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  1. Violent bubbling in the parrot

    The vapor can push strait through the the condenser without spending enough time in it to even heat the water. Just because you have cold condensing water coming out doesn't mean its cooling all the vapor. What is the condenser look like? Call the still maker and ask them WTF.
  2. Violent bubbling in the parrot

    It looks like maybe its not cooling all the vapor back down to liquid and its forcing a bubble out the parrot. As mentioned a breather would help but it might just start spilling out vapor into the air. Id put a breather on first and see if all the vapor is condensing back down and if it is still pulsing then add a surge breaker. Good luck that looks scary
  3. Violent bubbling in the parrot

    Has the still maker had any advice?
  4. How to keep cooling water from going bad

    Hope the fish don't get sucked into the hose.
  5. DYE China?

    So far they have been great to deal. Still should be here in a couple weeks so we will see.
  6. Cleaning Run

    What does the still manufacture have to say? They might have some advice.
  7. What part of the Business Plan did you struggle with?

    Sales projections are going to be nothing but a shot in the dark. I have seen distilleries open after 5 years of planing and spending millions of dollars with less than 50 cases of sales per month after a year and distilleries opening in less than a year of planning under 60k and selling a hundred cases after the first 6 months. Not saying its a crap shoot but there is a lot more that goes into a successful distillery than a well written business plan and a bunch of money. Plan yes but don't let the business plan hold you back.
  8. Farm Distillery Floor-plan Feedback Request

    Totally agree. Our first location we started with just a open area and let thing live where they ended up the most. For our second location i have had tape makes on the ground for months making sure it will flow.
  9. Pulsing Still

    Sorry i posted my last comment before i saw your response. Boiling chips.. Hm i agree never would have thought about needing them. Are you thinking that it was boiling then stoping then boiling then stoping? Causing the pulsing?
  10. Pulsing Still

    I get this a little bit when I’m running to much heat to the kettle and also real cold water to the condenser. who made your still. Do they have any recommended fixes?
  11. Fire Marshal

    Depends on your location. Some require automatic heat sensitve closing doors. As much as it might suck your local fire marshal is going to have all these answers for you. You might not like his answers but unfortunately the local law is the law you go by. Or you fight him tooth and nail and forever have a fire marshal that is looking for something to bust you on.
  12. Mash to whiskey in single run

    I don't think there is any rule that you have to barrel at 60%. However there is a rule that you can not barrel over 62.5%. whisky produced at not exceeding 160° proof, and if stored in oak containers stored at not more than 125° proof in used
  13. Leaking still agitator shaft seal

    have you called Kothe? Seems like they would know what to do.
  14. DYE China?

    Currently some random printing company previously Dye. Back on topic from here on out.
  15. DYE China?

    The problem was neither, It was no one did a press check. Ink doesn't come in ever color under the rainbow it has to be mixed like you would paint for your house. Its easy to get it slightly off my missing on your ratio of colors.
  16. DYE China?

    Most likely it was the ink and not the software. The pantone colors are set in the programs regardless of if its pirated its just a number value. There should have been a press check before you went to print with them. Press checks are very common no matter what software people run because the ink can vary from batch to batch the software doesn't change.
  17. Just under a year from deciding to do a distillery we had our federal and state licenses in hand. From the time we signed our lease on the space and could submit paperwork it took about 8 months to get open.
  18. DYE China?

    Man Lotusland49p Its almost like your a rep for 096 stills. You sure do love them. As far as Dye they have been great to deal with. Answered all questions and do have a very firm grasp on distilling principals with the ability to answer all questions. And you constant crying about if they get a larger order they do that first. Well if you ever sell anything and you have the choice between filling a 26 gallon milk tank order or a 450 gallon still what would you do first? If anyone wants to know about their facility feel free to PM me as i have been to visit it.
  19. dephlegmator water temp

    I'v seen both types of set ups. 1 running water from the main condenser back into the dephlegmator so your getting a warm water into it and 2 running fresh water (cold) into it and just running very little so that the water warms up in the dephlegmaor Anyone have any pros or cons for each?
  20. Ventilation

    Your building inspector wants you to tell him what the code says? Shouldn't he know what he is asking for.
  21. Ceiling height

    I got just over 20' clear hight.
  22. DYE China?

    I ordered from Dye and I will let you know how my still turns out.
  23. Pre bottling filter recommendation.

    What size filtration do most of you use for your aged whiskeys. Not talking about chill filtering just filtering for sediment removal and spirit polishing. We where thinking of doing a 5 micron out of the barrel to remove sediment then a 1 micron pre bottling.
  24. Ethanol Water Contraction and Dilution

    Yes very true, your request is much more common. What i would like is a formula that lets me take a density reading and determine that i have X proof alcohol. Then i would like to add an exact amount of water then take a new density reading showing a lower proof because of the water i added. Then i would love to be able to have something that says i have an unknown volume of X proof that i add a known volume of water to and also have a final proof. So by using the change in proof and the known quality of water added determine my total volume of spirit at the final proof. Does that make sense?
  25. Ethanol Water Contraction and Dilution

    Ok so here is one theoretical blend. You have 100 gallons of 160 proof ethanol and you add 100 gallons of water. What is your final proof and what is your total gallons. Assuming everything is at 60 degrees.