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  1. 750ml Futura ~ Now in 6 Packs

    Hey everyone We now have the 750ml Futura, Bar Top bottles available in a 6 pack carton. If anyone is interested, please let me know as we have plenty of stock in our warehouse in Richmond, VA. Cheers, Shawn 910-399-1846
  2. New 750ml Mason Jar With Handle

    Hey distillers - here is another new Mason style jar which is 4-5 months out from production, but for those distilleries that are still in the planning process this would make a great package to get your moonshine product noticed. Please get in touch with me if you would like more information. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  3. New 750ml Beer Barrel Bottle

    Hey distillers - we will have a new 750ml bottle in the next 3-4 months called the "Beer Barrel" which we were going to market to craft breweries; however I've also noticed a trend with several distilleries making root beer flavored whiskey. If anyone is interested in this unique bottle, please let me know and I will send you some more information. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  4. New 750ml "Morgantown" Moonshine Jug

    New Launch Proudly Made in U.S.A 750 ml Morgantown This Premium Eco Base Moonshine Jug is reminiscent in design of a classic American Moonshine still. The bottle has a round base and large 360 degree decoration or label area. The bottle has been named after Morgantown, West Virginia. Located at the base of the Appalachia Mountains (the home of Moonshine), Morgantown is the stomping grounds of the famous West Virginia Mountaineers and the fastest growing city in the state of West Virginia. Put your White Lightning in this bottle! NOW STOCK AVAILABLE For packaging specifications and shipping information, please contact Wm. R. Hill & Co. Wm. R. Hill & Co. 4500 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23231 shawn@wmrhill.com P 910-399-1846 I C 910-620-9921
  5. New 750ml "Dodge City" Bottle

    New Launch750 ml Dodge City This 750 ML premium glass bottle is reminiscent of an Old West Medicine bottle. The bottle is highlighted by slightly arced front and back panels that can be easily screen printed or labeled. The bottle is named after Dodge City in the state of Kansas. Famous for its history as a wild frontier town of the Old Wild West where Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp were the peacekeepers and where gunfighters found their future on Boot Hill. Put your cure-all in this bottle! NOW STOCK AVAILABLE For packaging specifications and shipping information, please contact Wm. R. Hill & Co. Wm. R. Hill & Co. 4500 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23231 shawn@wmrhill.com P 910-399-1846 I C 910-620-9921
  6. New 750ml "Preakness" Bar Top Bottle

    Hey Distillers, Say hello to the new 750ml "Preakness" bottle. This bottle is now in stock so if you need to see a sample or need any further information please contact me. Technical Specifications: Weight: 30.865 oz Height: 13.268 in. Diameter: 2.815 in. Finish: 032-3120 * Also available with a 28-405 continuous thread finish Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  7. 750ml Futura Bottles Needed

    Does anyone have any 750ml Flint, Futura bottles they can sell us until our next shipment arrives later in June? Thanks, Shawn
  8. Glass For Sale

    What is the name of the bottle?
  9. New Stock Liquor Bottle

    Hey Distillers, We have a new 750ml bottle which we will be stocking this year called the Highlands which is made by VOA in France and it is very affordable for the North American market. If you are looking for your product to stand out on the shelf then this is your bottle. It is quite heavy at 895 grams and is made by one of the best glass manufacturers in the world so the quality is exceptional. We expect our first shipment in by April and can package these for you in a six or twelve pack case. Capacity 750 ml Weight 895 g Height 315 mm Diameter 86 mm Finish type Bar top finish I have just a few samples available so please let me know if you are interested. Cheers, Shawn Wm. R. Hill & Co. 4500 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23231 P 910.399.1846 I C 910.620.9921 WmRHill.com
  10. Domestic Bottle Suppliers

    We can help you out - just give me a shout at your convenience. Cheers, Shawn
  11. 700ml bottle suppliers

    Hey Todd, We are placing an order for these with a European supplier and hope to have stock in the next two months. Please let me know what style you have in mind? We will be stocking these in Richmond, VA. Cheers, Shawn
  12. Bottle Supplier in St.Louis

    Hey Jim, We can supply you with the Nordic and Moonshine jugs as we are a Piramal Glass distributor. What sizes are you looking for - 375ml or 750ml? Cheers, Shawn
  13. 375ml Flasks

    Hey Everyone, We took a chance and brought a few pallets of these 375ml Flasks with the 28-350 finish into our warehouse in Richmond, VA so if anyone is looking for some we have them. They are packed 12/case and there are 220 cases/pallet. Of course you don't have to order a whole pallet! Cheers, Shawn
  14. 750ml Liquor Bottles

    Hey Everyone, We are looking at stocking these two 750ml bottles below in the cork and screw top finish, but first would like some feedback before we commit. These are American made and will cost less than a dollar per bottle so they will be a less expensive alternative to the premium bottles currently in the marketplace. Cheers, Shawn
  15. 375ml flask with CT Cap?

    Hey Max, Did you ever find this flask you were looking for as we have some in stock in our Virginia warehouse. Cheers, Shawn