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  1. They don't want the total worth but they do want to see bank statements of where the month came from.
  2. All the specs i have read for EC-1118 say best ferment at 57.2 and 64.4 ° are you to hot?
  3. Do you guys cook off your wash? Or do you just add hot enough water to the cain juice to get it to mix? Im having a hell of a time getting fermentation to take place.
  4. I think number 9 " Distribution in 8 states by tiny distributors and we don't have the resources to market, thus no re-orders." can have a direct impact on the un paid taxes. Look at it this way. You start selling into multiple states, Every one of those state will want a pallet to get started with sales and as we know taxes are due even if your distribution has not payed you for the product. Its pretty easy to send it out on a 30 day invoice and have the distributor be 90 out on payment. So your paying all your cogs and overhead every day to send product out, and then have to pay taxes on top of it. If you don't have enough capital to hold out until those payments state coming back in you can get behind the 8 ball pretty quickly. But dunno what really happened just thoughts.
  5. Its a threaded male out of the tote. So i need a female (mystery thread) to 2" sanitary.
  6. I took the 2" tri clamp to Female NPT that i have that i cant get to thread onto the tote to the hardware store and was able to thread all the standard NPT stuff into it. As well as all the cam lock fittings so I'm thinking that a camlock won't go on either since it threads onto the fitting that won't go on the tote.
  7. OK This maybe a dumb question so if it is give me a dumb answer. But I'm asking anyway. I have a couple GNS totes the ICB kind that i want to use as fermenters. The problem is i cant figure out what thread type the outlet is. I thought it was just a standard thread but i got a stainless 2" tri clamp to Female NPT thinking it would thread on but it won't go on. Is the thread on the tote specific? Im pretty sure I'm twisting it the right direction lol!! Any advice?
  8. I know of a few people mashing off site in brewery then bringing the wart to the dsp and pitching yeast. Until yeast is added its just cooked grain. Anyone can cook grain no license necessary. But when you pitch yeast its then on the books. but iv been wrong before
  9. Cool thanks..
  10. The why would be because the manufacture specked out 600 btu to run each piece of equipment. So if we run both we are at 1200 btu no? But back to my question. What is your normal operations pressure on your system?
  11. What PSI do you guys usually run your boilers at? Looking to get a 1.5 mill btu boiler to run a 450 gallon still and matching mash cooker. It operates between 10 and 15 psi just wondering if that will be sufficient?
  12. Yeah i know there are more variables, really almost to many to consider all the options, Just trying to get a good idea as to if a 450 gallons still properly ran with a decent mash could yield 53 gallons or so of 120 proof
  13. Ok so a pretty general question but just a show of hand or posts with answers. Can some of you tell me 1 - Still size/mash volume 2 - % alcohol of said wash 3 - total gallons collected at 120 proof Just trying to get an idea of say a 450 gallon still that gets filled with a 10% wash will result in X amount of 120 proof to put in a barrel. I want to match my still size to a barrel or a little over a day production. Just done want to end up a gallon short on my runs. I know the simple math on this says the 10% wash will yield in theory 45 gallons of pure alcohol but we all know it doesn't work like that. So my guess is that it will actually yield closer to 45 gallons of ~ 160 p that will need ~15 gallons of water to get it into the 120 range. So my 450 gallon run will fill a fair amount over a barrel. Any real world answers appreciated.
  14. What was your timeline like?
  15. I am looking to move as well. Anyone move lately that can update us as to a estimated time line.