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  1. Nice!
  2. Get a bucket with a liquid tight lid. Weevils like to get into the citric. Some other bugs do too. What a pain. Nice thing about citric vs phosphoric is citric is dry.
  3. American tartaric and univar carry bulk. Probably a brewers supply would too. Most winery supply houses carry citric and Phosphoric can vary in %.
  4. Hello Bay area distillers, I am looking for licensed distilleries who are looking for equipment that I may have, in trade for use of the equipment, we can arrange storage and production contracts. I am willing to pay for space but also could do so in trade. I am open to all possibilities. I was in the midst of building a distillery when neighbors complained, voted for a CC&R change and stopped my land use leaving me looking for brand building solutions to have skin in the game before going to secure a multi-million dollar loan. At this point I am not in a position to move forward on the real estate side but have much equipment to utilize. What I am after: Space to run a brewery or mash tun to make malt whiskeys and other products - your mashing equipment or one I could provide. Barrel storage space to put the barrels away for 3 years minimum. (this could potentially be done at another site). Operate a bottling line either with our equipment or yours. Setting up a dedicated production schedule utilizing your staff or staff I could provide and train. Bring industry professionals to the distillery to explain my brand and enhancing your network if you desire. What I could do for you: - Brewing knowledge - I have taken several Siebel Institute Classes for brewing. I've read many textbooks pertaining to commercial brewery operations, yeast, water chemistry, and taken a great deal of time to develop beer recipes to distill into malt whiskey. - Distilling knowledge - Siebel Institute's Distilling course, Moonshine university, Holsteins' Distilling Class, Various ADI expo classes and I learned a great deal from a truly nice gentleman and someone I consider a friend, Hubert Germain-Robin, who transformed my ideas by showing me traditional methods, blending insight, grape varietal characteristics, and introducing me to people in Cognac, France where I was immersed in much of what is required to setup a distillery and manage a blending cellar. Between 2009 and now I have been doing research and slowly building an array of books, networks of professionals, and equipment to make building a brand possible. Anything I have in my head you are welcome to ask and during the contract I will keep whatever we speak of between us. If there is a concern for proprietary work taking place I will strongly respect this. Importing / Exporting - I had another business where I primarily would import items from China, Korea, Canada, Mexico, and European countries, and resell them. This has shown me forex and importing benefits, laws and regulations, as well as exposed me to many international people who are helpful and available to future needs and relationships. What I do I consider to be more structured and straight forward so I am not as concerned about beer recipes and distilling but i do understand many other types of extraction recipes that would benefit confidentiality. What equipment I have: I have several Chalvignac Pruhlo Alambic stills used by some of the most famous distilleries in California and abroad namely in Cognac, France. The sizes are 660 Gallon (2 fully automated sets from RMS Distillery in Napa - No longer in business), 330 Gallon (full automated new in crates), and 125 Gallon Hoga custom made to fit Charantais designs like the Pruhlo stills. Also, 2 transfer tanks to mix the first run or brouillis before pumping them back into the still for a second distillation. These stills allow gentle distillation making a very smooth eau de vie which can have low aggression and works well for clear spirits as well as control temperatures and makes for refined control of esters for making aged spirits. For anyone who has seen the spirits that come out they know why people use them. Germain-Robin and Charbay both use them in Northern California and these are the standard in Cognac/ Charentais region of France. Links : 5 vessel cip system, 250 gallon tanks with automated Siemens control panel for cleaning cycles of the distillery and brewhouse. I ended up postponing the brewery due to the relocation issues. Jabso pump for cleaning and pumping 2" Yamada Carlson built double diaphragm pump for high proof 2" progressive cavity pump for fruit wines and crushing as well as high proof. Very universal and powerful pump that is gentle. Istill 250 for playing around with vodka and gin. Voran Fruit crusher for fruit eau di vies small 3 vessel 3 BBL brewhouse from stout tanks for small batch whiskey tests batches and making extractions All kinds of wine making tools and transfer gizmos. Anton Paar handheld alcohol meter Goodyear distillery/brewery hoses 1.5" and 2" Husky barrel topping gas pump style handle. Bottlematic 2 labeler Xpressfil Bottle machine 4 spout with gas blanketing Several other odds and ends. I will try and check this site regularly but if you would like to get ahold of me much faster you can either call me or email me. I'm in San Francisco. Thanks, Jeff Bord 707.972.4484
  5. For sale: 1 - 660 Gallon still from Cognac,France produced by Robert Prulho in 1982. This still once belonged to the RMS distillery in Napa and has the classic antique look of the stills that made the worlds best Cognac. This still has an automation center and valves. The valves are dated and will likely need to be reseated or replaced with air actuated valves. Everything else is in good shape. The fire bricks may also need to be replaced to insulate the direct fire furnace. They have shown age and may need replacement parts. We have 3 of these stills and are selling one to get cash flow required to move forward. These stills are in pretty great shape for 30+ years old and will last a very long time. Price is $150,000 and will require roughly 8 pallets worth of parts that can probably be professionally packed into 3. Our 330 gallon still came in 3 very large crates. Please see the pictures in the links: Pics to follow within a week. Located in Willits, CA.
  6. There are quite a few distilleries that have blown up, be warned. This is not a joke and a few have died. At ADI last year there was a member who survived an explosion and another who unfortunately did not who may have been his family member. I know I always thought it would be cool to have my family around helping. I went to meet this crazy smart kinda quirky family who did everything together in Seattle and were very handy building their own stuff. Made me happy seeing them doing everything that way: not the same feeling in regard to explosion danger with my family. H-3 is going to require sprinklers... So get used to that but the area with the liquor and stills are the required sprinklers do areas. Not all have to be sprinkled if you had to be sparse.
  7. This is a friend of my moms for several decades. He used to own a chain of liquor stores and has done commercial real estate for a long time. Bob Christy (713) 419-3824 He is a nice guy and can definitely help you find a building. har Mls These two sites will help you find Light industrial or Heavy Indistrial buildings. I'd say close to all heavy industrial buildings are sprinkled. Most newer light industrial will be as well. H-3 occupancy pretty much makes it mandatory. There are some exceptions but honestly it's best if you can afford it. I'd look around hardy toll Rd between spring and greenspoint or maybe even a little farther or off 290 maybe around beltway 8 so you can get into a really industrial area with good truck access and no one will complain about odors. one other thing to consider... Use permits or allowed use for distillery being a right for that zoning and not having to wait for a public use hearing. If zoning specifically allows it then you won't be obligated to appease neighbors complaints. Obviously in Houston this is less concerning than Sonoma county California but still... Something to consider. if you look really at the actual downtown area or midtown there may be some real nice spots for storefront sales if that is possible. I would say with midtown hipster explosion that I'd probably consider that area if I were ever to go back.
  8. Hi, in one post you mentioned distillers using river water for cooling.  Any idea what kind of pipes and pump to use?

