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    Small-batch distillation of Voyager Single-Batch Distilled Gin and Pacifique Absinthe at our distillery just outside of Seattle, Washington, USA
  1. Does anyone know of the minimum temperature for opening of the sprinklers over the stills in a distillery? I've reviewed NFPA 13 and it doesn't state. What temp settings are being used for sprinklers above the still?
  2. Can someone provide pricing on the Rudolph?
  3. What are some of the best options folks have found for having hydrometers certified?
  4. Hello, I would appreciate some comments on these elements from a distributor's contract we are looking at. The parts I'm questioning are from the contracts: 1.The distributor wants 100% reimbursement for samples. 2. "Supplier will pay Distributor a termination fee equaling 30% of Gross Sales, as determined by all cases sold the previous 24 months; retroactive from point of termination. The termination fee will always represent the previous 24 months." Thoughts?
  5. Yes, the Race machines are nice, but we have outgrown the manual labelers.
  6. Unfortunately the Label One folks have been gobbled up by Adams Label and no longer make, or support, the labeler machines. So I guess those of us who purchase one (we bought the Vert) are not in a happy place. I was hoping to upgrade our Vert with a moving line.
  7. What is the price of the iStill masher? Don't need an exact quote, just a ballpark number to shoot for.
  8. This is a messed up decision. Very counterproductive to much of what this forum is about.
  9. We have the 3/4" size taps for our operation (2 each 500ltr alembics) and it works just fine. We use it for cooling, cleaning, and running through our RO filter for bottle proofing.
  10. The GRAS list is on the FDA website. Calamus is banned per the FDA, even in alcoholic beverages.
  11. Generally Recognized As Safe
  12. Dehner Distillery, About how much silicone anti-foam would you recommend per 100 liters of wash?