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  2. This guy is a nice guy with quick work and knowledgeable.
  3. I stand corrected... don't use it on the floors because its the airborne vapor that also can cause this issue. Makes sense really... its a gas.
  6. Is this the same TCA as in using Trisodium phospate with chorine or TSP-C and getting some residual in the bottle which causes skunking? Sounds like not using chlorinated products and a really good acid rinse should start the product off on a safe foot. Most wineries now use quarternay ammonia. It used to be common for chlorinated products to be used but the wine skunking of the cork caused quite a bit of research which led everyone to steer clear of chlorinated products in the production pathway. Its only used on floors, etc. Someone with some out of date methods likely had this equipment. Sounds like if its stainless a good "pickling" of the stainless is probably in order anyway with nitric acid and then should be perfect again. You want to passivate your stainless steel parts from time to time to avoid any chemical gouging and rust. Probably right before starting production would be a perfect time.
  7. Hoga (not sure why my spell check keeps saying "hogs" )provides the welded stainless platform to mount the pot. You have to brick it and vent it using fire brick and / or kaowool (Rockwool insulation). Armindo is pretty accommodating. Ask him the options. Ward burner can help with the controls. See if he can work with someone to build you a switchboard so you don't have to fool with too much and just get to wire it all up vs. having to fabricate the whole process. You'll need some ceramic diffuser or fire diffusers to hit the flame and spread it. Al common. There is a thread on here somewhere that gets into suppliers for each of these odds and ends furnace parts. Been done many times before. You need a cast iron door or something fire proof and have the proper air flow into the furnace. This is why I suggest having a company that deals with mechanical and furnaces help younhere. Or ask Armindo for btu and air flow calcs. He probably knows references at the least. I didn't realize he doesn't make parts anymore for support but he probably has experience from it. On grain will require steam, it's not suggested to do it in a pot. Caustics and acid cleaners will help break all that char up but prob best to try and avoid a high solids content. Steve beam may be able to point you in a good direction if he still has his going. He's in Kentucky and had the goofball from Moonshine's tv series making stuff in his distillery. Prob one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of spending time with.
  8. Also, if you can get a mixer built into your still. As Paul says, on grain will be likely to burn but with a mixer its more likely to succeed.
  9. One other thing that may be worth mentioning is explosion proof exhaust fans that can be turned on by ppm sniffers like fire alarms.
  10. You can build a metal frame to support the hogs and have a flu vent installed by an hvac professional and it will properly vent just like a propane stove in ones home. Same exact btu and setup almost. Maybe twice the btu but probably quite close for a moderate sized main room in a home. All you need for protection is a way to shut off the burner when the distillate temps exceed condensed temperatures bc the condenser coil is not able to cool vapor. this System is so basic and just gently heats and cools vapor. It's not a column still with plates that can clog or build pressure. There aren't places for the vapor alcohols to travel except out the cracks of the pot which probably won't happen ever or forward and stay in vapor form which would shut down the furnace circuitry and stop the vapor immediately reversing the building of vapor by cooling off. No input heat to absorb and the flow of vapor stops. People who point out the home made still that exploded also fail to point out heavens hills epic fire which had to do with vapor fire potential not direct fire. Direct fire has plenty of far superior product out there vs steam. Quality of something that has not avoided Maillard reactions caused by direct flame scorching taste far different from the cooking and caramelization that steam is designed to avoid. Spend the time here to find the types of cheap fire sniffing devices and alcohol sniffing ppm devices which can alert you to trouble. Cooling water temperature should be optimal to keep a pot still operating in a very safe manner. Discus has info on much of this. There have been some amazing people here who have given much input on fire safety devices and fire codes. I'd look there before I'd listen to people who say 2000 years of distillation in all parts of the world before steam were wrong. It's not that cut and dry. Problems start with trapped pressure which isn't possible in a hoga pot still. Vapor pouring out is a problem with a simple fix stated above.
  11. Nice!
  12. Get a bucket with a liquid tight lid. Weevils like to get into the citric. Some other bugs do too. What a pain. Nice thing about citric vs phosphoric is citric is dry.
