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  1. Cooling Water set up feedback

    Av, you may be able to increase the efficiency of the distilling system by using colder water/glycol, the opposite is true of the chiller itself- by operating it at a colder supply temp, you get less and less btu/hr (tons) capacity. This is because of the thermodynamics, which is why you need more than twice the HP on a chiller to make ice for an ice rink where the output glycol is about 15F. Typically, about the maximum tons output per HP input is around 55F for a refrigeration compressor. Running with glycol mix to to make 28F supply glycol for brewery applications you are around half the tons output per HP input. It's a trade off, but only go as cold as you need to to save the KW on your electric bill. This is why I offer ambient outdoor glycol cooler for winter operations up North, when it's below freezing outdoors, you can make a lot of cold water for your CW reservoir.
  2. Cooling Water set up feedback

    Remember to purchase a chiller with non-ferrous pump and evaporator passages- you don't want iron bleeding into your mash, yech.
  3. Bain Marie Heat transfer oil

    I will be introducing a higher temperature heat recovery chiller where you can make both hot water and chilled water for a distillery. It will use a new refrigerant which will allow the refrigerant to operate at higher condensing temperatures for the refrigerant and thus higher water temperature for the water used to condense it.
  4. Cooling Water set up feedback

    The closest practical "approach" is around 15 degrees, approach being the leaving water temp minus entering air temp. This is why you can get a "radiator" type devise, hook it up with a glycol solution, run it with a coil or plate exchanger to your water tank and you can get the water to near freezing with 20F glycol. In a warm processing space, you won't see much cooling because your space is going to get warmer as you transfer Btu's to the air getting it hotter. It all depends how hot the reservoir is, in other words.
  5. ACSA Convention

    Usually vendors get free passes to the expo part if the foot the bill for a booth. I've worked a booth with companies that purchase equipment from me as auxiliary to their products and get in on their pass, too.
  6. ACSA Convention

    Exactly, Paul,,,no floor traffic for vendors!
  7. Rite-Temp RTS-1603 Air Cooled Chiller (16 Tons)

    I supplied the chiller system for this distillery- if you need any further info on it or something smaller, you can contact me for chiller systems or parts.
  8. Cooling Water set up feedback

    The bottle neck on the cooling system is the mash cooling- recovering it gives you hotter water to capture and more of it. On the chiller side, the refrigeration unit must have a couple things in order to reclaim it from straight water- non ferrous water passages (plumbing, evaporator and circulating pump. The chiller normally is indoors to prevent freeze-ups or is a split )refrig condenser outside and the indoor chiller section indoors (this set up requires extra refrig piping and refrigerant gas done by a hvac/r mechanic).
  9. ACSA Convention

    Having worked with manufacturers, I usually got in with their pass, but $600, wow! The most I ever had to pay was about $25. I'm getting old!
  10. Cooling Water set up feedback

    I have done several up North set ups you describe, one in W. CT that uses the "dry" cooler cooling glycol all winter until end of March before he switches over to the refrigeration chiller. Indoors he has a larger poly reservoir for water chilled by either chiller or drycooler by means of a isolation plate exchanger. This means he saves on the running of his 10 HP chiller for almost half the year, payback less than 2 years for the drycooler with it own circulating pump. There are more exotic ambient coolers that are hybrid and can use water spray to extend the drycooler function further.
  11. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Hey Paul, Did you get a little bit of drink to go along with it
  12. Hello from California

    Happy New Year to you! Can't wait to see your installation pictures when you're all finished. We have another chiller going into San Diego in a few months. Mike
  13. Chiller sizing

    Have I discussed your set up with someone in your area? If not, contact me anytime for a quick call, 770-995-4066. Regards, Mike
  14. Hello from SW Louisiana

    My dear friend lived in Morgan City for quite a while. Great peeps to have a crawfish boil with! Give me a shout if you need any help on the cooling side with chiller systems.
  15. How to keep cooling water from going bad

    100% RO water will ruin piping that is not designed to withstand it. RO water will draw ions from many metals and weakening them. With medical systems cooling, they either add propylene glycol or have complete stainless steel wetted surfaces. The chiller must be specified for 100% RO as not all wetted parts of the chiller can be used. Premixed glycol is mixed with RO. Chemical or ozone treatment is cheaper, first cost, than designing a cooling system to be compatible. Most closed loops are not pressurized and have a poly reservoir which because it is non-pressurized, must have an opening to the atmosphere. The dead air can be treated with ozone, which keeps water clean from biologicals. Of you want to isolate the pressurized and non-pressurized flows, you need to add an isolation heat exchanger, very common in the Northern US where the outdoor chiller is charged with glycol mix for non-freezing and the water reservoir indoors is charged with the process water. If you need more details, drop me a line or call.
  16. New DSP in Ohio

    Congrats and if you need lower cost chillers, I have some factory rebuilds. Merry Christmas!
  17. Ice Machine / Ice Maker?

    If you look at large scale ice bins, one or more icemakers are mounted on top of the bin and are operated continuously. Not very feasible for any large scale distillery- expensive to buy, operate and maintain and inefficient to boot.
  18. How to keep cooling water from going bad

    An open reservoir must either be treated with appropriate chemicals or a minimum of 30% propylene glycol to prevent bacterial growth. Lower than 30% in an open tank will actually feed bacteria. If you intend on reusing the untreated water for mash batches, then the way to go is the UV. The UV treats the air gap between the water surface and the top of the tank. I am not sure what Indy uses, but it is more common and is the preferred method for cooling tower water outdoor sumps to prevent Legionnaires.
  19. Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Good luck River City, if you need any budgets on cooling systems, give me a shout.
  20. Have we talked? I am located in Gwinnett Co., NE of ATL.
  21. Hey y'all from SE Indiana (Louisville KY metro)

    You need any help optimizing your cooling system, give me a shout. Tank & pump sets, for instance- like part of what's in my ID photo. Mike
  22. We now have a property!

    Congrats!! If you need a cooling system down the road, please contact me. I do have a few of Paul's customers as clients for my services as well.
  23. Hello from the Burg

    Hey, of you need any chilling equipment, shoot me a call - Huff has one of my chillers and is doing great things I hear:) Mike
  24. Mash Tun Cooling: Part Deux

    Nope, you need to set up an intermediate flow with a plate exchanger and reservoir tank (similar to photo) with a dedicated process pump for the water flow and the chiller pump for the glycol flow. You must be careful here to make sure your reservoir water is not fouled with bacteria (untreated) or else your jacket will get fouled up eventually. Choices here are either a closed pressure tank or a ozone purifier to treat the dead air in an atmospheric tank. Regards,
  25. Mash Tun Cooling: Part Deux

    Indy, You shouldn't need any more pump capacity. I'll get the pump curve and email it over to you Monday and then we can judge.