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  1. At what point is a pot still too big?

    Jameson has some pretty huge pot stills; Wikipedia says they are 75000 L. My family and I toured the working Midleton distillery in early 2011 but I can't remember how big they said they were. I do have a picture though which won't upload for some reason. Of course they are a massive company... Picture here (maybe) https://ibb.co/hCRpda
  2. I think you were given two wrong pieces of information. Your state might have some weird alcohol permit requirement but I don't believe the TTB makes a distinction. You will need a transfer in bond form filed with TTB for anything brought in from another DSP. Maybe that is what the guy on the tour meant?
  3. Transfer in bond to Winery

    Off the top of my head I'm going with no. Wineries can only typically use grapes, fruit, honey, cane sugar, grape brandy, fruit brandy, grape concentrate, et al so something like GNS or whiskey would not be allowed. And anyway, a soda cocktail product made with some random alcohol cannot be done by a winery as far as I know. They need to investigate that idea a little more I think.
  4. Selling spirits in bulk quantities

    As far as I know, from the federal standpoint you just have to pay the tax and report the withdrawal on the appropriate monthly reports. Your state may have some rules about who can sell, transport, and/or receive bulk tax paid alcohol so check with them. I would create a label for the drum that states your company name, DSP #, address, type of spirit, proof gallons, wine gallons, and whatever else seems logical. There may be federal requirements somewhere in the regulations but that is what I have typically seen. We gave up producing vanilla extract for the past two years as vanilla bean prices have been very high.
  5. Do I need to be a Mad Scientist?

    I agree. They show that he could complete something and most likely has critical thinking skills.
  6. "Now hold on, because the rest of this is going to blow your mind." Mind not blown. I hear essentially the same story multiple times per year from people who dream and talk but never do a damn thing.
  7. Do I need to be a Mad Scientist?

    I try not to be rude but sometimes people will show up on a super busy day or during an event and expect full attention/lots of time and that is difficult.
  8. Do I need to be a Mad Scientist?

    I'l probably get blasted for this but... I get a never ending parade of people wanting to apprentice or work for free to "learn the craft". Basically you are asking to get for free what has taken me 25 years and a masters degree to acquire. So unless you offer some skill I happen to need or I'm short on bottling labor, I'm not super inclined to take your offer. In fact my standard response is to offer you training at $1000 per day; you pay me. Most small operations don't need any body, they need skilled bodies; we simply aren't big enough to afford the luxury in time or money. If you can't find a position in a distillery, try a brewery or winery to get a good feel for what we do. Which, by the way, is mostly cleaning. A science background is not absolutely required but it helps when problems arise. In a small operation, being able to handle any situation with creativity is key. Can you re-wire a pump or tweak a labeling machine? Mechanical aptitude often saves the day. Just having passion, or what you think is a good idea, does not make things happen; you must be able to follow through. I don't want to discourage you, but unless you bring some skill, most operations simply don't need you. End of rant.
  9. Transfer Spirits FROM BW -to- DSP?

    I can't imagine that TTB would really like that arrangement as the winery would be acting as a distillery. There really isn't a line on the form for the transfer other than the blank line 7 so it would seem to be an operation that is meant to be uncommon. Or maybe they just didn't think of it.
  10. Transfer Spirits FROM BW -to- DSP?

    We aways use any spirits transferred into our winery right away so I don't even carry over inventory; I figured there would be a solution as it must have been an issue at some point. Glad I could help and was actually right.
  11. Transfer Spirits FROM BW -to- DSP?

    I don't see a way on the winery 5120.17 monthly report to do that transfer. Assuming the alcohol inventory has been kept track of in Part III on page 2 of that form, I would be tempted to record the transfer on line 7 and make a note in part X. A quick call to the TTB should clarify the issue.
  12. determining YAN

    That is pretty slick and reasonably priced.
  13. determining YAN

    I don't know of any kits off hand but I'm sure it can be done for well under $1000. Check out a procedure at http://www.vtwines.info click Online publication then look for Fermentable nitrogen
  14. Polyethylene hose

    I have bought this in the past: https://www.zoro.com/value-brand-hose-food-1-12-in-100-ft-3jt91/i/G1138645/?q=G1138645 but it is much more expensive than the last time I bought it.
  15. Plastic Spirit Bottles

    Does anyone know why 500ml is not allowed? That one has always confused me.