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  1. Spirit Still Cooling System

    Even worse, BRRR. How much heat will he need to get everything to boil...he can make lots of icicles, melting snow off the roof.
  2. Spirit Still Cooling System

    -50F? You would need a special chiller for that unless you put the chiller indoors-it'll help heat the indoors in the winter.
  3. Spirit Still Cooling System

    The chiller will pump chilled water if placed indoors, summertime you need to vent out hot air, or you can site the chiller outdoors and mix with glycol as an anti-freeze. Your chiller control can be set at 45F for all water, a mix you can go colder but remember the colder you go, the less capacity the chiller has (refrigerant has to work harder to be compressed and fed to the cooler to make the chilled water). Normally, less than 5 HP chillers are placed indoors to prevent glycol cost.
  4. Spirit Still Cooling System

    For up-Northerners, I also provide an air/glycol cooler with a circulator pump, 230/1/60, you can run manually or set up with a remote on-off for all your winter cooling (you need a small heat exchanger to transfer cooling from your cold glycol to the cold water tank). A bit large for your set up, it's a good way to save KW in the winter. About the same price as the 2 ton chiller, but gives you 6 tons of cooling in the winter. You can make VERY cold water or send the glycol to your backyard ice rink, LOL.
  5. Spirit Still Cooling System

    As far as using underground cooling or outdoor radiant cooling like underground pipes, about the best you are going to get is 55-60F water coming to your still, ok for some, when you are producing high volume, not so great. For a couple 100L stills, maybe a 2 or 3 HP chiller would do it and I would run it together with some reservoir which will take the spikes out of the cooling. If your reservoir water temp gets above 75F or so, crank down your heat (slow up). Usually one tote will do it for a setup this small. Cooling mash means more reservoir capacity, starting the totes at 50F or cooler. Set your chiller for 45F exit water to cool down the tote in off hours for quickest mash runs and keeping reservoir temp under control during your run. Let me know if I can be of any other help. P.S. A new 2 HP chiller, single phase is going to cost $7K or so, plus freight, but sometimes you can grab one used. I have some reconditioned ones, varying in size and price and new ones. Mike G., MG Thermal Consulting Co.
  6. Nelson, This is where some distillers get into a bit of trouble, city water not cold enough to chill the mash promptly, especially in the South. That, and if you don't have cheap water and sewer, the cost there can keep rising from year to year. This is what I'm getting at, the chiller is sized to keep the mash cooling under control as well as the still and fermenters in most larger and heavy run set ups.
  7. Hello from NW Pa

    Welcome, Pip! I used to call on W Pa when I worked out of Buffalo- Used to see some doozy trucks off the road on I90 in the winter travelling from Buf to Erie! I you need any help on cooling systems, give me a shout. Mike G
  8. You might want to alert whoever purchases this set up and intends on making whiskey with it, they will need an auxiliary chilled water reservoir to chill the grain mash (cooled from a higher temp, a bit different than vodka chilling). I have new and reconditioned chillers, tank pump sets with controls and mash heat exchangers that would help if that is the case. Regards, Mike
  9. Iowa distiller looking for equipment

    I have worked with many of the distillery manufacturers as well as clients directly on cooling systems for their distillery projects. Message me as I may have a stock unit or reconditioned unit when you need it. All the best!
  10. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    Silk City, Are you saying you are using a glycol chiller @ -20F to condense the product?
  11. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    Boiler feed only needs to be softened for the boiler to operate.
  12. Converting Tote to Stripping Still

    The company I represent has a boiler line that is "clean" non ferrous. You inject steam made from city water and the trickle that remains goes down the drain. what HP boiler would you need?
  13. Used dairy equipment

    You'd be better off putting a flow control on the chiller exit between it and the tank. One reason, you may damage the jacket itself- what is the rating in psi of the jacket. if it is only 15 psig, then you need to install a three way valve to bypass most of the glycol flow and a "flow setter" of you have multiple feeds off the process pump. How large is the chiller= tons of refrigeration or the flow? and the pump? Is your feed piping 2"?
  14. waste heat

    There are many ways, but this one is a no-brainer for Northern climates, pays for the aircooler in the first year - no refrigeration all winter!! In this setup, anything less than 30F is stored cooling to the reservoir, saving 10 HP of chiller run time all winter. I have a hybrid cooler that adds evaporative water to bring down ambient cooling, allowing running still, fermenters and mash cooler for all but a few months in summer.
  15. Electric Boiler

    Devil's in the details (like sizing HLT and trim cooler for excess heat)- a lot has to be known to accurately price out a complete system, but like you say, it's good to know what's out there for the future! In your example, it would seriously reduce boiler size ( I have those to supply as well). In your example, we can do this with current technology and swap out refrigerants when the new refrigerant is available- just in case someone doesn't want to wait:)