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    2. Trevor


      I'm either 150ft down a slight slope to water staying on my own land. 70 ft if I go across state land. 

      Electric will probably have to be at the distiller building but when I trench in the sewer I may be able to run electric.

      Distillery floor will be at 84ft and creek around 71ft

      Cooling energy is a question mark for now since were still in design.

      If legal and economical I will put water back.


      I'll calculate energy needed when I get a bit further with equipment choices. 





    3. mendodistilling


      In some states they allow non contact water to be used but it's getting more difficult as laws protect these waterways in most states.  I believe in Kentucky this is still done by using river water usually.  They unlike California have more typical storms and reliable water throughout the year.  On my tour of the east coast I saw this a few places and spoke to engineers about the use in bigger plants Bc of the obvious electricity and capex savings.

    4. PeteB


      That sounds like a good option. I am assuming here that if you have a still of less than 1,000 litre capacity you could get away with a 1 hp electric pump. There are 2 options, set up at river and run cables, or set pump at floor level at distillery but I doubt this would work because 13 foot lift is very close to the limit of most pumps.

      With pump at river you would need 1 inch pipe to run up to distillery, black polythene is probably easiest and most economical. A return line would be best at 1 1/2  inch to stop back pressure that could damage your condenser, or maybe not.

      When you know how much energy you need to get rid of from your condenser then someone on this forum will probably help with calcs if you need. Then take the numbers to local pump shop for final sizing.


  9. Did you order a truckload of these? They quoted me a quantity that sounded like a full truckload.
  10. I can put an atmosphere of vacuum on your tanks or stills and scrap them into junk in under 3 minutes of vacuum with my vacuum pump @ 100torr. Enough pressure to where if I used a keg instead of heavy metal it would just crush it like a soda can. I do a lot of vacuum distillation and my Haskell pump will eat your still for lunch.
  11. You have a convex strength when it's pressurized.
  12. No way its the same. I have crushed tanks with vacuums. Not ever exploded a tank with low pressure.
  13. They make chain augers or chotetime PVC pipe augers or blowers that attach below. Choretime Sells most of the things you want to convey from a bag through a tube to the grist cast or whatever you want to put it in.