distilling-unit.html Seems like just another person middle-manning Chinese built stills.
  21. Just looking thought old images.. 3/28/2012 - Location locked in. 5/30/2012 - Date on a hand drawn plan for the still I built. 8/15/2012 - PLCB paper work mailed everything else 12/24/2013 - First bottle sold So yeah, about two years and I did not have any zoning related delays.
  22. New oak barrels southeast PA

    As far as I know (very well could be wrong here) there is only one barrel making operation in Pennsylvania, and none here in SE PA. http://wilsonfp.com/products.html
  23. Barrel logo engraving

    The orange background color is just painted on with a brush (never was that good at coloring in the lines I guess). We had a two part stencil made for the other colors, and they are just spray painted on. It can be a bit tricky to get both parts of the stencil registered/matched up. It helps to do the painting with the barrel on its end, rather than on its side. I had our stencil made by a vendor on Etsy.
  24. Barrel logo engraving

    Thanks Cunningham - We are super happy with how these are working out. Our stencils are just plastic sheet.
  25. Barrel logo engraving