  13. American tartaric and univar carry bulk. Probably a brewers supply would too. Most winery supply houses carry citric and Phosphoric can vary in %.
  14. Hello Bay area distillers, I am looking for licensed distilleries who are looking for equipment that I may have, in trade for use of the equipment, we can arrange storage and production contracts. I am willing to pay for space but also could do so in trade. I am open to all possibilities. I was in the midst of building a distillery when neighbors complained, voted for a CC&R change and stopped my land use leaving me looking for brand building solutions to have skin in the game before going to secure a multi-million dollar loan. At this point I am not in a position to move forward on the real estate side but have much equipment to utilize. What I am after: Space to run a brewery or mash tun to make malt whiskeys and other products - your mashing equipment or one I could provide. Barrel storage space to put the barrels away for 3 years minimum. (this could potentially be done at another site). Operate a bottling line either with our equipment or yours. Setting up a dedicated production schedule utilizing your staff or staff I could provide and train. Bring industry professionals to the distillery to explain my brand and enhancing your network if you desire. What I could do for you: - Brewing knowledge - I have taken several Siebel Institute Classes for brewing. I've read many textbooks pertaining to commercial brewery operations, yeast, water chemistry, and taken a great deal of time to develop beer recipes to distill into malt whiskey. - Distilling knowledge - Siebel Institute's Distilling course, Moonshine university, Holsteins' Distilling Class, Various ADI expo classes and I learned a great deal from a truly nice gentleman and someone I consider a friend, Hubert Germain-Robin, who transformed my ideas by showing me traditional methods, blending insight, grape varietal characteristics, and introducing me to people in Cognac, France where I was immersed in much of what is required to setup a distillery and manage a blending cellar. Between 2009 and now I have been doing research and slowly building an array of books, networks of professionals, and equipment to make building a brand possible. Anything I have in my head you are welcome to ask and during the contract I will keep whatever we speak of between us. If there is a concern for proprietary work taking place I will strongly respect this. Importing / Exporting - I had another business where I primarily would import items from China, Korea, Canada, Mexico, and European countries, and resell them. This has shown me forex and importing benefits, laws and regulations, as well as exposed me to many international people who are helpful and available to future needs and relationships. What I do I consider to be more structured and straight forward so I am not as concerned about beer recipes and distilling but i do understand many other types of extraction recipes that would benefit confidentiality. What equipment I have: I have several Chalvignac Pruhlo Alambic stills used by some of the most famous distilleries in California and abroad namely in Cognac, France. The sizes are 660 Gallon (2 fully automated sets from RMS Distillery in Napa - No longer in business), 330 Gallon (full automated new in crates), and 125 Gallon Hoga custom made to fit Charantais designs like the Pruhlo stills. Also, 2 transfer tanks to mix the first run or brouillis before pumping them back into the still for a second distillation. These stills allow gentle distillation making a very smooth eau de vie which can have low aggression and works well for clear spirits as well as control temperatures and makes for refined control of esters for making aged spirits. For anyone who has seen the spirits that come out they know why people use them. Germain-Robin and Charbay both use them in Northern California and these are the standard in Cognac/ Charentais region of France. Links : 5 vessel cip system, 250 gallon tanks with automated Siemens control panel for cleaning cycles of the distillery and brewhouse. I ended up postponing the brewery due to the relocation issues. Jabso pump for cleaning and pumping 2" Yamada Carlson built double diaphragm pump for high proof 2" progressive cavity pump for fruit wines and crushing as well as high proof. Very universal and powerful pump that is gentle. Istill 250 for playing around with vodka and gin. Voran Fruit crusher for fruit eau di vies small 3 vessel 3 BBL brewhouse from stout tanks for small batch whiskey tests batches and making extractions All kinds of wine making tools and transfer gizmos. Anton Paar handheld alcohol meter Goodyear distillery/brewery hoses 1.5" and 2" Husky barrel topping gas pump style handle. Bottlematic 2 labeler Xpressfil Bottle machine 4 spout with gas blanketing Several other odds and ends. I will try and check this site regularly but if you would like to get ahold of me much faster you can either call me or email me. I'm in San Francisco. Thanks, Jeff Bord 707.972.4484