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  1. Without taking any position on the contraptions viability in the market place, I will comment on the "brain teaser " you seem to be having with continuous flow to the mini still thing. Just hook it to a keg of beer. If it's a really really tiny still, just feed it a can
  2. I just had a COLA for a Distilled Spirits Specialty kicked back for the 2nd time because I put on the label :Distilled from Wheat. TTB insists that because a product source is not required on a DSS, that to put one on, is potentially confusing to the customer. This is the 2nd of two (so far) identical products (vodkas infused with natural ingredients) and the first one which is identical in formulation and labeling (except different natural flavor ingredients) is 6 months old, and on that label the TTB demanded that I put Distilled from Wheat on the label Because we distill our NGS/Vodka from grain and/or fruit in house it would seem that as all vodka is NGS and all continuous distillation of NGS follows: §5.39 Presence of neutral spirits and coloring, flavoring, and blending materials - (2) In the case of neutral spirits or of gin produced by a process of continuous distillation, there shall be stated the name of the commodity from which such neutral spirits or gin have been distilled. The statement of the name of the commodity shall be made in substantially the following form: “Distilled from grain”, or “Distilled from cane products”, or “Distilled from fruit”. From that, one could infer that the first TTB agent got it right for the first label, and the 2nd one got it wrong ? In todays hyper conscious society of food allergies, particularly with Gluten sensitivity (whether viably carried through Azeotrope or not) we have always felt that it is best to advise our customers of the base ingredients. I believe the TTB allows distillers to claim "does not contain gluten" on products that are corn based. It seems strange that they would allow a distiller to advertise that their products are "gluten free" but not allow distillers who are being conscientious, to alert their potential customers of something that they may have either a real or physiological aversion to. Has anyone received label approvals for DSS's where this has come up, one way of the other? tks
  3. I can never quite grasp the nuance between distillers who don't actually do anything other than warm up someone else's distilled spirtis, and bartenders. Oops, I mean mixologists.
  4. What I meant by that is if you run your strip down to 10% ABV coming over, you are left with aprox 4% of your total original alcohol in the stillage, which you can dispose of, or use some segment of, as backseat. Example. You have 10 gallons of raw alcohol in your 100 gallons of beer. You strip down to 10% ABV at the parrot, and you are left with aprox 4/10th of one gallon in the stillage. Your results may vary depending on reflux efficiencies. The last quote I got on NGS was 44cents per bottle. That's why fake craft vodka for $30- a bottle is such a profitable scam.
  5. We make our own GNS / Vodka, Gin base etc, what I don't quite understand about your question is how or why you are losing 10-20% X 3 runs ? You should be getting initial Aprox 5.1 PG per bushel and the only thing that should be waste is your heads, a little tails and some minimal stillage left in the bottom. In you first run (stripping run) you should lose nothing but what's left in the pot (aprox 10% ABV) which is probably like 4% of the total. The next run (column run) should be less than 5% heads, keep all your hearts, pull off the tails seperate, hold and dump back in your next column run. Take that down to 10% again, and you have 4%+/- waste. Cut your NGS down with RO water, and run it all through your vapor path. It shouldn't have any heads or tails, if your water is clean. Dispose of the 10% wash in your pot (4%)+/- of total. Rinse and repeat, trash your tails after 4-5 runs (or barrel it for something really special). Your yield should be close to 80% final alcohol. Now, if you can make money on that at wholesale, is a totally different question. prost
  6. Sadly, I shall never regain the 15 minutes of my life I just wasted reading this thread. Best of luck. Over and out.
  7. His plan may have actually worked 10 years ago. Now he's behind 800 other made up stories about people's great grandpapies mothers aunt on their fathers side moonshine recipe that was consumed by the founding fathers during the signing of the Independence. Which can be magically replicated by only him, mixing warmed up NGS with local wonder-water. i'll wait for the paperback.
  8. Fixed it. I take no position on antibiotics in water used post NGS distillation. Other than the crap in our nations water supply, lakes and rivers, of course.
  9. Huh ? You're not aware of the battle between big ethanol and the FDA over the use of antibiotics ? It's what you do instead of keeping your equipment clean, and then the grain is sold into the domestic food chain. You know, instead of the hours you spend cleaning inside your fermenters, mash tuns and stills keeping the bacteria at bay? Followed by the painstaking process of following strict operating protocols, but still lose 5% + to other organisms feasting on the sugars that you choose not to kill with synthetic chemical antibiotics? Hopefully most or all of the antibiotics are killed in the vapor carry over at 95+%, but that can't be said for everything that is added thereafter when water is added with unknown contaminants that are pushed over as low as 80 proof. But boy, it sure is cheap !
  10. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could buy some piece of magic equipment that would make commercial bio-ethanol into something other than what it is, but unfortunately it's just not so. it will always be warmed up fuel, made from mash more than likely treated with mass doses of antibiotics, delivered to your door with the faint odor of a PVC Tote. Actually that would be a pretty good Craft brand name: TOTE-VODKA "I love the smell of plastic in my Martini" Prost
  11. How many gallons of wash ?
  12. Heat trasfer is most efficient when there is a large difference in temperatures. Because your heat is at the bottom in one small area, the heat trasfer to the top of your wash is very slow. If you were rolling the wash over, you would be putting it all in closer proximity to your heat source. Keep at it. It's good to see people actually distill their spirits, vs buying it in totes and warming it up.
  13. Throw in a bunch of corn, potatoes, lobsters clams etc.. Make it a party.
  14. The viscosity of your mash may be dissipating the heat, and or you may be building a mash insulating layer on the still walls. I don't see any stirring mechanism which would also help.