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  1. Bain Marie Heat transfer oil

    Water will never get hot enough. You can use just about any heat transfer oil or even just fryer oil will do just fine at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Whitestar yeast

    Anyone using Whitestar yeast for anything? Did a search but dint see them mentioned.
  3. Operational protocol

    Usually its more like 30 gallons open and 120 closed per control area with no sprinklers.
  4. Product finishes too hot

    You should use Organic ingredients since they produce a far superior spirit.
  5. My experience with Corson Distilling

    Aw Snap!
  6. T top corks

    Tapi is another, although it tough to recommend them at the moment they have been a total shit show the last 4 months or so.
  7. Subbing out production

    You never mentioned where your located. It would probably be helpful to contract semi locally at least. Make it easier to oversee production and quality.
  8. Invaluable equipment vs

    Just start with nothing and buy what you need when you need it. Biggest wast is getting a bit ass loan and just buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff.
  9. New tax reform

    Pretty sure you pay at the rate that you removed it at, If you removed it from bond last year thats 13.50. But let us know if you hear anything from TTB
  10. Federal Excise Tax and my thoughts

    Hookers and blow! Party like its the 80's again.
  11. New tax reform

    Paging Mr Dunbar, Mr David Dunbar, please come to the conversation. But seriously if you could do this, it would be a great idea and stretch this out. Although i think they will just extend this at the end of two years. Seems like once they give tax breaks its hard to take them away.
  12. Doubler vs. Thumper - Why choose one over the other?

    So maybe a thumper and doubler are the same. With the intake pipe submerged and a sober box is with the inlet pipe not submerged?
  13. DYE China?

    We got our still in a few weeks ago. We have not installed it since we are just finishing up construction. But i can tell you it was a seamless process from ordering to them shipping it and handling all he customs. Equipment showed up in great shape and very clean. Looks like we could run out of it without even doing a cleaning run. We won't but it definitely looks clean.
  14. Kothe 5000 liter automated still with 18 plate vodka columns

    It's a beaut Clark.
  15. Proofing Issues

    How are you taking you proof readings? Old school thermometer and hydrometer? Could you just be reading it slightly off, those thing definitely have a learning curve.
  16. Doubler vs. Thumper - Why choose one over the other?

    I thought a thumper had the in feed line submerged in liquid giving it a "thumping" sound as it bubbled. And a doubler just created more air space in a second container. But I'm really have no idea.
  17. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    If i was going to buy product from someone else it seems like where it comes from would be very important. But i guess thats just me.
  18. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    So did you distill these barrels on site? An answer like that makes it sound like they are sourced barrels that you brought in and never used.
  19. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    How is it not legal? Im organic certified, i get inspected yearly and best i can tell no one is tossing me in jail. So your saying a there is no difference between an organic certified candy bar and a regular candy bar?
  20. clogged spray balls

    can you reverse the pump and suck it back out?
  21. Organic distilled spirits means exactly what?

    Good to know i cant label my product "organic" thanks for the info and i guess time to get my labels re printed.
  22. Mileage on activated carbon?

    We use roughly 2 cubic feet of granulated carbon and filter about 10,000 gallons. But seriously you do see your asking a un answerable question. What might be filtered enough for you may not be enough for someone else, or vise versa. Your distillate might not be as pure as someone else or more pure. How do you ferment? fast and hard? Slow with lest off flavors? How many plates are you running? How good are you at running said plates? Or do you just think your good at running your still? Just do what you think works for you and call it good the thing with this business is there are very few hard yes and no answers.
  23. Alaska distilleries need your help

    Where is the push coming from for the state to make this change? Its always hard going agains the state.