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  1. DYE China?

    I ordered from Dye and I will let you know how my still turns out.
  2. Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    What size filtration do most of you use for your aged whiskeys. Not talking about chill filtering just filtering for sediment removal and spirit polishing. We where thinking of doing a 5 micron out of the barrel to remove sediment then a 1 micron pre bottling.
  3. Ethanol Water Contraction and Dilution

    Yes very true, your request is much more common. What i would like is a formula that lets me take a density reading and determine that i have X proof alcohol. Then i would like to add an exact amount of water then take a new density reading showing a lower proof because of the water i added. Then i would love to be able to have something that says i have an unknown volume of X proof that i add a known volume of water to and also have a final proof. So by using the change in proof and the known quality of water added determine my total volume of spirit at the final proof. Does that make sense?
  4. Ethanol Water Contraction and Dilution

    Ok so here is one theoretical blend. You have 100 gallons of 160 proof ethanol and you add 100 gallons of water. What is your final proof and what is your total gallons. Assuming everything is at 60 degrees.
  5. Ethanol Water Contraction and Dilution

    Will the ttb tables actually account for the shrinkage of liquid when you combine alcohol and water? Iv never seen this listed on their tables.
  6. My experience with Corson Distilling

    First of all I assumed noting, and second you still haven't said anything as to how you know so much. So again i ask what is your experience with this still maker?
  7. My experience with Corson Distilling

    So singlmalt whats your stake in the game? Why are you concerned with keeping this at the forefont of the topics?
  8. IBC totes as fermenters

    Well if they would be into answering any questions please point them my way. Always like to hear how things really are working out.
  9. IBC totes as fermenters

    Does anyone have a dedicated room that they hold their totes in that is temp controlled? Seems like this would be a pretty simple way to keep them relatively stable.
  10. How much are you paying for stoppers?

    We are at about .34 but your in the ball park. A lot depends on who your supplier is.
  11. changing water in bain-marie still

    Heat and heat. Is why i chose oil over water.
  12. changing water in bain-marie still

    Don't know i run oil. I would guess that it doesn't matter either way on the water and just keep it topped of and you will be fine. Why are you not running oil?
  13. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Hell I guess they will be fine then.
  14. Who has the answers?

    Dave just did a flat fee for us.
  15. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Yeah the guys who sell all the Indiana whiskey.
  16. Cheers from Salt Lake City, UT

    Utah? Good luck LOL!
  17. Who has the answers?

    Another bump for Dave. He handled our first DSP and will handle our move when we need that done. As far as the state. It all depends. Some let you do stuff ahead of time some don't. Whatever they say goes.
  18. DSP Site Access Requirements?

    Id say your biggest issue is going to be your local fire department. They are going to want access and the ability to get a fire truck to the location.
  19. Good Afternoon

    ha no! Im just curious how its legal and in what states? Its my understanding that its federally mandated that its not legal. So even where states say its ok its still not legal at the fed level and the fed law trump state law.
  20. Good Afternoon

    Oh sorry i thought this was a post on the American Distilling Institute forum. But sure they can be from anywhere. So Turbo where you from?
  21. Good Afternoon

    So by doing it legally you have a DSP then?
  22. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    You might not like this advise but. You might have a better shot if you start up a little smaller, Not buying the property and just leasing something. Start up after a couple years turning a profit the bank will be much happier to work with you. As of now you don't have any business or industry experience for them to bank on.
  23. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    Most likely they will say give us 10 more MB of info on Tuesday. There is a lot of filling out paperwork in SBA loans.
  24. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    You should probably get a different bank, Our SBA that we just wrapped up had no such requirements.
  25. Rhum Agricole

    I am working on a rum agricole wash and i am finding its very slow to ferment. I have tried a few different yeast strains (ec1118 and a lalamand distillamax SR) adding nutrients as well. its just very slow like weeks to ferment out. I am obviously missing something here, any ideas?