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  1. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Hell I guess they will be fine then.
  2. Who has the answers?

    Dave just did a flat fee for us.
  3. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Yeah the guys who sell all the Indiana whiskey.
  4. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Utah? Good luck LOL!
  5. Who has the answers?

    Another bump for Dave. He handled our first DSP and will handle our move when we need that done. As far as the state. It all depends. Some let you do stuff ahead of time some don't. Whatever they say goes.
  6. DSP Site Access Requirements?

    Id say your biggest issue is going to be your local fire department. They are going to want access and the ability to get a fire truck to the location.
  7. Good Afternoon

    ha no! Im just curious how its legal and in what states? Its my understanding that its federally mandated that its not legal. So even where states say its ok its still not legal at the fed level and the fed law trump state law.
  8. Good Afternoon

    Oh sorry i thought this was a post on the American Distilling Institute forum. But sure they can be from anywhere. So Turbo where you from?
  9. Good Afternoon

    So by doing it legally you have a DSP then?
  10. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    You might not like this advise but. You might have a better shot if you start up a little smaller, Not buying the property and just leasing something. Start up after a couple years turning a profit the bank will be much happier to work with you. As of now you don't have any business or industry experience for them to bank on.
  11. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    Most likely they will say give us 10 more MB of info on Tuesday. There is a lot of filling out paperwork in SBA loans.
  12. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    You should probably get a different bank, Our SBA that we just wrapped up had no such requirements.
  13. Sweeping

    Ya forgot squeegee on a stick.
  14. Distillery Explosion

    Any pictures of the distillery? Would be interesting to see what the set up was like. Size and what not.
  15. SBA versus TTB

    Usually the loan you get is taken out by a separate bank (you post 10% the bank posts 90%). Then once the build out is complete another bank that works with the CDC and the SBA comes in and pays down your loan to your original bank taking 50% of the total loan amount. So yes the SBA isn't going to give you money and take on the loan until there is something their to loan for. Or at least thats how it worked with us.